Fall 2017 Simplicity Patterns

The latest collection by Simplicity has just hit stores and I have to say that I think it’s a pretty solid release!  It’s a nice mix of transition pieces, costumes, and vintage reprints.  Let’s take a look:

S8413 – This simple tank dress is not something I feel I need to add to my collection, but I am liking the kimono inspired jacket.  I can see how this would be a great transitional piece though, easy to layer as the temperatures change.

S8414 – Cynthia Rowley.  The Cynthia Rowley patterns are usually quite popular, and I think this design is very on trend.  It’s not exactly my personal style, but I could see this being a popular pattern come fall.  The large number of pin tucks on the line drawing make it look like it would be a fun, but precise sewing project.

S8415 – A simpler take on the same style as the Cythina Rowley design.  I’m predicting sheath dresses with sleeve flounces will be everywhere this year.

S8416 – This might be the new definition of a mullet top, because it’s definitely business in the front party in the back.  I’m not sure how I feel about the shirt with the ties down the back (I’m seeing straight jacket), and the fully open back would feel very exposed, but I could see putting lace or some sheer material in the pleat on the back to give it a bit of interest, add coverage, and keep it cool during the transitional season.

S8417 – Ruffly boxy top.  We’ve seen a lot of these.  Moving on…

S8418 – Ok, I know we’ve had a lot of bomber jacket offerings lately, but I really like the lines on this one.  Pockets would be nice, but they shouldn’t be too hard to add.  Love the raglan sleeve though.

S8419 – Simple draped shawl/cardigan pattern.  Looks very simple, but would be nice to play with some pretty draping fabrics.

S8420 – It’s a pretty basic skirt, but it has lots of pocket options.  Not the most exciting thing, but if this is a good silhouette for you, you can get a lot of variation and detail with one pattern.

S8421 – More basic skirts.  Good for new sewers.

S8422 – I was all set to say I’ve got enough legging patterns, but I LOVE the details on some of these.

S8423 – I was thinking these tops would be great for working out it, but then I saw the sleeve on the black top.  I know it’s probably just a figure skater thing, but I hate when I have saggy armpits on sleeves.  Not that I couldn’t correct that, but I’ll probably just stick with the patterns I’ve already got and give this one a pass.

S8424 – This is a nice mix of patterns for dance wear.

S8425 – Another set of some pretty boxy looking pieces.  However!  There is no sleeve flounce so that’s a bit of a relief.

S8426 – Mimi G. Style.  I’m OBSESSED with this pattern.  I’ve seen it advertised for a while now, and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of it.  Love the silhouette, proportions, and fabric mixing options.

S8427 – Mimi G. Style.  Nice to see one of the designers branching out into men’s patterns.  It’s a pretty standard shirt, but the collar has some interesting shaping that gives it a touch of unique style.

S8445 – 1950s Vintage Reprint.  I always love seeing how many fitting darts are on these older patterns, Especially when comparing to the newer patterns that are such simple rectangles.

S8446 – 1950s Vintage Reprint.  Love the waistband detail on this poodle skirt – it gives it a unique take on a common reprint/costume classic.

S8447 – 1940s Vintage Reprint.  I’m sort of obsessed with this Rosie the Riveter vibe going on here.  It’s not common to get a pants reprint, so I might have to scoop up this pattern.

S8448 – 1950s Vintage Reprint.  Swoon.  I’m in love with this dress!  It’s absolutely stunning.  The vest/bolero cover up I could leave, but the neckline of this dress is gorgeous.

S8439 – Not a reprint, but the inspiration could definitely fit it in with the vintage collection.  I really like the crossed top bodice; lovely mixing of fabrics on the model.

S8438 – Dottie Angel.  The Dottie Angel patterns are never quite my vibe, but if this is your style, there are some fun pocket options on these skirts.

S8435 – Madalynne.  I do like how this would achieve a tank like top that will prevent ribbed knit fabric from rolling up.  However, the crotch area looks awfully narrow.  Again, probably a weird skater thing, but I like having a bit more coverage on that region.  Even if this is intended for other things to be worn over it.

S8436 – Madalynne.  Another bra/underwear set by this designer.

S8437 – Madalynne.  A strapless bra/thong set.  I’m just wondering how well the strapless bra would actually work?  It doesn’t look to have a lot of structure, but its a bit hard to tell in the photo.

S8431 – A Black Canary inspired DC Comics Bombshell look.  Love the top and the skirt, even if they weren’t being used for a comics inspired costume.

S8432 – Another DC Comics Bombshell pattern.  The bat logo on the front is super cute.

S8433 – A third DC comics Bombshell.  This one is for Stargirl, though my first thought was, ooooh, Captain America.  Yes, Marvel and DC fans, you can start leaving hate comments now.

S8434 – The super popular Harley Quinn. Lots of cute accessories in this costume pattern too.

S8444 – Lolita costume pattern.  I’ve never really had a desire to try Lolita fashion, but some part of me can appreciate the fabric and effort that goes into making all those frills.

S8443 – Lolita accessories.  They do pair well with the previous pattern.

S8428, S8429, S8430 – The kids patterns are actually pretty cute.  You can definitely see the adult trends trickling down into the looks for the younger set.

S8440, S8441, S8442 – Lots of stuffed toys in this release.  The penguin is pretty cute, but just look at this lama:

You guys I wants the lama!  It’s so cute!

Yeah.  Might have to get the lama.

And that’s it!  I’m pretty excited by the Mimi G. jumpsuit and the vintage patterns myself. What do you all think?  See anything that gets you inspired to sew for fall? Or has the barely arrived summer prevented you from wanting to even think about sewing long sleeves for a few months yet?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Simplicity Patterns

  1. Generally I stay clear of vintage patterns because I don’t want someone stopping me in the street to ask where the fancy dress party is! That can happen, and I’m not great at reinterpreting. I think there’s a lot here for the younger set, my 19yo would love that backless shirt and recently she was given a clothes allowance for her birthday and desperately wanted to buy a $300 top that looked a lot like the 8414 Cynthia Rowley dress. I’m fascinated to see so many folk who started their public lives as bloggers before being swooped upon by the Big 4, reminds one never to dish a potential employer!

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  2. I’m really pleased to see a release similar to the Lindy Bop shelf bust dresses. A while back I searched high and low for something similar and there really wasn’t anything out there, other than the Gertie dress which had such bad reviews.

    And WHOA that bodysuit. Looks like it would give you a front and back wedgie, which I really can’t see anyone wanting. I thought the point of bodysuits was comfort?

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    1. Yeah. I’ve made enough leotards for skating costumes that I can visually see from the line drawing how not fun this would be to wear. I mean, I can understand not wanting to have massive panty lines from a bodysuit, but this looks like it would shift around a lot AND cause major wedgie issues. I mean, I could easily merge the top of this with the bottom of my Kwik Sew TNT leotard, but I guess I can’t understand the rational for the pattern as drafted?


  3. Rosie the riveter is my fave, although I have similar Burdastyle pants pattern that is my fave block, and I probably won’t make dungarees – I like the look of the shirt that comes with it and I just like the pattern!


  4. The Kimono type jacket up top looks interesting, could do it twice – once in a fabric with body, and once is some sweater fabric. Summer nights = covered. But the Up For Anything leggings pattern is one I REALLY want… love the pattern and options.

    Do Simplicity patterns fit easily? I haven’t used them before.


    1. I’ve generally had good fit from them, but you often have to read the measurements printed on the pattern tissue, not the back of the envelope. I’ve made stuff for myself and my sister and for her I usually don’t have to do any adjustments; for me I often add a touch of length and sometimes an FBA.

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      1. Sounds like a new skill I’d better learn… I’ve gotten used to Burdastyle, but there are a few patterns from other companies that look cool, like those neat leggings up top… 🙂


    2. Oh, and after looking at the pattern details, it looks like the bomber jacket does indeed have pockets, but they are in-seam, or however they are called. Nice that it is lined – it could be a good way for me to learn how to line a jacket properly. Might get this one too now!


  5. The llama oh gwad I want it. I will never make it but it is so strange and sweet. Fully expect it to be *just a little* wonky with a back story on how it was shunned by the others and then found love anyway due to its unselfish and kind personality..
    Also all the costumes are great. But they probably won’t be available in Australia due to licensing (that’s what happened with last season’s Star Trek stuff-they wouldn’t even ship them here..). Like, the lady cap’n America one is awesome 😈

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  6. Gah!! I just watched the first episode of the Sewing Bee and loved it! And now I must watch the rest of the episodes before finishing the dress I need for a wedding next week — master-procrastinator, that’s me! What a great show and thanks for the list!


  7. wow! that Cynthia Rowley one looks complex, that might have to be my next challenge garment- I am yet to master pintucks! I can’t say I’m inspired by many of these offering if I’m brutally honest. The vintage patterns look a bit too gimmicky for me. I like the look of the bomber jacket, like you, though and may give that a go. Another challenge for me though!

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