Summer McCall’s 2017

Life’s been crazy insane busy these past few weeks, and it really doesn’t look like it will be letting up anytime soon, but I thought I’d pop in to look at the McCall’s summer releases in spite of the fact that there are 12 other things that I should be doing right now.  What is that responsibility?  I can’t hear you.

Anyway, this release has a lot of patterns that look great for summer, but not a lot of different pattern styles.  Want a maxi dress or jumpsuit?  They got you covered.  Want anything else?  Not so much.  Despite the lack of variety, I do think there are some rather appealing designs, so let’s take a look:

M7595 – Loose fitting maxi.  While I think the neckline is interesting, I’m also fairly sure that it is a neckline I’m not fond of on me, so this will be a pass.  I could totally see this being a great beach dress though, especially with the extra bare shoulders and back.

M7593 – Is this like a lot of other maxi dress patterns out there?  Yes, but I love it anyway.  I really like all three necklines, and the hem length options.  Looks quick to sew and very flattering.  I’m not sure how I feel about the view chosen for the model photo, but the other three I’d make and wear in a second.

M7591 – Love this one too!  Another simple style, but it looks great for summer.  It’s been waffling between really hot and really cold, but I’d love to wear something like this for the really hot days.

M7594 – I think the fabric is really pretty, and it is nice to see a style that uses chiffon for something other than evening wear.  I’m not particularly in love with the style for myself, but the looseness would be comfortable for summer.

M7606 – Bodysuit and wrap skirt.  I find I’m not really in need of bodysuit patterns at the moment, but I do like the off the shoulder trend that is being utilized here.

M7609 – I feel like I shouldn’t like this pattern as much as I do.  I sort of am obsessed with all of these.  I think this is a great take on the ruffle trend – not too over the top, but enough to be on trend.

M7607 – The belt is so important to the overall look.  The line drawing is sad, but the model photo is a bit better.  I’m not sure I’d be comfortable relying on the tiny ties to hold up that much fabric though.

M7598 – Not so secret pajamas.  Like, let’s be real, these are totally pajamas.  Also, what is with the trend of the shapeless jumpsuits?  I’ve been seeing them a lot of places and I keep reading “clown street style.”  Just can’t get on board with it.

M7602 – Custom Cup Sizes peplum ruffle top.  Despite the cups sizes, for me it is a bit low cut, and a bit over done on the ruffles.

M7601 – Looks similar to a lot of the other really voluminous ruffle blouses from recent releases.

M7597 – Interesting how stiff this tunic dress feels in comparison to all of the other patterns in the release.

M7608 – Another jumpsuit pattern I’m oddly obsessed with. It’s weird, because I’m adoring the simple one, thought the ruffle top is a nice balance here.

M75922 – I could see the simplicity of this dress making it a popular pattern.  I’m not personally a fan of having such a lack of a defined waist, but I could see this being a great relaxed look on others.

M7603 – I’m not loving this pattern.  Something about the proportions and buttons down the front just isn’t doing it for me.

M7600 – Nancy Zieman.  Lots of color-blocking potential and interesting design details here.  Not my personal style, but I can appreciate the details.

M5796 – Palmer/Pletsch.  A bit boxy, though the way the line drawing is illustrated makes me curious to see the pattern draft.

M7599 – The Archive Collection.  Love the view on the left – the contrast band at the top of the dress is a lovely, simple detail.  The view on the right seems to have a popular shoulder detail – it’s been in a lot of 50s reprint patterns.

M7604 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  Basic skirt.  Moving on.

M7605 – Nicole Miller.  I can definitely see the designer influence in this pattern.  Not sure I need to add it to my stash, but I do like the back detail on the top.  There are a few seamstresses out there that I imagine would rock this design.

M7610 – Workout clothes.  I like this, though obviously these tops are meant to be worn over other garments.  The sweatpants aren’t bad either.

Kids stuff.  Not much of excitement, but these patterns do mirror the adult trends.

M7616 – Yaya Han with Cup Sizes.  Love the jacket!  It has some fun details.  I’m digging the really sharp style lines.

M7615 – Ballet costume pattern.  Designed for a boned ballet bodice.  I’m actually pretty excited about this pattern.

M7611 – Beach bags.  Could be a great way to show off a fun print.

M7613 – Learn to Sew for Fun dog accessories.  Not a challenging sew, but somewhat practical.  Dog accessories are expensive!

M7614 – Kids Craft tent/hammock/thing.  I cannot decide if this is crazy or cool.  Part of me wants to have a hanging cone of silence, but I think part of that is because I want to have a place to hide from all the things I have to get done in the next few weeks.

And that’s it!  What do you all think?  Are these looks making you crave summer?  Or is this a bunch of boring basics that are a total pass?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Summer McCall’s 2017

  1. 7601 is, I must admit, the most hideous thing I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t get this “frozen shoulder” thing. Either it’s too cold for bare shoulders, in which case I want them covered, or its deliciously warm and I want as much sun on my body – and as little textiles covering it – as possible. Try to wear a jacket on top of those frilly things. Plus, I struggle to imagine who would look good in this. Not flattering, imo.
    7616, the Yaya Han jacket, otoh – awesome! I think I need this one. Might feel like modifying those sleeve tops a wee bit, but I totally love it.

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  2. Missed your posts! 🙂

    Well you know, I actually really like the button shirt/tank contraption… so much so that I bought it in a 1.99 sale last week, along with the workout clothes pattern. Not so much for the jogging pants – already have a Burda pattern I want to try for that – but for the funny tank top. I love the style. For that shirt top (7603) it suits my body type (I think)… the tied waist give shape but camouflages my tires somewhat. Will report back if I get them done.

    Thought I’d post a photo of the Burda jacket I finished, hope that is okay. It’s a terrible photo, you can’t see so much – I’d no one to take it for me.


  3. I think it’s a good collection but there’s nothing in it that I’d personally rush out and buy. That’s often the way with summer releases; just a function of the UK climate. I liked that tunic dress best out of all the options. And I loved the line drawing for the Palmer/Pletsch dress but the sample doesn’t even look like the same pattern to me. Admittedly I’m reading this on a tiny phone screen so I might be missing some details. I would have made that up in something solid with loads more drape.

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  4. I wasn’t too thrilled with this release. Not offensive or anything 🙂 just kind of bland. Although I do plan to buy that bodysuit. I just made the CLoset Case Nettie (after owning it for 4 years!) and I like making comparisons between similar patterns!

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