Burda Easy Fall/Winter 2017

The preview for the Fall/Winter Burda Easy Magazine has been posted on the German Burda website.  Burda Easy typically includes 5-6 base patterns with variations, and this issue is no different.  It also tends to skew a bit younger than the regular monthly issues, and contains a few more trendy looks rather than super classic pieces.  The ruffle is clearly the trend Burda picked for this issue and they ran with it; a lot of the base patterns are pretty simple, but they all have ruffle-ified versions available.  Let’s take a look:

Pattern #1 Jacket:

Love the cropped brocade version, but I’m always a sucker for a fitted jacket in a pretty fabric.  Also like the copper leather style.  I’m not the biggest fan of the peplum, but I think it work in that look.

Pattern #2 Coat:

This coat definitely falls into the 90s revival trend.  The boxy style and wide lapel look like so many of the vintage Burda looks from the late 80s and early 90s.  It does look like it would be a fairly simple sew, however, with a fairly simple collar shape and few seams.

Pattern #3 Tops:

I’m never really comfortable in a crop top, but I do think that Burda does style these to look rather chic.  The blue velvet with gathers is a bit much, but I’m digging the bell sleeves on the black/grey/brown turtleneck.

Pattern #4 Tops/Dresses:

I actually rather like the blue dress, even with the ruffled sleeves.  The grey dress is a bit short for me, but, then again this publication does tend towards younger looks, so I can understand the length there.  The tops are fine, and the ruffles are easily left off once this trend dies out.

Pattern #5 Skirts:

The zip front closure is an interesting detail on an otherwise unremarkable pencil skirt.  It is the sort of pattern that does pair well with other pieces though, and with relatively few seams but a decent number of darts that can be adjusted for fit, this is a perfect piece to include in the Burda Easy lineup.

Pattern #6 Pants:

The fitted 3/4 length seems to be the replacement for the culotte craze from last year.  Keep the length, lose the volume.  The ruffled version is probably a bit much, but Burda has done a great job of styling it, so I’m on board.

And that’s it.  On the whole nothing truly amazing in this issue, but certainly a nice collection of cute looks.  This would be a great issue for younger sewists who want to sew trendy looks, but need a bit more than the typical Burda instructions.  Unfortunately, this magazine is no longer available in English, but the pictures should be incredibly helpful in deciphering Burda’s instructions even if German isn’t a language you speak.  What do you all think?  See anything here that would make this issue worth seeking out?  Or are youthful, simple, trendy looks an easy pass when the other fall releases have a wider range of looks and styles?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Burda Easy Fall/Winter 2017

  1. It always amuses me how people view patterns differently. I thought the ruffled pants are the ugliest, most hideous thing I have ever seen. Then I see KS sews likes them and now I’m wondering if I’m wrong. Like I said, it amuses me.

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  2. Oh dear, won’t the ruffles ever go away? And I hope culottes aren’t quite over yet 🙂

    I won’t be buying this one but overall it looks like a useful collection, just not to my personal taste. I do like the cropped top and variations but I’m sure I have similar things in my existing Burda collection.


  3. I don’t care for the velvet gathered top, but everything else is great, the fact they are easy is a bonus. I think this would be a great issue to use as a base for building a whole fall/winter wardrobe and it’s always interesting to see different variations on the same patterns. I’m going to try and track down a copy (because I really need more patterns…..!).

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