McCall’s Early Fall 2016 Patterns

I’m incredibly far behind in my posting, because it’s been an insane summer.  Between helping my sister plan a bridal shower, going to San Diego Comic-Con, and judging at the roller skating national championships, I’ve been either really busy or totally exhausted.  Happily, I’ve actually got a finished sewing project to post!  Sadly, that post isn’t quite ready yet, but I should have photos uploaded soon, and I’m really excited to show it off.  Hopefully I can manage to not be too distracted by the Olympic coverage and get that post up in the next few days.

In the meantime, McCall’s has released it’s Early Fall pattern collection.  On the whole I actually think there are some cute patterns in this release.  The dresses are the stand-outs for me in this collection, especially heading into fall.  Let’s take a look:

M7429 – Love this!  We’ve had a lot of twist front dresses in other releases, but I think the cut on this looks especially flattering, and I love how the sleeves and fabric choices could make it a work-appropriate outfit or something for a fancier occasion.

M7430 – I’m also loving this color blocked sheath dress.  Fairly simple, but it is also the sort of dress that looks like it would be a wardrobe favorite for anyone who made it.

M7431 – A Laura Ashley design.  I’m actually rather liking this dress too.  I think I’ve got something similar in the stash, but this dress looks like it could be great for summer (the sleeveless version) and fall.

M7432 – A Learn to Sew pattern.  Pretty basic dress pattern; not much to get excited about.

M7433 – Archive Collection.  I’m always a fan of the vintage pattern reprints – this pattern (c. 1943) is especially evocative of the era it was originally from.

M7434 – Tunic top.  Not much new or exciting here.

M7435 – More tunics.  Some interesting neckline variations here.

M7436 – The photographed view has a bit much going on, but the neckline on view B (red drawing) is actually quite pretty.

M7437 – Draped tunic top.  Another design I feel like we’ve seen a lot of in recent releases.

M7438 – The shorter skirts are cute, but I’m a bit confused by the fringe number here.

M7439 – This skirt pattern is a bit voluminous, but might be of interest to the younger crowd.

M7440 – I predict this cardigan pattern will be quite popular – it looks like a great topper and like a fairly easy make.

M7441 – Another great cardigan pattern; I especially love the version with the hood.

M7442 – The double frill on this coat is a bit too much flounce for me, but the single skirt version (especially with the hood) is nice.

M7443 – Beaute’ J’Adore patter.  Not sure I’d feel comfortable wearing this top, but the pants are a nice basic silhouette.

M7444 – Beaute’ J’Adore jumpsuit.  I’m actually rather liking the neckline and overall silhouette here.

M7445 – Melissa Watson pattern.  This is pretty cute!  The culottes are a nice shape, and the top creates an interesting proportion with the pants.

M7446 – I love extra long workout tops, so I’ll definitely be adding this pattern to my stash.

M7456 – This costume pattern looks a bit intense on the envelope, but if you look at the line drawing, the coat without the train is actually really chic!

M7455 – A Create It! pattern by Yaya Han.  Obviously it’s supposed to be a Sailor Moon inspired cosplay pattern, but it actually wouldn’t be bad to use as a base for skating costumes.  Especially the sleeveless view.  I would totally change the skirt on it to make it more suitable for skating, but this could be a very affordable way to get a leotard pattern for those who are interested in making skating costumes.

M7457 – VJ Dunraven Man’s costume pattern.  Love this jacket.  I’m totally going to pick this one up.

M7447 – Fairly generic man’s shirt pattern.  The hood is a bit different, which is nice.

M7427 – I don’t normally post about kids patterns, but this cardigan pattern is too cute to ignore!

M7454 – Also loving this kids costume pattern.  I would have loved having a costume like this when I was little.

M7450 – The doll’s trench coat is too cute!

M7452 – I have to laugh at how steampunk dog costumes is an ever growing percentage of the home sewing pattern market.

And that’s about it!  On the whole I’m not sure if there are any real stand-out must buys, but I like a lot of the dresses and the costume patterns, so I’ll probably pick up a few of these at the next sale.  What do you all think?  Do these patterns make you want to start your fall sewing?  Or does it all seem like derivatives of patterns we have seen before?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “McCall’s Early Fall 2016 Patterns

  1. M7438: Workin’ at the car wash! Workin’ as a car-washer!

    No, seriously, that was called a car-wash hem. As a child of the ’70s, I have an aversion to asymmetrical hems and other such frippery. It started with the disco handkerchief hem.

    The current Six Napoleon dress is the rare exception.


  2. I would love to put our whippet into some of the more absurd dog patterns. Sadly (thankfully?) my family won’t let me.

    I looked at M7455 and thought “skating costume” before I read your appraisal…

    How cool that you are judging skating now. Are you involve with the wedding dress too?


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