New Simplicity and New Look Patterns

The Simplicity website continues to be not helpful, so I’ve resorted to stalking Instagram to tell me when to head over to Pattern Review to check out the new releases for Simplicity and New Look patterns.  This release, on the whole, isn’t really doing much for me.  There are a few fabulous costume patterns, and a few cute dresses, but not a lot of designs I’m super excited about otherwise.  I just can’t decide if I’m not excited because the other patterns aren’t my particular style or if they are just boring.  Something to ponder as I go through this review.  In any case, let’s take a look:


Actually rather like this dress – the button detail is a nice vintage nod, but also super cute for summer.

The peplum is not dead.  I don’t think I need to add this to my pattern stash, but I think the proportions are good.

Initially I was not really loving this Project Runway pattern.  The more I look at it, though, the more I’m thinking I might need a version of view C in my life.  In a non-hippie fabric, of course.

Is that… a dress?  All sorts of inappropriate comments I’m not making about the necessity of personal grooming practices if one were going to wear such a thing.  Much more believable as a blouse, and much safer as a romper.

I’m always a sucker for a pretty circle skirt.  The proportions feel very “in” right now.

Is it weird if I’m excited by the sports bra style top here?  Not really excited by the dresses though.

Blouses with bows.  Meh.

Actually rather liking this wrap dress/top pattern.

Basic wrap skirt pattern.  Not overly exciting.

Another simple looking dress/top/skirt pattern.

I want some wide-legged pants!  Probably not with this pattern, but I’m really digging the idea of printed rayon pants for summer.

More easy to sew looks.

Adult/kids combo pattern.  Basic, but sort of nice for summer.

Yay for plus sized patterns, but I think the proportions look a bit overwhelming.  The yoke details are nice though.

Still thinking the proportions are a bit too exaggerated.

1970s Vintage look.  Not my personal style but it is a pretty cute look.

1950s Vintage tops.

1970s Aprons.

1950s Bathing suit pattern.

Part of me thinks this pattern is too cutesy and overdone, and part of me really likes the top of view B.

Under bust corsets.  Yay.

Steam-punk-y-ish PJs?  Not really sure I get it.  Does this make me old?

You don’t see a lot of Jane inspired costumes, so that’s fun.

More anime costumes.

LOVE THIS!  So many Hamilton cosplays need to happen, like, right now.

Excited that they are also producing appropriate undergarments for that pattern too.


Pretty generic shorts.

Love the details in these doll clothes.

These could make cute gifts.


I feel like this apron would have more utility with more pockets.

Possibly useful mini-backpacks.

New Look:

I know we’ve seen similar silhouettes and details on other patterns, but something about this dress is completely winning me over.  I love it, but I don’t know why.

My brain says I don’t need this jumpsuit pattern, yet something about the model photo is really selling it to me.  Love how the neckline gives it such a nice casual vibe.

The hippie look must be coming back in style.

Shirt dresses.

Blouses – might be ok for summer?

More blouses.

So many blouses.

So.Many. Tops.

Wide legged trousers – I totally want some for summer.

Wrap skirt.  Meh.

Pretty basic knit patterns.

Basic silhouettes, but I like the proportions together.

Basic looking dress.  Meh.

More simple looking tops and pants.

And that’s about it.  I don’t know why – as I went through I really couldn’t find too many patterns I actively disliked, but there also weren’t a lot of patterns I found myself wanting to gush about either.  Quite a few of these have grown on me the more I look at them (like that Project Runway pattern), but most of the styles I want to add to my stash are of the costume variety.  So, what do you all think?  See anything you are loving?  Or is this release a giant snoozefest?  What trends are you feeling for summer?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

As a bonus, Russian Burda has posted the first preview for the June issue if you aren’t suffering from pattern overload.  My typical full review will happen once the full preview is posted.

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