Spring 2017 Butterick Patterns

I was expecting a new Simplicity release soon, since I managed to spot a few display patterns that I can’t seem to find in their catalog at the last pattern sale… But, instead, here is the latest spring collection from Butterick.  I’m not sure if it is the established pattern release order or if it simply the style that Butterick tends towards, but I often feel as though this brand suffers from a lack of “newness” that we get with the other releases.  I mean, sure, I’m sort of already over the uber-ruffly shirt variations we’ve started seeing popping up everywhere, but Butterick has a bit of a disadvantage with their variations showing up later than those from Burda and Vogue.  In all honesty though, I’m not very excited by much in this release.  There are a few Retro looks that push the “oooh, pretty historical fashion” button, but on the whole there isn’t much that I’m overly excited about here.

B6453 – Patterns by Gertie.  Very simple fitted bodice spaghetti strap dress.  Though I must say I love the use of the boarder print on the skirt, and the shaping seams would be very flattering for most.

B6446 – Faux wrap dress.  This is a nice pattern, but I’ve already got a lot of similar styles in the stash, so I’m going to give it a pass.

B6450 – Another basic dress.  Again, probable very comfortable and easy to wear/make, but nothing that makes me want to add it to the pattern collection.

B6451 – I’m so over the giant ruffles on everything already.  I guess I’m just not a ruffle girl?

B6449 – I actually really like the variation with the stripes.  And I think having a simple knit maxi would be great to wear during the summer.  I’m sure I’ve got similar, but I like the additional design features here.

B6448 – The seaming on the back is an interesting detail.  This could be cool with some pipping to make the seam lines more obvious?

B6447 – Pretty sure I’ve seen this style… somewhere… before?  I could see this being a popular pattern – it looks very classic in the black and white – but it isn’t a silhouette that I personally enjoy, so I’ll likely give it a pass.

B6452 – The open shoulder ruffle style strikes again!  Though, actually, the proportions here aren’t too terrible.  I actually like the little red dress drawing quite a bit.

B6454 – Retro Butterick.  Definitely makes me think “ooooh, pretty.”  Dunno how I’d feel about wearing that fluffy crumb-catcher bodice, but the style is very over the top 50s and I sort of love it.

B6467 – Retro Butterick aprons.  I actually do need to make myself an apron, but I probably want one with more coverage…

B6468 – Retro Butterick doll aprons.  Twinsies!

B6463 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  The dress is pretty cute.  Not sure that I think the cardigan goes great with the top (too much volume everywhere), but there are definitely some solid basics in this pattern collection.

B6464 – Lisette.  I actually like all these pieces, I just don’t know if I like them together?  The top would definitely need some lengthening if I made it….

B6457 – The hot ticket item, the open sleeve top.  These ones are actually not too bad – the sleeve variations are interesting without being too over the top.

B6455 – Voluminous top with ruffles.

B6456 – Another ruffled sleeve tunic variation.

B6465 – Connie Crawford button down shirt.  It’s fine.  If you are looking for something that is really classic but has a relaxed fit this might be exactly what you are looking for.  The color blocking options are quite striking as well.

B6466 – Connie Crawford long draped vest thing.  Might be an easy “accessory” for those of us planning a sudoku wardrobe.

B6458 – I can’t decide how I feel about these tops.  I can see these bing good (I think?) for sporty athletic wear.  It might just be the 80s-esque print throwing me off though.

B6460 – Short/skort options.  Clearly, this is intended for workout wear.  I’ve already got lots of legging patterns, but I do like the wide waistband here.

B6459 – Katherine Tilton. The back detail on this top is really interesting.  I’m still not really into wearing that much volume up top, but I do appreciate the design details in this pattern.

B6461 – Love these Katherine Tilton pants!  The seaming details are really interesting, but the pants are still sleek and fitted.  Lovely.

B6462 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  Open shoulder detail makes it into the wardrobe patterns.  Not my favorite variation of this style, but this is obviously the trend for spring.

B6443 – See & Sew.  Nice simple jacket/vest combo.

B6442 – Basic trousers and a nice loose jacket.

B6437 – See & Sew.  Pretty sure I have this pattern from when it came out in the original Butterick line?

B6441 – See & Sew.  Jumpsuits: the other super popular trend.

B6438 – See & Sew.  I also probably have this dress design somewhere.  I still like it!

B6436 – Way too much volume for me.  Though it might look cute with a wide belt?  Hmmm…

B6439 – See & Sew.  More voluminous tunics.

B6440 – Ruffles, ruffles everywhere.

And that’s it!  On the whole, I’m not too excited.  I’ll definitely be snagging those Katerine Tilton trousers, and at a pattern sale I’ll probably fall for the pretty Retro look too, but there isn’t a whole lot else I’m loving in this release.  What do you all think?  Is there anything that is really exciting you from Butterick?  Or are we already full of open shoulder and ruffled sleeve tops?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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