New Look Spring 2017

The latest spring collection is from New Look.  As with many of the pattern releases we’ve been getting so far this year, there aren’t a lot of new, innovative looks, but there are some clear trends emerging.  Not sure how many of these I need to add to the stash, but there are a few fairly cute options in this release.  Let’s take a look:


NL6500 – Pretty basic sheath dress.  The ruffled sleeve is definitely going to be a trend this season.


NL6499 – Another basic dress, with a few ruffled options.


NL6498 – I’m actually sort of liking this v-necked dress, but maybe because it reminds me of a lot of the things I’ve sewn for my sister.  Hmmm…..


NL6497 – I’m assuming view B is meant to be worn as a jumper?  Otherwise this is a nice, if somewhat basic, dress design.


NL6496 – The shorts/skort look really short.  Jacket is fine, but similar to many of the other patterns I’ve got in the stash.


NL6495 – Interesting how many seams they’ve got in this knit pattern.  More open shoulder/ruffled sleeves here.


NL6494 – This dress has a nice vintage-inspired vibe going on.


NL6493 – I could see this being great for summer.  Not so great for the cold, rainy winter and spring we’ve still got to deal with.  It would make a cute swimsuit cover-up.


NL6492 – Basic skirts.


NL6491 – I don’t need this pattern, but I do like it.  Another look that will be great once the weather warms up.


NL6490 – This top looks vaguely like that December Burda dress.  This is definitely the “in” trend right now – we’ve had a similar look from most of the major pattern companies at the point.


NL6489 – More ruffled sleeves.  Though I’m a bit more partial to view A – the long pants with the plain neck.


NL6488 – The ruffled sleeve strikes again!

And that’s it.  There are also a few kids designs, but nothing too noteworthy.  On the whole very simple styles with a lot of ruffle details.  There are certainly a lot of designs I like, but nothing I feel I need to add to the stash.  Do you see any must-haves for spring?  Or has this year been sort of lackluster as far as inspiration goes?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “New Look Spring 2017

  1. Well, still not into weird off-the-ruffle trend, but are Bouclé/Chanel-Jackets a thing now? The more I see them, the less they seem Emily Gilmorish. And I really like them with shorts, what is happenig to me?!?!

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  2. 6494 is a must. It’s so pretty. I like 6495 but unsure about that horizontal seam with a full bust. It would have to land *perfectly* to not bisect. Hmmm.

    Otherwise a bit hum-drum and repetitive for me.

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  3. I really like 6489 on the model. It makes her shoulders look like works of art. If I wanted to try it I would have to change the bottoms though because I don’t wear shorts really (Bermuda is the only length I can stand) and the full length are just too billowy for me.


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