Newsflash: October Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the October edition of BurdaStyle Magazine has been posted over on the Russian website.  Based on the early previews I had already decided I was pretty excited for this issue, and while I’m still firmly rooted in the excitement camp, there are a few more “BWTF” nominees for this month than their have been in quite some time.  Which, honestly, is better than a lot of boring.  Especially if it is mixed with good stuff, because then I don’t really mind the crazy all that much.  Anyway, let’s take a look:

First up, the awesome jackets.

This traditional looking pea coat has been on the “covet” list
since the early preview came out.

Not sure I need the arm band, and I definitely wouldn’t use the vinyl on the pockets,
the collar might be a tad big, BUT the seam lines are fantastic.
I think I love it long too.  Especially in the stripes!
I wonder how those super long vents work when you’re walking?
My first thought when I saw this jacket: the aliens modify Norwegian sweater.
However, the other version is quite toned down.
Ah, now this I would wear!
Dang you Burda for putting all the awesome stuff in petite! 
The line drawing is fantastic.  Love this.
I actually rather like this ruffled peplum jacket too!
And this one comes in “me” sizes.
I don’t usually consider myself a “ruffle girl,” but this jacket may have swayed me.
Now this is definitely my style!  Sleek, streamlines, sharp.
Oh, and boucle.  Being made of boucle never hurts.

The dresses in this issue feel very similar to styles we’ve gotten in the past (and, really, if you are going to repeat a style that you used only a few months before, why would you have two of them in the same issue?), but there are a few notable exceptions.  In general, the “Downton Abbey Effect” can be seen in several of these styles.

This is definitely my favorite dress in the issue.
Makes fantastic use of the fabric and color blocking.
You can see the style lines a bit better in this version.
But, still, the red version is my favorite.
Oooh, looky!  We get a designer pattern this month!
The garment photo intrigues me…
And the line drawing makes me very curious about the pattern pieces and construction.
This is going to have to go on the “maybe” list for sure.
I wasn’t loving the unbelted version that the model photo used.
It looked much better like this.  I do love the contrasting lace and solid yoke though.
Not loving it so much as the unbelted babydoll style.
Ah, yet another cowl-neck knit dress.
Wait, didn’t we already do that this year?
Although, I do like the neckline on this one…
The squareness is a bit different, and interesting.
Cowl neck knit dress – so nice they did it twice!
Yes, this is a different pattern, but no, not by much.
A very Downton Abbey-ish layered slip dress.
Pondering why the top later is a separate piece?
Dropped waist knit dress.
I do love the use of the striped here.
More dropped waist dress designs.  I’m actually liking the top part though…
Perhaps I could convert this into just a blouse?
A bit easier to see the top in the blue, but easier to see the skirt contrast here.

The tops/pants/skirts in this issue are not too exciting, except for those derived from the knit dresses. Those are looking like they could make it onto my must-sew list.

Love cowl neck blouses, and I have a stash full of knits.
I’m thinking this top has to happen.
And this one too!  The square neckline is still an interesting variation.
And, actually, I really love this color blocked version.
This might have to be transferred to the dress version, actually.
Not sure if I love where the knot ends up on this tunic…
May have to wait to see this sewn up before I try one.
For some reason I’m oddly drawn to this skirt…
… though the gold version looks like rumpled baking foil.
The pockets are cool.  Definitely a design I’ll keep in mind.  For matte fabrics, anyway.
Yeah, we’ve got a lot of waterfall drape cardigan patterns.
But for some reason I especially love this one.
It just looks so cozy!
Speaking of cozy… This sweater has me ready for fall!
Hmmm, I wonder how they’ve instructed you to finish off the neck?
Another Downton Abbey inspired piece, I’m sure.  
This sweater has some interesting design lines.
Though apparently Burda thinks the coolest part is the back?
Nothing wrong with these pants, but I’m not sure I’m
understanding the ankle-length as we head into fall/winter.
Pants with a bow.  Not much to say, except The Selfish Seamstress
convinced me a long time ago that pants with a bow are cool.
I was unconvinced by this style as a dress…
But I can totally see making/wearing it as a tunic with jeans or leggings.

The Burda Plus selection seems a bit all over the place this month.  Usually their Burda Plus feature seems a bit more cohesive – either in terms of style or garment type.  Here it doesn’t even feel seasonally coherent.  It just seems like a lot of leftover designs mish-mashed into one magazine.

Another bomber jacket style for the Burda Plus ladies.
Interesting how they managed to convert the pattern into something a bit more elegant.
These boots are made for walkin’!
60s go-go dancer?
Though there are a lot of style lines, which are nice.
The shoulder opening is the one interesting detail on this dress.
This top is cute!  I could totally see people I know wearing this.
Might have to add it to the “maybe for gift sewing” list.
Yes, cute.
The less embellished top is a bit boring though…
And the ruffle on the tunic doesn’t add much to the design either.
Also, not sure why there are tank tops showing up in the fall issue?
I suppose for layering, but, still.
I do like this skirt though.  The asymmetric hem is just enough
to be interesting, not too much to be crazy.

Although, to be fair, at least the selections are better than some of the offerings in the regular sections:

I can’t decide if it looks more like Halloween seaweed
or like the holiday wrappings got stuck to the sweater.
Sad thing is, there is actually a cute jacket hiding under all that fluff!
(And, honestly, I think it is just the fluff on the arms that is bothersome –
it just makes the jacket look like it is old and disintegrating.)
If you’ve been looking for the definition of “over-designed” you need look no further.
The pockets, the bod, the cuffs, the hem…
Just too much going on in one dress!
Shortening the length doesn’t help.
At first, I thought this skirt was sort of cute…
…though it rather overwhelms the model…
…but, the line drawing – seriously?  It’s just a pencil skirt with a sarong?
Even I could make a pencil skirt with a sarong.
The pencil skirt is nice though.
A sack dress in any other color…
… is still a sack dress.

In other news, we get a man’s pattern!  Also, an awesome bag:

The dudes get an awesome looking parka.
Yup, awesome looking parka.  Which would be awesome for fall.
Or, you know, on a boat.
Don’t know why, but I’m quite taken with this bag.  I think I just like the pockets.
I think I like the pockets a lot.

And there we have it!  Despite a few crazy-sauce garments and an ADD Plus section, I think there is a lot to be excited about in this issue (can we say amazing jackets?).  So, without further ado, it is time to give out the prizes for this month’s best and worst patterns.  My top pick was a bit difficult, as there are several awesome designs.  In the end I’m giving the Best of BS for October 2014 to:

Long striped coat!

Although the design is super classic, the fabrication makes this feel very modern.  Also, the stripe matching is superb.  I don’t think this design will be the most popular from this issue (I expect to see a lot of renditions of that color blocked knit tee though), but I do think this pattern is classic enough to be useable many years in the future, while still looking very modern and on-trend made up in the fabrics used in the magazine.

The BWTF Award for October was much easier to decide.  The only possible recipient is:

Crazy striped sack dress!

It looks like she is wearing a couch.  Literally.  Like she went into a lodge, skinned a couch, and decided to wear it home.  Normally the models can at least make the ubiquitous Burda sack dresses look somewhat stylish, but that clearly isn’t possible in this case.

So there it is – October Burda!  Somewhat more of a mixed bag than we’ve seen in previous issues this year, but I think there is definitely enough good to make up for the crazy.  So, what do you all think?  Is there enough here to interest you?  Or are you tired of getting the same old cowl-necked knit dresses?  Also, please tell me I’m not the only one who finds the Burda Plus selection to be a little ADD.  I’ve seen too many Project Runway episodes where they end up discussing “dressing your girl” – I feel like the Plus section could have used that lecture this month.  In any case – feel free to leave your thoughts (good, bad, or indifferent) in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: October Burda Preview Posted

  1. For some reason, I oddly find myself drawn to the simple sweater pattern. I could use it for a lot of different things and refashions. Sometimes the hardest things I find is finding a simple pattern. There are a few good coats, but probably won't buy. I haven't ventured into the coat sewing land. I do like the color blocked top. It could have potential, it could also have a really bad 80s feel if you don't go the right way with the colors


  2. I kind of like the waterfall drape cardi, but then again, it's about the only thing from this issue I could probably sew at the moment without significant alterations. It does seem like a mixed bag, but there are some definite wins (wrap dress) along with the mehs and oddities.


  3. This looks like a great issue. I love almost all the jackets, and definitely need to make a couple for fall. The knit dresses/tops all look nice and seem like they'd be quick and easy to sew. The color blocked dress is very cool with interesting section seams, but I've made a couple of Burda's dresses with that horizontal seaming and I've found them fiddly to fit for myself. I'm not sure I want to bother with that right now. My favorite item from this issue is the pink shift from the plus section. I can see this made up in a nice ponte knit in a color that allows all those awesome section seams to show. And I kind of like that sack dress pattern. I can see it made up in something warm and comfortable, like fleece maybe, and worn with leggings and boots on weekends or for casual Fridays. Could be a nice alternative to jeans and a sweatshirt. Thanks for the preview- I can't wait for this one to arrive!


  4. Great review, as always 🙂 I'm with you on all points…except I've got to admit…I LOVE the purple velvet ruffle jacket! I think it's largely due to the fact that I have been a huge fan of “Purple Rain” (the movie) since I was a little girl, and that jacket totally looks like something Prince would have worn – LOL!


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