Winter/Holiday 2017 Simplicity Patterns

The latest collection from Simplicity Patterns has been released.  If you are into vintage looks and kids clothes you are in luck – this release will be fantastic for you!  If you are looking for more modern pieces, there probably isn’t going to be much here that excites you, but let’s take a look:

8504 – Very pretty 1930s vintage reprint.  The sleeves on this are pretty fantastic.

8505 – Another Vintage reprint, from the 1970s.  Great if you are looking for a tunic style dress pattern.

8506 – A bunch of sleeve patterns from the 1930s.  I definitely want this!  Sadly, it arrives after Pattern Review did it’s sleeve contest, but I think there are lots of cool options here, and I’d be interested in buying the pattern just to analyze the draft of these vintage sleeves.

8507 – 1950s Vintage reprint.  I’m not as excited by this reprint; the skirt has some nice details, but in general this isn’t as full of interesting features as the other designs.

8508 – The jacket in this 1940s Vintage reprint is gorgeous.  The triple pocket detail may be a bit much, but the seam lines and smaller pocket version is beautiful.

8509 – I usually prefer a more tailored coat, but the drama of this 1950s Vintage reprint cannot be denied.  This one might have to join my stash.  We should all be so glamourous.

8510 – 1930s Vintage underwear reprint.  Not something I see an immediate use for, but could be great for those who like to do historical garment recreations.

8511 – One of the few modern patterns in this release.  We’ve had lots of sheath dresses with fancy sleeves at this point.  Cute, but I think there are other variations of this trend I prefer to this pattern.  This does appear to have some nice front and back darts for fitting though, and a raglan sleeve cut, which are both nice features.

8512 – Love this top!  I’m especially drawn to the sleeveless version with the asymmetric neck ruffle.  I don’t know why, but I really want this pattern, just for view D.  Having a princess seamed raglan top would be great, but really, I’m just crushing on the sleeveless version here.

8513 – Bodysuits with sleeve variations.  There are some cute variations here, so if you are in the bodysuit market, this could be worth checking out.

8514 – Amazing fit trousers.  The Amazing Fit patterns are never super exciting design wise, but they always seem to be the sort of pattern that would be handy to have in a wardrobe.  This looks like a nice slim fit trouser, if you’ve been on the lookout for that sort of pant.

8515 – Learn to Sew skirt.  Pretty basic, not something I’d be interested in, but it is always good to have patterns for new sewers who might be intimidated to try harder projects.

8516 – Mimi G. Style jeans, with different fit options.  I’d be interested to get these to see how the fit adjustments work for those of us with slightly larger bums.

8517 – Poncho pattern.  Apparently the poncho is the look for the year?  It seems we’ve been seeing a lot of these, from all the major pattern companies.

8518 – Ladies pjs.  Could be a great holiday gift option.

8519 – Men’s pjs.  It’s… basically the same.  But with the fly reversed.

8520 – Onesies.  My friend loves to wear them, but I’m more of a separates girl myself.

8521 – Make your own sports fan gear?  I could see this being popular, and the little football pillow could be really cute in a sports themed kids room.

8522 – Girl’s winter dress.  The little purses and appliques are a bit like the ugly Christmas sweater version of a dress for me, but I suppose kids could really like them.

8524 – Kids ponchos.  Everyone gets a poncho.

8525 – Kids leggings.  Definitely a practical pattern, I would think.

8526 – Kids clothes and monster sweatshirts.  Anyone else see the kid in red stripes and think, “Toby!”? (Yup, totally dating myself here…)

8527 – Kids costume onesies.  Looks like a fast project that could be done in time for Halloween.

8626 – Men’s suits.  Using crazy quilting cottons to sew men’s tailored suits has been all the rage at comic conventions of late.  I’m predicting this will be a hit among the cosplay crowd.

8529 – Sweater pattern.  Anyone else think the styling looks vaguely 80s?  The pattern itself looks cozy, but sort of on that oversized aesthetic I’m don’t wear myself.

8530 – Wraps and scarves.  Practical for accessories to fancy holiday parties.

8531 – More hats and scarves.  Could be a great pattern if you want to sew things as holiday gifts.

8532 – Sewing space accessories.  Could be fun if you want to use fabric to personalize your sewing area.

8533 – 1950s Vintage aprons.  The multi-pocket front actually looks pretty handy.

8534 – Vintage inspired holiday dress.  I actually really like the neckline and the ruffle – the details on this dress are really quite pretty.

8535 – American Girl pjs.  Everyone gets pjs in this release.

8536 – American Girl doll clothes.  Nothing super exciting, but there are lots of fun modern clothes here.

8537 – Baby stuff.  Might be useful if you have a baby?  Not something I’m very experienced with.

8538 – Dog clothes.  OMG the Pokeball dog cozy is the look for this pattern.  It falls somewhere between ridiculously hilarious and a wee bit adorable.

8539 – Toy dolls.  Could be fun to use to make holiday gifts?  Perhaps?

8540 – Birds.  More gift sewing.

8541 – Ok, this vintage stuffed Mickey and Minnie are adorable, and I’m a bit obsessed.  Love this!

8542 – The Dumbo is so cute!  I’m actually probably going to get this so I can make the Thumper for my sister – she is a huge Thumper fan.

And that’s it!  Seems like the vast majority of this release is vintage reprints.  I like a few of the more modern releases, and I’ll likely add at least a few of the vintage looks to my stash, but, on the whole there isn’t a ton of new garment patterns to get excited about here.  I am a bit too excited for the vintage Disney characters though; definitely these are things I’ll be picking up at a pattern sale sometime soon.  What do you all think?  Are you excited by all the vintage reprints in this release?  Or is this pretty much a pass due to the low number of modern garment patterns?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Winter/Holiday 2017 Simplicity Patterns

  1. Yay for the wide range of vintage reprints, especially the 70s one. Let’s hope other pattern companies start doing this too! Can’t make my mind up about the baby pattern. One the one hand accessories are a good choice because they are quick to sew and babies grow so fast there is no point spending lots of time sewing anything elaborate for them. On the other hand, small and fiddly and you need to finish them really well…probably not worth the effort!

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  2. i would guess the blitz of vintage is due to the opportunity of celebrating their 90th anniversary coming to a close with the end of the year. i personally love the vintage patterns – things like that sleeve release are just so unique – you don’t see those sleeves in modern clothes! at least not often.

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    1. Agreed! I love vintage designs, but I know some people aren’t as interested in things that look dated. Much as I love having them in my collection, I can’t say I’ve used many of them yet though.


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