New McCall’s Fall 2017

The fall collection from McCall’s was released just last week, but I’ve been a bit slow to post a preview because I’ve been distracted with the first round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee.  When I first looked at the page of new releases, I was a bit disappointed – there wasn’t anything that jumped out and grabbed my attention.  However, after looking at line drawings I do think there are actually some cute pieces in this release that might be worth considering.  Let’s take a look:

M7652 – The bright color blocked dress did stand out quite a bit on the overview page, but the grey version feels very blah.  This is the sort of pattern that isn’t terribly innovative, but can obviously be elevated by fabric choice.

M7653 – The pale peach shiny model photo was the first image of this cowl front dress, which wasn’t a great first impression.  However, I really like view C from the line drawings.  It does look like the cowl drape is really, really low though.  Might require some adjustments if you have a fairly high bust.

M7651 – I think this could be a very popular dress for fall.  It has plenty of seams for fitting and front seam pockets, which are great.  Once again I’m not in love with the fabrication of the model image, but I do like the color and print blocking in the drawings.

M7654 – This Create it! dress is super cute!  While I’m not always the biggest fan of this year’s trends of the cold shoulder and ruffle details, they aren’t too overwhelming here, and the overall result is really nice.

M7655 – Nancy Zieman tunic and dress.  Not my personal taste, but the overlapping fabric does have a nice softly draping effect.

M7650 – Another tunic/dress combo pattern.  There are actually quite a few details on the top of this design.  The ruffle on view A is a bit much for me, but the solid view C dress actually looks very comfortable and wearable.

M7658 – The fall version of the drapped ruffle top.  The view with the sleeves is probably the most interesting in this pattern.

M7656 – A nice blouse with sleeve and hem variations.  I feel like I already have similar patterns, but I do like how this could be done in sheer and solid fabrics.  The bright pink satin is a bit much; I feel like it doesn’t showcase the designs that well.

M7660 – Sweater tops with neck and sleeve variations.  I do think there are some nice classic variations here, but also a few trendy looks as well.

M7657 – More ruffles.

M7659 – Laura Ashley top – yet again more sleeve ruffles.  I feel as though this could be a good pattern, but the fabric choice once again is not selling me on this top.

M7665 – Palmer/Pletsch jacket.  I typically go for more fitted designs, but the back pleats are an interesting detail if you want to go for more volume.

M7664 – Learn to Sew for Fun poncho/cape.  There are always some of these basic rectangular designs.  Interesting that there is a notched collar included in a “Learn to Sew” pattern – great for teaching more advanced techniques though!

M7666 – Designer Joi coat.  Does anyone else think “TARDIS” as soon as they see this?  I actually like shape of the coat, but the button placement is sort of wacky.  I mean, how can you even find a button that big?

M7667 – Another coat pattern.  Love the collar variations and the back seaming with the pleat.  Easy to make something very classic or something more interesting depending on fabric choice and collar options.

M7662 – A knit wrap dress/jumpsuit pattern.  I’m sure I’ve got similar Burda patterns somewhere, but I do like this design style.  Very classic 1970s vibe coming through.

M7661 – Another pattern where the model photo did nothing for me, but I’m obsessed with the view D pants – loving the volume and high waistband.

M7663 – This exercise look has lots of interesting pieces. Looks like there are thumb holes on the long top, and the hood on the jacket is great.  I’m also a fan of the high waistband on the leggings.  The only thing I could see being problematic is the tie on the back of the shirt.  For something like running it seems like a great air vent, but if you are doing a lot of stretches where you are lying on your back the knot could be uncomfortable.

M7668 – The men get a similar workout wear pattern.  No shirts here, but the do get another practical hooded jacket.

M7649 – Designer Joi.  I feel like this is an odd stereotype of what people *think* young dancers wear.  The combination of the bra tops with the giant ballet-ish tutu skirts is odd to me.

M7648 – Is it just me or does this feel vaguely 80s?  I’m reminded of every holiday dress I had to wear when I was three, which I wasn’t super excited about at the time.

M7647 – Kids ruffle dress, tunic, and pants with matching doll clothes.  The ruffled pants are a bit overwhelming on such a short body.

M7673 – Cute Disney knockoff princess gowns.  Very economical to get four princesses in one package.

M7672 – Baby costumes.  Looks like there is a gumball machine and one of the alien squeeky toys from Toy Story, not to mention the ubiquitous baby pumpkin onesie.

M7676 – Doctor Strange costume.  There are actually quite a few nice details included in this costume.

M7674 – Family emoji costumes.  *insert laughing with tears emoji here*

M7675 – Cat in the Hat onesie costumes.  Looks like a quick costume to sew for Halloween.

M7669 – Ok, these seal plushies are actually pretty adorable.

M7671 – Fancy home dec pillows.  Looks like there could be some cool fabric manipulation going on in this pattern.

M7670 – Flower power dog beds.  A little ridiculous, but that puppy on the envelope is cute!

And that’s it!  On the whole I think there are actually some cute styles in this release, but I feel that nearly all of them are let down by fabric choice in the garment photos.  There isn’t anything that feels like a real stand-out, though I can see some of these pieces working in a fall wardrobe.  A lot of the costumes aren’t up to the usual Yaya Han or Cosplay standards; the Halloween patterns are always less exciting and less detailed than the costumes that come out the rest of the year.  What do you all think?  See anything here that you want to add to your list of fall sewing?  Or is this collection full of a lot of boring, passable looks?  Am I the only one who funds the fabric choices to be perplexing on a majority of these patterns?  Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments!

15 thoughts on “New McCall’s Fall 2017

  1. You’re spot on about the Tardis coat! I quite like view A on the M7667, and the pleated detail on Doctor Strange is great too, but you’re right, the photos are generally pretty terrible, like they’re trying to discourage you from making any of it!

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  2. So far, all of the Big Four’s Fall styles are ugly and ininspiring. Baggy old boho, moldy 1970’s styles and heaps of awful stuff for teens and twentysomethings. The country-style ruffle overload is downright juvenile. No knockoffs of the chic, edgy Parisian frills and knockout European separates collections.

    Vogue needs to bring back some current Paris Originals and American Designer collections for fashionable, experienced sewists. Until then, I’m willing to deal with high prices from an indie like Italy’s Marfy. For activewear and sporty winter outerwear, Canada’s Jalie and MacPhee Workshop, resp. Vogue used to sell MacPhee patterns, but they were dumped along with the other major designers.

    Never did like the ugly UK indie patterns. As Michael Kors would say, they’re pure “Becky Home Ecky”.

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    1. I’m sure Vogue would love to have Paris Originals and American Designer patterns. The problem is finding designers (or the corporations that own the design house) who are willing to license designs to Vogue. Most just won’t. That’s part of the reason that the old reliable big names have disappeared or been heavily reduced in Vogue’s catalogue. I think that’s why we’ve been getting a bunch of lesser known (or pretty much unknown) designer patterns. I am generally un-thrilled by the designers who come out of the home sewing industry, although there have been a few design hits (IMO) from several of them.

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  3. It’s remarkable how McCalls manages to make their patterns look as unappealing as possible with their photo shoots. There are actually some nice designs here, not that you’d know it from the cover photo! My favourite is the guy pantomiming running.

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  4. I agree re the strange fabric choices, what’s with all the bright pink?! I do like the wrap dress for knits (7662) as I think the slight drop waist would camouflage my short-waistedness so I’ve added it to my list, but I’d make it with short sleeves for our warmer weather here in Aus. Your reviews are a great read, thanks!


  5. Some truly ugly clothing examples in this seasons collection. Enough to take bespoke handmade garments back to the “she makes her own clothes” ridicule pile. Some are truly bizarre. The only things worth looking at for me are the wide leg trousers, the wrap jumpsuit and the exercise wear. The rest looks like home-ec fails. (Okay, I actually do like the keyhole top with the ruffle sleeve hem). Whomever chose the fabrics for this collection needs a new job. LOL


  6. Dr. Strange was the only costume that seemed nice, all the other ones seemed too cheap. For the rest of the collection, there wasn’t a wow piece and I hated the patterns! Nevertheless, M7662 and M7657 were my favorite designs!


  7. Didn’t thrill me this time. Odd because McCall usually has some really good wearable designs. I wonder if the tardis coat would look less costumey with different button placement? The tardis effect has got to be deliberate otherwise why else would you make the sample in that colour?


  8. I always love the costumes, I will never make one but I love looking at the patterns. 7668 is probably a terrific pattern but the bright green fabric for the hoodie is just awful. There are a few revivalist 80’s designs here too. Aagh! WHY???


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