Newsflash: New McCall’s Pattern

While I was being distracted by all the gorgeous gowns at the Emmy Awards (on a Monday?  What?), McCall’s put out their new fall collection.  I have to say that although there are quite a few basic patterns that are less than exciting, there are also a few interesting designs (and one totally awesome coat) coming out of this collection. Let’s take a look:

M7025 – A Designer Joi pattner.
I am in LOVE with this coat!
How much fun would this be to twirl in?  So much fun.
Also, look at all the topstitching details!  Ah, so yummy.
M7017 – Another Designer Joi pattern.  I actually really like this skirt and
the neckline on this top.  I don’t know if I would wear them together,
but I would probably wear both of these pieces separately at least.
More options from M7017.  The trim on the skirt is a bit odd, but
the actual design looks interesting.  I think I prefer the other view,
but I would consider making this option as well.
M7016 – A McCall’s Easy design.  Love this dress!  Looks great for fall.
It also looks super cozy as a top.
M7026 – This sweater/legging combo is nice.  I wasn’t such a fan of all the
lace on the jacket – it seems a bit superfluous – but I am enjoying all the seaming.
I love the other views much more – especially the one with the hood!
Also, so many options for color blocking, contrast piping, etc.
This pattern is definitely going on the list.
M7029 – A Khaliah Ali pattern.  I think this is the first time we’ve seen her
producing patterns with McCall’s, rather than Simplicity?
M7028 – Another Khaliah Ali.  I like the asymmetric neckline on this design.
It also has a dress option.
M7027 – I’m not as much of a fan of this Khaliah Ali pattern.
I mean it sort of looks like she got eaten by a bolt of fabric.
M7014 – An McCall’s easy pattern with cup sizes.
I like this, but I think I have enough similar sheath dress pattern.
Cute though.
M7015 – This dress looks like a very basic style in the print they chose…
… but dang that is a lot of seams!  
M7018 – Basic shirt pattern.  I feel like it could be a good wardrobe
basic, and looks very wearable, but it isn’t terribly exciting.
M7021 – Peplum top.  Another pattern that I feel like I’ve already got
something similar in the stash.
M7020 – This sweater/top looks pretty cozy.  I think it looks sort of voluminous,
and wasn’t too excited at first, but I did rather like the way
it looked in the photo where it was belted.
M7019 – Another top with peplum options.  Actually, I sort of like the
dramatic length of the peplum, although I think the location of the seams
on the front of the top look a bit odd.  Maybe they wouldn’t be as noticeable in a
more opaque fabric?
M7023 – This vest is rather simple, but I do like all the darts and shaping.
M7022 – A skirt with various options (pleats, ruffles, circle skirt).
I think I would be more excited if I hadn’t just bought that New Look skirt pattern
with a similar yoke at the waist.  Also, there were some similar options in the September Burda,
so I don’t think I need this pattern.  I do rather like some of the other styles though.
M7024 – A Palmer/Pletsch pattern.  I am… less than excited by this jacket.
Also, with her haircut I’m getting a very 80s vibe.  It is not my favorite look.
Also, not a fan of the gathers in the back.  It just looks a bit sloppy for my taste.
I can understand the practicality of it, but I think it detracts from the classiness of
wearing a jacket in the first place.
M7030 – Formé Millinery hat pattern.  I’m not really loving this pattern,
but then I’m not really much of a hat person to begin with.  I think the styles are
just a bit big/floppy for my taste.
M7031 – This doll’s pattern is super cute though!  Love the little trench coat!

So, anyway, more new patterns for fall.  I’m really loving that Designer Joi coat, and the dress with the wrap-over on the top – I’ve got some great stash fabrics in mind for that one!  The exercise jacket/leggings are also going on my pattern wish list.  Everything else was a bit meh for me – mostly because the styles were sort of basic or because I feel like I’ve already got a similar silhouette in my stash.  So, what do you all think?  See anything that you have to add to your fall wardrobe?  Or does everything feel like the same old that you can pass on?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: New McCall’s Pattern

  1. Admittedly, this isn't a “Wow I have to have every pattern in this collection” collection, it is actually pretty good IMO. I think I like the Khaliah Ali patterns more than the SImplicity ones I've seen in the past, even the one with the voluminous tent thingy has some interesting tops. All in all there are four or five that I am interested in, and that is a lot for me, But what do I know, it's 4:27 am, I might change my mind later,…


  2. The cutest thing in this release is the doll pattern!!!!

    I love the athletic wear pattern and though I've not made any, I might just go for it with this pattern. That jacket (sans lace) is pretty fantastic.

    The plaid dress is a no but there are very interesting shapes in that pattern.

    I also like one of the other vest views.


  3. Ooooh, I am definitely on board with the jacket and leggings pattern – really great lines and fun options (sans lace). The new designer patterns are really nice too, although the top feels much more spring than fall appropriate to me.


  4. Yeah, I also think the tops look very “spring.” I suppose you could always layer it under a jacket, though I suspect that would look better without the peplum.


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