New Simplicity Patterns June 2016

The latest collection from Simplicity Patterns is here, and I think it is quite good!  They seem to be pumping out quite a few cosplay patterns, and with connections to DC, Marvel, Nintendo, and Doctor Who, it looks like they’ve got quite a few bases covered.  Their every-day patterns aren’t quite as exciting this time around, though there are a few I’ll be adding to my list.

Since there are so many costume patterns in this release, let’s start there first:


Looks like there is a new DC Bombshells line.  I predict these vintage inspired superhero costume patterns are gonna sell like hot cakes.


Love this classic Joker costume.  I may have to use the coat pattern for a few skating costumes in the future…


Normally I don’t care much about the kids stuff, but with all the weddings happening around me, it might not be bad to have this superhero baby pattern in the stash.


More comic inspired patterns, though this I think is more based on the Deadpool movie costume.


Not sure what I think about the sexy Star Wars pattern.


This Zelda inspired costume is cute!


Lady Doctor Who.  I’m sort of giggling over the bow tie corset.


Steampunk-y/vintage-y Doctor Who dresses.  Actually the dress with the Tardis jacket is sort of adorable.


Not all dogs would put up with this nonsense, but you have to admit the dog with the fez and bow tie is sort of adorable.


Don’t really need the hoodie scarf thing, but it would be worth it to pick up this pattern just for the appliqué patterns.


Not the best mermaid costume I’ve seen, but it is very economical to have so many sizes in one envelope.

On to the regular clothes:


I’m intrigued by these wide-legged trousers.  They may be a bit much, but I think with a shorter top I could pull them off.


Not loving the pocket placement on the dress.  Without it though I’d totally consider making the dress.  The real reason to get this pattern though is the jacket.  It would be perfect for a fall wardrobe.


Really like the jacket in this pattern too.  The jumpsuit is fine.


Also digging this skirt/trouser pattern.  Simple and classic.


I’m a bit confused because the previous two patterns look like the same skirt.  What is the difference other than the number and packaging?


I don’t really need another fancy dress pattern, but this one is rather pretty.


I’m tempted to add this Amazing Fit pattern to the stash, because it would be great to have a well-fitting sheath dress pattern.


Not loving these Bridal looks, but I may be a bit tired of the peplum trend in formal wear.


I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be a costume pattern at first.  Not exactly my favorite piece in the new collection.


This feels like it should be a vintage reprint, but I don’t think that it is.


As much as I didn’t like the peplum look in the other pattern, I do think it works well in this top. The color blocking adds a nice feature.


Not loving all the super voluminous blouses.


This kimono style cardigan is really cute though.


I love how it is a mix of button-down shirts, ties, and boxers.


This hips on these pjs look narrow on the men and boys.

There are also some interesting toy and craft patterns:


Cute summer dresses.


The chevron dress is interesting.  I wonder how hard it is to get the jumpsuit over the doll’s feet.


The swimsuit patterns are actually pretty cute.  Love the board shorts.


The blue wolf with the little bag is adorable!

And that’s about it!  Honestly, most of the patterns I’m excited about in this release are the costume patterns, with only a few of the regular patterns piquing my interest.  What do you all think?  Is this a good showing from Simplicity, or is it a dud when you remove all of the licensed designs?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “New Simplicity Patterns June 2016

  1. I usually like their costume patterns but this collection of superhero/dr.who is not my cup of tea. I clearly have missed the Dr. Who boat as I’ve never seen an episode. Why can’t they revamp some of their basic halloween patterns that could use a reissue/modern sizing? Also there wasn’t much for kids and this would be the time you’d want to start their halloween costumes. I’ve been looking for a high neck dress pattern so I’m stoked for that one. Must buy! I think the Stevie Nicks maxi would be decent if shortened.

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