McCall’s Patterns Early Summer 2016

The latest patterns from McCall’s are here.  Also new – an update to the BMV website.  Mercifully, they refreshed the appearance without losing functionality.  (Unlike certain other pattern companies who made website updates recently.  Ahem.)  I feel like McCall’s has been hitting it out of the park with their recent releases (I keep buying more than I mean to), but it is a bit of a miss for me this time around.  Definitely plenty of patterns that would make great summer clothes, but nothing that gets me really excited to sew.  There are some nice additions to their Yaya Han cosplay line, and a few dress patterns that I predict will become quite popular, but, on the whole, nothing that I’m overly excited about.  Let’s take a look:

M7380 – Melissa Watson.  The cut of the skirt on this dress makes it feel like a modern take on a classic button-front dress.

M7381 – I actually rather like the options on this dress – would be very pretty in a nice, drapey fabric.

M7382 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  Not the most exciting pattern, but it is aimed at new sewers.

M7383 – I’m not typically a fan of such voluminous patterns, but I will say that the envelope has made use of some great fabric and styling.

M7384 – There have been a lot of jumpsuit patterns lately.  The back on this is cool, but I always get nervous about wearing patterns that tie in place.

M7385 – Dress/Top with cup sizing.  Nice pattern, but I’m not sure I need to add it to my collection.

M7386 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  I predict this pattern will be super popular.  Easy to sew, lots of options, and an easy, flattering shape for summer?  I’m sold.

M7387 – Nice take on a classic shirt dress.

M7388 – Top with cup sizing.  Originally I’d passed this one by, but I actually really like the neckline.  Not loving all the ruffles, but I’m sort of imagining the possibilities of view C…

M7389 – Tops.

M7390 – More tops.

M7391 – Another tunic top.

M7392 – Not sure how I’m feeling about the petal hem.  Sort of liking the sporty pockets on the back of view B.

M7393 – I like this skirt pattern, but I’ve got several similar patterns already in the stash.

M7394 – This jumpsuit pattern feels like it would be popular with the younger crowd, but not something that would be particularly flattering for me.

M7398 – Yaya Han, with cup sizing.  Love the lacing in the back.

M7397 – Yaya Han.  Gloves!  And “boots”!  I’ve got a glove pattern but I don’t really like it… Here’s hoping that this one will work better for me.

M7399 – Yaya Han.  Always love when they give us men’s patterns.

M7395 – Kay Whitt Design

So, on the whole, not too much here that I’m particularly interested in.  The cosplay patterns are decent (yay gloves!), but otherwise this release is a bit of a miss for me.  I get the summer vibe, but there aren’t a lot of clothes here that I really want to sew.  What do you all think?  Are you digging the easy summer looks?  Or are you incredibly bored with this set of releases?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “McCall’s Patterns Early Summer 2016

  1. I like the sleeveless maxi dress, but we’re heading into winter here, so it’s not an immediate thing for me. In other news, I picked up the burda 03/2016. Those guys should pay you for your reviews-I’ve bought my last 10 issues or so based on your pics and descriptions 😉

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  2. Nothing there for me. I am so over the super-high necklines. They do nothing for a busty girl like me. I would have liked to see examples with the weird bows though…


  3. P.S. I feel like that jumpsuit would be especially awkward on the loo. 😛 So many possibilities of dragging it on the floor and getting it wrong when putting it back on…

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