Magazine Review: October Burda 2015

I’m happy to say, after a rather lackluster year, Burda is back!  Last month’s issue was really good, and this month has a few choice patterns as well.  There are lots of designs that could see heavy rotation as wardrobe staples, nothing too crazy, and the Burda Plus section this month is totally drool worthy.

big 7

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Let’s start off with the Burda Plus section, because it is fantastic.  I’m particularly drooling over the blazers and fancy dresses, though the other dresses could be great for a work wardrobe as well.  I’m even oddly fond of the teal tunic, and the trousers:

big (39) big (44)

big (38) big (43)

big (40) big (42)

big (41) big (46)

big (45)

As far as the regular sizes go, there are a few stand-outs among the dress selection, especially the dresses with the raglan sleeve contrast, as well as the fancier gown.  The designer gown is lovely, except perhaps the odd flaps on either side of the front princess seam?  Personally, I’m not a fan of the fabrication used on the wrap dresses, but the pattern itself could offer a flattering and feminine shape.  The cowl necks are simple, but could be great layering pieces for fall:

big (34) big (7)

Love the red version of this dress with the contrast – definitely going on my list!

big (37) big (36)

big (4) big (21)

Is it me or does this dress look a bit like something that was made on The Great British Sewing Bee?  Hmmmm……..

big (11) big (26)

Simple, and similar to other patterns, but definitely a great pattern for layering!

big (24) big (29)

The style of the pink dress isn’t too bad, but the fabric combo is a bit odd.  Not loving the fabric, but I do like the style of the shirtdress.

The jackets in this issue are pretty great as well.  I’ve been watching a lot of period films lately, so I’m oddly fond of the collared long coat.  That’s a definite on my wish list.  The less fitted oversized coats are catching my eye as well, but perhaps only because I’ve been watching too many films costumed by Edith Head of late…

big (5) big (1)

Love the long coat!  It has a nice mix of a relaxed and formal vibe.  For some reason I get a faint 1930s feel from it.

big (27) big (25)

big (3) big (8)

Normally I don’t care much for these oversized coats, but the proportions on the tan version are really working for me.

big (30) big (31)

This vest – the color combo – what?

big (28) big (12)

The tops this month provide a nice mix of comfy sweater-type looks and pieces that would be perfect for layering:

big (13) big (20)

big (19) big (15)

big (9) big (18)

Ok, this neck thing sort of looks weird, but made up in a nice sweater knit?  It could be a cool alternative to a scarf.

big (6) big (22)

Not sure how I feel about the style line on the skirt (I’m having flashbacks to the baboon-butt color blocked pants), but the trousers aren’t too bad:

big (2) big (23)

big (32) big (16)

big (17) big (35)

big (33)

And that’s about it for this issue!  Which means, of course, that it is time to pick the best and worst designs from this month’s Burda magazine.  It was a difficult decision, but this month I am giving Best of BS to:

310_413 (7)

Although I don’t think this color blocked dress is my favorite pattern in the issue, I think it will probably be the most memorable, so I’m giving it the pick for best pattern of the month.  I predict this will be the top pick from this magazine, so I’m hoping to see some renditions on the blog-o-sphere soon.

There were a lot of great patterns this month, so I’m going to highlight a few of my close runners-up:

310_413 (3) 310_413 310_413 (10)310_413 (13) 310_413 (14) 310_413 (12)310_413 (9) 310_413 (6) 310_413 (5)


Choosing the bottom pattern of the month was similarly difficult – there were only two designs that were really in contention, but in the end I’m giving the October BWTF to:

310_413 (11)

Fuzzy vest with awkward pockets!  Honestly, the idea of this vest isn’t too bad – in other issues this would totally get a pass.  But the combination of the fur, leather, and colors is just a bit much.  Not the most flattering look.

And that’s about it for this issue!  For me, the real stand-outs are the blazers and dresses in the Burda Plus section (well, basically all of the Burda Plus section), but I’m also digging the color blocked dresses, fancy gown, and long, semi-fitted coat.  I think there are a lot of subtle, but worthwhile designs in this issue – the sort of patterns that will be fantastic in a wardrobe, but don’t have you jumping up and down with excitement when you first see them in the magazine.  What do you all think?  Are you as wowed by this issue as I am?  Or is it going to go on the pile of duds Burda has put out this year?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Magazine Review: October Burda 2015

  1. I still think Burda WON with August and September 🙂 I think this is an okay issue. Not offensive but not great. I really like that little cowl thingy + sleevless top. I must have it. Must. Have. It.

    That plus jacket is exactly what I have been looking for 😦 Except I am closer to a 40/42. BOOOOO! I’ll have to peruse my old issues and see if I can find something with a similar collar treatment.


  2. You’re right, that is an AWESOME plus size collection and I can’t wait to get this issue in my hands (you know it’s a winner when people who aren’t in Burda’s Plus range wish a pattern was in their size! Welcome to the club; those of us over a RTW size 14 feel that way most of the time since the Burda regular sizes don’t go very large). I like about 80 – 85% of the designs in this issue, and everything in the plus collection.


  3. Yes Burda have really got it back together these last few issues. It’s still 30c where I live so I don’t want to make any of this stuff yet, but I love the funnel neck colourblock dress and the cowl sweatshirt. Agree that the plus size stuff is gorgeous.


  4. I’ve been waiting for my issue to arrive before reading this post! I think this is the best issue yet this year, and September was a great one too so that’s high praise. I love the kimono sleeved styles and the trousers. I am already mentally picking out fabrics from the stash for a few of them which almost never happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have been staring at my issue for a couple of weeks and the one thing that jumps at me is that cowl necked sweater with the zipper on the collar. I am trying to figure out how to up size it to a 52. The diagonals in front and back are so flattering. And It is not another V NECK. I don’t look good in v necks and the plus sizes are almost all v necks. I don’t care to make my boobs look bigger than they are!
    I also like the funnel necked dress with those color blocked swirls into collar thingy.

    Those are the two things I must sew!!
    Will probably do that white plus top. Looks interesting.

    The suit looks great–but I don’t feel like tackling a jacket with all the extras to get it to hang right. But it does look “sweet”.

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    1. I wonder if you could find a raglan sleeve top in size 52 in a different Burda issue? Then trace the cowl and do a slash and spread to size it up to fit the 52 top? Adding a center front seam and adjusting the hem wouldn’t be too difficult if you wanted to replicated those design elements too. It probably won’t be the perfect solution, and it might change the proportions a bit, but since the cowl has a bit of a relaxed vibe anyway it would probably work well enough to get the job done.


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