(Lack of) Sewing Plans 2015

Last year I had such grand plans.  I thought I would tackle some of my most coveted designs, have a fabulous wardrobe, and love my sewing life.  Of course, reality was quite different.  The past several years have started with me being excited, optimistic, and rather ambitious with my sewing ideas.  But, well, after a few years of not getting much (or, well, any) of that actually accomplished, I think my plans for the coming year will be a bit more… reasonable.  So my plan for 2015 is… NOT to have one.  I mean, really, my favorite designs always seem to come from fits of inspiration when I just can’t not sew something anymore.  The fabric calls to me, and things get made.  Plans to have a well rounded wardrobe that was seasonally appropriate consisting of my favorite things have all met with failure.  So, I’ve decided to give in to the madness.  This year I am going to:

Yup, I’m going to sew what I want, when I want.  Granted, I’m going to have to finish a load of commissions first, BUT if I get a spare moment for myself, I will sew as my whims dictate.  A wool coat in the middle of August?  Why not?  A spring dress in the middle of November?  Might as well.  Random sewing is better than no sewing, and no sewing is what’s been happening.  I want, no, I need to change that.  The desire is coming back, and I’ve got projects stacked to the rafters.  Some of them need to get done!

Although I’m not planning anything official, there are a few things I do want to accomplish this year:

(1) An awesome coat.  Like any kind of awesome coat.  I’ve got so many ideas!  And patterns!  And fabrics!  I just want to make at least one of them.

(2) Cosplays!  I would like to do at least one day at one convention in cosplay this year.  Because sewing needs to be fun again.

(3) The Elaine coat.  I’ve been promising this to my sister for 2 years.  The pattern plans have changed, but the inspiration and nagging haven’t, so this needs to happen.

(4) Skating practice costumes.  Seriously, the seamstress shouldn’t be wearing costumes full of holes.

(5) A ponte pencil skirt.  I keep wanting to wear one, but I do not have one.  It shouldn’t be that hard!  It needs to get done.

Like I said – my plans are not extensive, or detailed, or specific.  At this point, if I can sew even one thing that can be worn out of the house as not pajamas I will consider this year a win.  That’s where things are right now, and I have to be ok with that.  So, rather than having a detailed plan going forward, I’m going to Sew Random as time and whatnot allow.  I’ve certainly managed to stockpile enough stash to let my creativity run wild at this point.  Anyone else feeling bogged down by schedules and wardrobe planning and life?  Or just looking for an excuse to run higgeldy piggeldy through their stash?  Who want to Sew Random with me?

3 thoughts on “(Lack of) Sewing Plans 2015

  1. I have realized that I just have so many scraps. Too many and I don't have the heart to throw them away. I also need to sew my tshirt quilt. So I am challenging myself to use up my fabric in every way possible. I have to get it under control. And if I can give it to charity as well. I just have so much stuff!

    Happy New Year and here's to you sewing random! šŸ™‚


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