McCall’s Winter/Holiday Patterns 2015

The latest collection from McCall’s is here.  Overall I have to say that this is a decent collection – there are a lot of patterns that could be useful for a winter wardrobe (especially if you have a lot of holiday parties to attend), but nothing so outstanding or different that I feel the need to go buy any of these patterns right away.  This collections is a lot of basic silhouettes that have been available in other patterns in the past, that are jazzed up with some smart fabric choices.  On the whole I think that there is a lot to like in this collection, I just don’t know if (as someone with a fairly sizable pattern stash) there is a lot I need to buy from it.  Let’s take a look:

M7282 M7282

M7282 – Phoebe Couture.  I like the style lines of this dress – perfect for a fancy holiday party.

M7283 M7283

M7283 – David Tutera.  The long one-shoulder dress could look very elegant, but this is just a basic princess seam sheath dress with variations.

M7281 M7281

M7281 – Create It! Another basic silhouette with variations.  This is a style that will look good on a lot of different people, but isn’t particularly exciting or innovative.

M7280 M7280

M7280 – Designer Joi.  For some reason I’m not wowed by this design.  Maybe it’s just the fabric?  Or the proportions of the dress and the top?  I’m not entirely sure what’s throwing me off here, but I’m not overly excited by this pattern in any case.

M7279 M7279

M7279 – Palmer/Pletsch.  This is a very basic sheath dress, but the interesting part of the pattern is all of the alteration lines:

M7279 (2) M7279 (1)

Might be a good pattern to use to make a TNT that can be adjusted to create more interesting designs.

M7296 M7296

M7296 – I’m not overly excited by this jumpsuit.  Perhaps it is just the fabric choice, but it feels a bit pj-ish.

M7292 M7292

M7292 – This jumpsuit is slightly-less pj-ish, but I think we’ve seen better jumpsuit patterns out of the various BMV labels earlier this year.

M7295 M7295

M7295 – The pants looked ridiculous when Burda did them, and they look ridiculous now.  The tops look really comfortable though.  And I like the way they used the stripe.

M7294 M7294

M7294 – Nice set of leggings/top/cardigan.  Looks like the perfect rainy day outfit.  Too bad I can’t remember the last time we had a rainy day…

M7293 M7293

M7293 (2) M7293 (1)

M7293 – Jacket/sweatpants pattern.  The jacket looks a bit 80s, no?  I can’t decide if it is a cool throwback or horribly outdated exercise wear, though I’m leaning towards the latter.

M7291 M7291

M7291 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  This is actually a pretty cute take on the cape style jacket.

M7290 M7290

M7290 – Nancy Zieman.  I’m actually rather liking this cardigan pattern.  It looks like something my sister would wear, so I’ll probably be adding it to my stash.

M7289 M7289

M7289 – David Tutera.  These simple bolero jackets could easily be dressed up or down depending on fabric choice.

M7288 M7288 (1)M7288

M7288 – A/B, C & D Cup Sizes.  I really like this jacket pattern!  The details on the back are fun, and the collar options are great.

M7287 M7287

M7287 – Fun, flirty skirt pattern.  Another pattern that would be great in a fancy fabric for holiday parties.

M7286 M7286

M7286 – Raglan sleeve top pattern.

M7285 M7285

M7285 – A/B, C & D Cup Sizes.  The fabric choice makes the model photo really striking, though the top itself is quite basic.   The cup sizing on a woven top does make it an interesting pattern choice though.

M7284 M7284

M7284 – Tunic top.  Nothing really different here, but this is a nice pattern.  I also love the use of a boarder print in the photo.


M7297 – PJs!  Normally I really don’t see a need for PJ patterns (I’ve got some TNTs in that department), but I’m sort of digging the options here.


M7299 – PJs for everyone!  Not overly exciting, unless you are doing a John Darling from Peter Pan cosplay.


M7298 – Unisex hoodies.  The style isn’t too bad.  The fit… eh.  I wish they’d just released it as a man’s pattern.  And with less bulky fabrics.  Because I think it could be a really cool man’s jacket pattern.

M7306 M7306

M7306 – A/B, C & D Cup Sizing.  Hoop skirt and corset patten.  I’m actually kind of excited to see bust sizing in a costume pattern.

M7305 M7305

M7305 – Trisha Jane.  Aprons are always a fun gift to make, and these have some nice details.

M7301 M7301 M7301 (1)

M7301 – Retro looking doll clothes.  The coat and dress are so pretty!

M7300 M7300 M7300 (1)

M7300 – The dolls are ready for the holidays!  Actually the pink coat is pretty cute.  And the tree pattern could be good for normal decorations too.

M7304 M7304

M7304 – Holiday crafts.

M7303 M7303

M7303 – Pet toys.  This release has a lot of craft patterns.

And that’s it!  Overall there are a lot of very wearable patterns in this release.  I just don’t know that there are a lot of exciting or innovative patterns in it.  There are definitely a few patterns that I’ll be adding to my stash, but there are also a lot of other patterns that are just too similar to patterns I already own to justify purchasing.  What do you all think?  Does this release make you excited to sew a new pattern?  Or do you want to go and dig through your stash?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “McCall’s Winter/Holiday Patterns 2015

  1. Nothing in this release really thrills me. But it’s not surprising as Xmas party dresses aren’t something I make or wear. I quite liked the 80s sportswear jacket but I suspect I have something similar in a Burda mag somewhere.


  2. I like the exercise wear and loungewear patterns, but not enough to put them on my wishlist. I don’t wear party dresses so the collection was clearly aimed at a different client.


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