New McCall’s Fall 2015

The latest collection from McCall’s has been released – you can see the new patterns here.  On the whole, I think this collection is pretty great.  They’ve got a nice mix of silhouettes and garment types, and everything feels very modern.  I even think that, for the most part, the fabric choice and styling of the model photographs are right on point.  There are a lot of patterns I’m excited about in this release, but it feels very much like a collection that will have something for everyone.

M7256 M7256

M7265 – I really like this coat pattern.  The different lengths of the peplum are great, and the ruffled collar is a fun detail.

M7254 M7254

M7254 – I’m mildly obsessed with this jacket/vest pattern.  I love the different length options, and I’m definitely imagining a color blocked version on the near future.

M7262 M7262

M7262 – Khaliah Ali pattern.  There have been a lot of waterfall front coat patterns in the past, but the options for the closures on this pattern makes it a little more versatile.

M7257 M7257

M7257 – A simple bolero jacket patter.

M7255 M7255

M7255 – A McCall’s Easy Pattern.

M7259 M7259

M7259 – The Archive Collection (circa 1927).  I love how the combination of the coat and cape give such a dramatic silhouette.

M7250 M7250

M7250 – The Archive Collection (circa 1927).  I also really love this shirt!  Style B is very obviously a 1920s silhouette, but version A could easily be incorporated in a modern wardrobe.

M7244 M7244

M7244 – Tracy Reese Plenty pattern .  I love this dress pattern, and it would be easy to leave off the skirt to have a nicely fitted top as well.  It will be a great dress for fall, but could easily be layered in the winter.  Definitely going on my wishlist.

M7243 M7243

M7243 – I love this dress too!  The crossover design on the top is simple, but still interesting.

M7241 M7241

M7241 – ABCD Cup Sizing.  Another pattern that will be great for layering.

M7240 M7240


M7242 M7242

M7242 – Laura Ashley.  I actually rather like simple shape on this maxi dress.

M7246 M7246

M7246 – Melissa Watson for Palmer Pletsch

M7245 M7245

M7245 – Designer Joi.

M7249 M7249

M7249 – I’m loving this pattern too.  Another pattern that looks great as is, but could also look good layered under a blazer.

M7248 M7248

M7248 – I actually really like this top.  It has a nice flowy quality, without being too oversized.

M7247 M7247

M7247 – Interesting cross over design.

M7252 M7252

M7252 – Nancy Zieman – Interesting draped top.

M7251 M7251

M7251 – Tracy Reese

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.36.56 PM M7260

M7260 – Palmer/Pletsch

M7258 M7258


M7253 M7253


M7263 M7263

M7263 – Khalia Ali, McCall’s Easy pattern

M7261 M7261

M7261 – I’m loving this exercise pattern too!  The tops are nice and fitted, and the leggings are pretty interesting too.

M7269 M7269

M7269 – Cosplay bodysuits, always a useful pattern to have on hand.  Well, at least for people who do a lot of costumes.

M7270 M7270

M7270 – Kimono inspired costume pattern

M7271 M7271

M7271 – I’m always a sucker for the poofy princess style costume pattern.  This one clearly inspired by the latest incarnation of Cinderella’s Fairy God Mother.

M7267 M7267

M7267 – Barbie sized doll clothes pattern.

M7266 M7266

M7266 – Larger sized doll clothes.

M7265 M7265

M7265 – Whistlepig Creek.  Looks like a handy tote bag pattern.

I’ve really been appreciating the McCall’s promotional videos for each season – they’ve definitely pointed out fabric choices and styling options I hadn’t originally thought about.  Here is the McCall’s video for fall:

So, what do you all think?  Is this release as much a hit for you as it is for me?  Or are your fall sewing plans already all laid out?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “New McCall’s Fall 2015

  1. McCall’s patterns often don’t really call out to me, but this season’s set of offerings has quite a few patterns I’d buy, and I liked the promo video too! In particular, patterns M7254, M7242, and both the M7248 and M7247 blouse patterns all are quite lovely! Thanks for doing this review of this collection! I look forward to seeing your review of the New Look collection that just came out. : )


  2. M7244 — with the right fabric this could be an ice skating practice or test dress.
    And the dress with the pleated skirt–how very divergent 😉

    I like the exercise outfit.


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