Newsflash: Assorted Pattern News

This past week saw several new pattern announcements, including the May Burda Early Preview, spring Kwik Sew patterns, and spring Marfy releases.

May Burda Early Preview

The May Burda is typically the spring-summer transition dress issue, and as such is typically one of my favorite issues of the year.  This year’s magazine looks to be a bit fixated on ruffles – not my favorite adornment – and I’m having mixed feelings over the early preview images.  However, the more complete preview on P-an-da is giving me a bit more confidence in this issue, so I’m a bit more excited for May than I originally thought I would be.

Burda is convincing me to join team ruffle with all the pretty!
Tiny ruffles aren’t too distracting.
I wasn’t sure about this dress, but the line drawing is up on
P-an-da so I’m pretty excited about it now.
More tiny ruffles – very sweet and delicate.
Not my style, but al least the keyhole gives this sack dress
an interesting detail.
In a different fabric I would call it a modernized Juliette dress.
I’m oddly attracted to this ruffled coat.
Not too inspired by the photo, but the line drawing shows a cool
lightweight trench coat – so there is definite potential here.
More ruffles!
Ok, these pants aren’t what I would consider “my style”
but I’m really kind of digging them in this issue.
Oddly excited by this top – I’ve been wanting more relaxed fit tops for work.
This poncho/wrap-thing is the sort of pattern that looks so artistically chic
on the model, yet I feel it would look so sloppy/altered-snuggie on me.
The skirt is fine, but not loving the tucked-in t-shirt look.
Simple summer dress – basic, but practical.
Love this maxi dress in the plus pattern – easy to wear, but visually interesting.

Kwik Sew

Overall I haven’t been too in love with the Kwik Sew patterns since the company was taken over by BMV.  This release is full of the crafty sort of patterns that don’t hold much interest for me, but there are a few women’s patterns that, although slightly derivative, are at least worth taking a look at.

K4113 – Yay exercise wear!  This (tennis?) pattern has a nice tank top and skort combo.
K4100 – My logical brain: this is easy your could draft it yourself.
My impulsive brain: want now buy the pattern!   Love this for summer.
K4098 – Nice basic dress with patch pockets.
K4097 – I like the model photo of this dress, but I think I have a similar pattern in stash.
K4111 – This dress looks pretty easy to sew, not sure how I feel about the poof over the belt?
K4104 – Basic coat, but the use of color blocking is quite effective.
K4102 – Kwik Sew is getting into the peplum-ish tops this spring.
K4112 – I think it is more effective when it is more fitted.
K4101 – Effective use of stripe, not a fan of the tent style tops for myself.
K4114 – Kwik Sew Plus Size top pattern.
K4115 – This Plus Sized top/pants/dress pattern is actually sort of cute.


Marfy is that pattern company that I always oooooh and aaaaah over the images, but has never quite inspired me to drop the cash on a pattern.  It is the sort of pattern company that I feel I want to sew “someday.”  Probably when I get back to selfish sewing and actually can justify the expense to myself.  In any case, here are a few of the new patterns I’m sighing over this time:

F3661 – This super long wrap-top is an interesting idea.
It works equally well as in a more typical proportion.
F3668 – Anyone else feel like she is going to spend the day on a yacht?
F3709 – Love this dress – the gathers, the soft ruffle, the sleeve seams – fantastic!
F3609 – Sort of digging the one-sleeve look here.
F3624 – Basic style, but effective.  Love the addition of the trim.
F3600 – I’ve got similar patterns in the stash,
but the idea of using a delicate beaded chiffon is intriguing.
F3686 – Love this peplum dress – it looks so modern!
Definitely would reconsider the color scheme.
F3629 – I feel like these folded tops always look cool in drawings,
but do weird things to the boobs in real life.
F3612 – Totally stealing this idea of using lace around the shoulders of a jacket.
F3623 – Love the vintage feel of this coat.
F3647 – Anyone else getting a pretty woman vibe?
F3675 – Love the color blocking here.
And I always appreciate when the design continues onto the back of the dress.
F3663 – Another pretty dress.
F3659 – Love the top of this dress.
F3695 – I have lots of similar patterns in the stash – but I still love this design.
F3711 – Pretty, but sort of feeling MotB vibe here.
F3742 – Very Ginger Rogers.  I can get behind that.
F3710 – This could be a very cute bridesmaid dress.
F3707 – Still digging the one-sleeve thing.
F3747 – Marfy gowns always look so pretty…
F3614 – The idea of cut-outs in a jacket is pretty interesting.
F3613 – Love this fancy coat – so elegant!
F3735 – More pretty gowns.
F3751 – Love the neckline on this one –
I think it would look fantastic without the color blocking too.

So – ruffles, peplums, and gorgeous gowns – which trend is your favorite?  Or are you completely uninspired spring’s offerings this year?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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