Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns

The latest Simplicity patterns can be seen on their website.  Between the Vintage reprints and the new designer patterns, it is actually a fairly interesting release.  There are a lot of basic looks and crafty items, but the other designs more than make up for it.

S1155 – Love this vintage reprint.

Close-up of the original art.  Gorgeous.
S1166 – Wasn’t too excited by this Vintage re-print at first glance…
…But then I saw the line-drawing on that shirt.  The sleeves!
I’m sold.
S1157 – We have a couple of Project Runway patterns this time.
The front is pretty basic, but the back has some interesting variations.
S1158 – Jumpsuits are totally a thing right now.
Actually like several of these, but they all remind me of
various styles from BurdaStyle Magazine that I already have.
S1159 – New Mimi G patterns!  The dress is ok,
but I think I can skip it.
S1167 – That blazer is a must have though.
Definitely adding this pattern to the stash.
S1156 – Love the seam lines on this Amazing Fit dress.
Too bad the model photo is so difficult to see.
S1183 – An Amazing Fit corset!  Comes in regular and plus sizes.
S1168 – This Threads pattern is a bit dull.
S1160 – Oversized tunics.  Meh.
S1161 – Ruffly oversized tunics.  More meh.
1162 – Basic tops.  Fine, but, not overly exciting.
S1163 – A couple interesting knit skirts, but none of the styles are particularly new.
S1165 – Elastic waist pants.  Not overly exciting, but useful for summer.
S1154 – Wrap top dress.
S1164 – Multi-purpose wrap.
(Actually the bottom left dress is kinda cute).
It is basically a super giant extra long wrap skirt.
S1178 – Love the use of the ruffle fabric on the doll’s blue dress.
S1179 – Love these historical doll costumes.
Feeling the Downton influence.
S1153 – Assorted bags.  There are lots of crafty patterns in this release.
S1181 – I find these animal bags oddly cute.
Love the little own.  
S1152 – Sewing for Dummies patterns are officially a thing.

There is more, but not exciting enough to get a mention.  Overall, though, I think there is a lot to be excited about in this release.  I really like the Amazing Fit patterns this time around, and the vintage reprints.  The dress pattern from Mimi G. is skippable, but I’m loving her wardrobe pattern with the blazer.  Even the Project Runway designs are fairly interesting this time around.  So, what do you all think?  Am I overly excited when I am utterly sleep deprived?  Or is there some exciting stuff in this release?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns

  1. I bought the maxi knit skirt pattern (1163)-only because I desperately need some maxis for summer. I also bought 1429 which has knit skirts and shorts/pants but am seriously looking for some proper long knit maxis. Kwik Sew seem to do a couple of basics but no idea if they’re any good now that Vogue has them-I heard the pattern paper has gone nasty and the prices have stayed what they were for the good paper (?). Any recommendations on knit/jersey skirt patterns? Trawled the burda site last night and found a whole bunch of cool woven patterns but next to nothin’ for knits.. ^^


    1. The funny thing is when I first read your question the pattern that popped into my head is the one you already bought (1163). I went looking through my digital stash (I keep photos on my computer to keep track of all my patterns), and you are right – there aren’t a lot of great maxi patterns for knits. Granted, there are a lot of woven patterns that could be adjusted for knits (change the closures and use an elastic waistband), but I can’t find any really good ones off the bat. The other pattern I thought of was McCall’s 7121: This is a maxi dress, not just a skirt, but I think because it has a waist seam it would be easy to use for the skirt pattern, then just add an elastic waistband. I couldn’t really find any other patterns specifically for knits, but I hope that helps.

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      1. Thanks! That McCall’s pattern is cool. I was thinking of using a woven pattern for knit the way you mentioned with the burdastyle 09/2014 #105 which I’ve made once with a viscose woven but I need to chop off the train, it’s really annoying and drags. Need to figure out a way to do it that doesn’t ruin the drape/silhouette of the thing though..=P Am cutting out Simplicity 1163 in a slinky knit at the mo’ 😉

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