Butterick Patterns Summer 2016

The latest summer patterns from Butterick are here.  On the whole I wasn’t overly excited by much in this release, but there are a few awesome swimsuit patterns, and a lovely gown from Gertie.  Let’s take a look:

B6353 – Patterns by Gertie.  Love this gown!  It makes me think of a classic 1950s Barbie.

B6352 – Patterns by Gertie.  Feels sort of Sound of Music.  It would also probably look stinking adorable on my sister.  I’m conflicted.

B6363 – Nancy Farris-Thee.  Historical pattern.  Love the sleeves.

B6351 – Custom Cup Sizes.  Not much to this dress/jumpsuit, except that the back has an interesting cut out style.

B6354 – Patterns by Gertie.  Vintage swimsuit-ish style top/cover ups.

B6358 – Lisette.  Really liking the style of the bottoms.  The color blocking is pretty interesting too.

B6360 – Lisette.  Love the style of this bathing suit.  Very flattering.

B6355 – Tunic top.

B6356 – Cover ups/wraps.

B6357 – Katherine Tilton.  Really like the interesting collar detail.  Liking this more styled as a vest, but the top is cute too.

B6349 – Summer dress.  Sort of cute with the waist tie?

B6350 – More volume.

B6359 – Connie Crawford.  The voluminous dress is apparently the trend of choice this summer.

B6344 – See & Sew.

B6345 – See & Sew

B6346 – See & Sew

B6348 – See & Sew.  Actually sort of liking the view B pants.

B6361 – Waverly tote bags.

B6362 – Waverly storage bins.  Being able to make those square storage bins could be great if you have one of the shelving units sized for them.

And that’s it!  Lots (and lots and lots) of lose fitting dresses and tunics.  A few cute vintage inspired looks, and some nice bathing suits from Lisette, but, on the whole, not the most exciting collection we’ve had from Butterick.  What do you think?  See anything you need to add to your stash?  Or is this a skippable pattern release?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Butterick Patterns Summer 2016

  1. Dude, that Gertie pattern isn’t Barbie, it’s Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, which is obviously a hole in your movie edumacation! I think that film was the inauguration of her relationship with Givenchy. It’s also really sweet — and sharp, because Billy Wilder.

    The big, voluminous sundresses are a godsend for us ladies in the Southeast, where summer temps are in the 90s with humidity to match. You can flop them around to get a breeze going!


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