Burda Spring/Summer Catalog 2017

The Burda Spring/Summer Catalog looks have been added to the German website.  We all know I am a Burda junkie, and I often find just as much to love in their envelope patterns as I do in the magazines.  However, I’m not as impressed by this release.  It sort of feels like a lot of simple designs, and I’m almost getting a throwback to the early 90s vibe going on.  Normally I find myself buying a large number of patterns when Burda releases their biannual collections, however, I’ve only found a few must-buys in this collection, and another handful of maybes.  I was hoping for more based on the early preview sneak peaks, so I am a tad bit disappointed.  Let’s take a look:

Most of this release is spring dresses, so I guess we can start there.  There might be more dresses than days of spring this time around, actually.


Love the line drawing on 6499, but the model photos downgrade it to my maybe list.  6535 could be great for a spring wedding or party.


Love the use of the stripes in 6500.  I like the sleeveless version of 6521, but I know we’ve had similar styles in the magazine before.


I LOVE 6518, especially the maxi version.  Gorgeous.  6523 has an interesting detail, but it gets a bit lost in the print fabric.


6498 – meh.  6522 – Not sure how flattering that seaming detail is on the pink solid version.


6509 – Ok, so this is a pretty basic style, but I think I’d actually wear it quite a bit.  6520 – a nice shirtwaist dress if you need a new shirtdress pattern.


6496 – meh.  6510 – Odd that Burda didn’t make use of the color blocking opportunities here.


6530 – It’s been a while since we’ve seen a twist top pattern!  6531 – meh.


6529 – Didn’t they just use this neckline on a previous pattern?  6536 – Pretty basic, but looks great with those printed fabrics.


6537 – Dresses that would be good for when it gets really really warm. 6554 – Is cute, but I’ve got similar patterns in the stash.


More meh.  I do like the blue model photo on 6497, but probably not enough to buy the pattern.


6538 – The pinafore/jumper/overall dress seems to be quite popular lately. 6540 – looks like a cropped version of a magazine pattern I’ve made up before?


Sort of loving the princess look on 6519. Twirl!

Moving on, let’s look at some of the separates Burda has offered up:


I feel like we’ve had similar styles in the magazines.  The button down has an interesting collar treatment though.


Tank tops.  Practical for summer, but nothing really special.


More of the same…


The long duster vest seems to be a growing trend.  The skirt might be a bit on the fluffy side.


The shorter view on 6514 isn’t bad, and I’m loving the skirts from 6506.  Might not be the most practical to walk in, but they look cool.


Super wide pants!  I’m sort of digging it, even though it would probably be too much volume for me.  Really loving the skinny jeans look in pattern 6534.


And, just in case those weren’t skinny enough, very similar style in the Burda Young 6543.  Also, we have a special maternity wedding gown pattern.  The shorter maternity dress is actually pretty cute though.  The view with the bolero and gloves is a bit too teenage prom to be really comfortable to look at though.

We get a few great Burda Plus patterns this time around:


Love the fancy dresses in this release!  6548 is great – love it in the print.  And 6547 is divine.  Might be my favorite pattern in the whole collection.

YAS DAHLING!  I want this dress.  In case you cannot tell.  All the sparkles!


Other Plus patterns aren’t as exciting, though they aren’t bad.  Just, well, not exciting.


Also, I had to showcase this pillow pattern.  Baby included for scale.  How cute is that hippo???

And that’s about it!  On the whole there are a lot of new dresses, and not a whole lot else.  Frankly, I’m a bit underwhelmed.  What do you all think?  Personally I’m hoping they saved the better designs for the magazine, because otherwise it’s gonna be a long year.  What do you all think?  See anything that sparks your interest?  Or is this a snoozefest of a pattern release?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Burda Spring/Summer Catalog 2017

  1. Gah I love 6506-it looks really awesome-I’m kicking myself for picking up Vogue 9172 at the last sale cuz it’s similar but not as awesome (plus the fit on burda is always outstanding, can’t say the same about the big 4). And you’re right, they have been doing a lot of magazine repeats and re-issues of old patterns in the last couple of seasons but pretty much all of this new lot look a bit ‘been there, done that’-re-hashy..
    The hippo is pretty cool, really harkens back to the 60s/70s vintage patterns of ‘sewn things for kids to ride on’. Don’t wanna think of all the stuffing that’s gonna need, might be a good way to use up remnants by tearing them into strips and balling them in there along with actual fibrefill… hmm

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  2. Huh… nothing that really catches my eye. Hoping the magazine offers more interest! In any case, I’ve got quite the stash of patterns from both the magazine and BurdaStyle site to keep me busy. And learning. Almost finished a simple jean skirt and I hope to show it! I learned a different way of inserting an invisible zipper – always did it the Big 4 way, this was different and by golly it came out nicely!

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  3. I agree that 6547 is the star of the show. I might have to buy it, even though I rarely need an evening dress! I will have to buy the overdress 6538 – I got into wearing this style in 2016, but can’t always find ones in the right type of fabric/colour/pattern. Now I can make my own. The hippo is fun, but I don’t have a need for it 🙂

    As for the rest, I like a lot of the line drawings, but they don’t seem to translate into flattering styles once made up in fabric. I don’t understand what’s happened here. But then I have three lifetime’s worth of patterns to get through, so just as well I don’t want to buy any.


  4. At least pinafore/jumper 6538 has some shaping. Most of the ones I’ve seen lately are just tubes with straps -not flattering at all. If I was looking for a jumper I’d buy that one.

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  5. Since the Simplicity website was so awful, not to mention the lack of international shipping until relatively recently, I’ve never paid much attention to Burda envelope patterns despite my love for the magazine. I do agree with you that the plus evening dress and giant hippo are awesome!

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