Newsflash: Fall/Winter Burda Easy Preview Posted

Both the Russian and the German Burda websites have the early preview photos of the Fall/Winter Burda Easy Magazine posted.  (Side note: the German website also has a few garment photos from the regular October issue up for viewing as well.)  P-an-da has more of the model photos up as well.  In any case, I have to say I’m super pleased that I decided to subscribe to the Burda Easy magazines this year.  Normally there are one or two patterns I like, but I’ve never really felt the need to buy the magazines before.  This year’s Spring/Summer issue prompted me to take the plunge and subscribe to the two-issue magazine in addition to the regular monthly issues, and I have to say I’m very excited to add this edition to my collection.  Let’s take a look:

Is there anything to not love about this coat?
The seaming is flattering, the high collar is perfect for
blocking the wind, the details are nice, but won’t take
excessively long to sew.  Total winner.
I kinda thought I was over the peplum jacket, but nope!
Love the proportions on this one.
Not sure how I feel about the use of fabric for the gun flap,
BUT I really like this jacket too.  Looks like a great transition piece.
This long coat would be pretty simple to sew, but I like
the use of the contrasting fabric on the bottom.
Feels very modern.
Ok, I know the cut-outs might be too much for some people,
but I really LOVE this dress.  There are a million other versions
in the magazine without that detail (using color blocking, etc.),
but this one is my favorite.  This is definitely going on the to-sew list.
Not sure how I feel about the top (perhaps fabric choice just makes it
look very wrinkly?), but the drape of the skirt is rather pretty.
Basic cowl neck blouse.  But then, we all know I love
a good draped cowl.  Also, this one doesn’t look too low,
which is especially nice for fall/winter.
Another look at the blouse.  Not sure how I feel about this skirt.
Leaning towards not a fan.
Also not loving this grey top at first glance.
I’m thinking that different fabric could change my mind on that though.
So, what do you all think?  Are you as excited as I am?  Or do you get enough Burda goodness from the regular issues of the magazine?  Anyone else want to make all the jackets?  Cuz I kinda wanna make all the jackets.  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall/Winter Burda Easy Preview Posted

  1. Oh that first coat! I have a RTW coat which I love which has the same lines so I can now replicate it… Red wool in my stash is calling out to be sewn! (But maybe I need mustard coat in my life as well!)
    PS I love reading your burda reviews!


  2. Wow, I was formulating a comment that said “I don't think I really need any of these” and then I got to the cut out dress! This is in Burda Easy??? Holy cow it looks awesome. I NEED it! 😉


  3. No, it took me FOREVER to figure out what Burda was and how to get it. I don't know why the US website makes it so difficult to get the regular magazine. They will likely offer the patterns as downloads about two weeks after the magazine comes out though.

    Anyway, I subscribe to Burda from GLP News:

    They have several language options, and they have the regular international monthly Burda, Burda Plus, and Burda Easy. Burda Easy is $20 for two issues (ie, the “current” issue and the next issue, which is a year's subscription). If you decide to sign up for a subscription, you can also add a request for the start date/first issue. However, I do know that other Bloggers have called them and requested single issues, which cost $10 I believe.

    The other option is Ebay. Usually I see copies on Ebay about 5 days before I get mine in the mail, which is usually about a day after the full magazine is announced on German website.

    Of course, you could happen to have an awesome local fabric shop that stocks the international edition of the magazine (I don't, but I saw one in New Mexico that did). I do have a lot of craft/fabric/book/grocery stores stocking the US Burda Style magazine, but that one is a re-print of old patterns, and you have to download most of them, so I haven't ever been too interested in that version.

    Anyway, hope that helps!


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