Newsflash: Burda Easy Fall/Winter Full Preview Posted

The full preview of the Fall/Winter 2014 Burda Easy Magazine has been posted on the Russian website.  I was obsessed with several designs in the early preview, and although I think Burda pretty much used the preview to show us the good stuff, overall I have to say this is a pretty awesome issue, especially for the Easy magazine, which basically gives you variations on 4-5 different patterns, so there aren’t really as many options as come in a regular monthly issue.  I have to say, there are at least 3 items I really want to sew up, possibly more.  Not that I’ve been doing a lot (read: any) sewing for myself since… well, it’s been a long time.  But I can still think about it!  In any case, let’s take a look:

In this issue we get variations on four basic patterns (a jacket/coat, a skirt, a sweater, and a dress/top).  First, let’s look at the jacket variations:

I’ve got peplum fever, it’s burning in my brain!
I’ve got peplum fever, it’s driving me insane!
(Also, how gorgeous is that fabric?  So awesome.)

Yeah, I’m so not over peplums.
Actually, now I’m really wanting, like, a bunch of them.
Another jacket I was obsessing over from the preview.
I think I would leave off the grey flap, but how chic is the cut of this jacket?
I also really liked the look of this coat in the early preview…
…but the garment photo is a bit much.
I feel like the pockets are either too big, or
just look odd in that contrasting fabric.
The overall shape is nice though.
Hmmm, this one is going on the maybe list.
This coat was love at first sight.
Still loving it.
Yup, love.
(*Starts pawing through stash*)

Next up, the skirts:

A bit hard to see all the awesome seams in this crazy print…
But there is actually a lot going on with this skirt pattern.
(Note: this is a different variation from above, with inserted godets here.)
Part of me thinks: too frilly.
The rest of me wants to put it on and twirl.
Perhaps if it weren’t such an objectionable shade of pink I would be more excited.
Now this version, I like!
And it would be pretty simple to do a basic pencil skirt by leaving off the flounce.
This one is going on the never-ending list.

Here is the (not so exciting) sweater:

Sweetheart sweater.  Meh.
With a ruffle.  Fug. Ly.
In the early preview, I thought this was a cool dress,
but, turns out…
It’s just a shrug.
Which, actually, I’m sort of excited about because it might be a nice
pattern to use for skating practice – a good way to add arm coverage,
but keep the cooling and ventilation on the back.
Yup, another one on the list.
(Also, zipper, what?  If I get around to it, I’m making
it in a knit, so you know that won’t be sticking around.)

And, finally, here are a few options of the dress/top pattern:

Sigh.  Still want this dress.  Like, a lot a lot.
Must dig out perfect ponte knit for this dress…
It looks challenging.  I’m excited.
This version makes use of the diagonal seam by inserting a zipper.
Very cool!
The work appropriate version.
Ok, I really like this version too!
I’m imagining it styled with a cardigan or a belt…
Yeah, it’s kinda basic, but I like it.
Basic is versatile.  Especially in a dark solid color.
Remember how I said I had peplum fever?
Yeah, still have it.  I so want to make this top to wear with
a pencil skirt or skinny jeans and heels.
This blouse is pretty cute too!
Love how changing the insert of the V gives it a different look.
Might be fun to insert that into one of the dress versions too!
Another blouse variation…
They even used this patterns as a jacket!
Another pattern where I like the use of the zipper on the diagonal seam.

And that’s about it.  There are a few more versions of the dress/top that I didn’t show, but they are basically variations in hem length or sleeve length, not too exciting once you get the basic idea.

Overall, I have to say this is a fantastic issue of Burda Easy.  In spite of that tragic ruffled sweater and overuse of that insipid shade of baby pink, this is, quite possibly (dare I say) the best one I’ve ever seen.  Even though there are only four basic patterns, I love so many of the variations that it feels like I’m are getting a lot more.  Also, happily, this means that one can pretty easily create lots of variations on a garment without having to deal with pattern fittings each time.  Especially for those jackets, which always seem like they take extra effort to fit.  Normally I only like one or two views of a pattern in Burda Easy, but here I liked all of them.  And a lot of the dress/top variations too.  And maybe one or two views of that skirt.  So this issue is a definite win for me.  I hope my issue comes soon!

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!


In other news: Project Dirndl is progressing nicely.  I will be (belatedly) posting pictures of the progress when I feel like uploading them to my computer.  I’ve already done a second fitting, and the client is super happy.  I need to make some alterations, complete the innards, and then add the finishing touches.  Still lots of work to do, but it is coming along.  And there is already a surprise twist to this story, so stay tuned!  (But, before you get too excited, no, I am not going to Germany.)

Also: Fabric buying has happened.  I’m waiting for it all to arrive, and then I will be posting photos.  It was, umm, kind of more than I expected to be buying.  Because I thought my stash was pretty full.  Actually, I know my stash is pretty full.  But sometimes you’ve been thinking about a project and the perfect fabric goes on sale and it just needs to join the collection.  Of course, other times the fabric has been bought before you realize that your new favorite TV show is having more of a sartorial influence on you than you thought.  Oh well.  Either way, pretty fabrics!

Finally: A bit of a health update.  I went to the doctor for a routine check up the other week, and just got back the results which indicated low levels of vitamin D.  Not uncommon, though perhaps it would be more expected during a Northeast winter as opposed to a Southwest summer.  Especially considering I’d spent quite a bit of time outdoors lately (woo, beach!).  I have to admit, it was something I had been suspecting, especially since I’ve been feeling so tired and cranky lately.  I’ve started taking supplements, and, although I’m well aware of the research on the placebo effect, I have to say I’m actually feeling better.  I had practice this morning, and for the first time in a long time I actually felt like I had the energy to skate.  In fact, even after practice I came home and was bouncing off the walls.  That hasn’t happened in, like, forever.  So, anyway, vitamin D – it’s important!  Also, possibly the cause of sewing mojo because dang I want to sew!  And read!  And skate!  Yeah, it’s really nice to have energy again.

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda Easy Fall/Winter Full Preview Posted

  1. Lots of exciting makes in that lot ~ pity I can't sew as fast as Burda brings out the inspiration. Glad to hear you are feeling a tad better, keep on the Vit D if you feel it is working … J


  2. I think the model photo of the white coat fools the eye into thinking there are aimply plain black inset pieces rather than that plaid fabric. Which makes me think that a version with black insets would be very cool.

    Glad you are feeling better too.


  3. I like the look of this issue, usually the easy mags are a bit dull. What I find really interesting here are all the variations they have been able to do with a base pattern, clever.


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