Newsflash: August Burda Early Preview Posted

Burda Style Germany has posted the first look at the August Burda.  Even more photos can be seen over at P-an-da blog.  Looking just at the photos from Burda… I wasn’t too impressed.  There were maybe a few designs I liked, but there are also a lot of oddly boxy designs.  Looking at the more extensive collection of images on P-an-da, well, I am a bit more excited for this issue.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of photographs that don’t do a fantastic job of showing off the garment, so I am going to wait until I can see all of the line drawings before I declare this issue a win or a bust, but as of right now I am cautiously optimistic.  It definitely looks much better than July, though, really, accomplishing that really wouldn’t have taken much.

In any case, here are the images from the official Burda announcement:

Pretty!  This dress I like a lot.
Ok, so I think the fabric choices are rather unfortunate,
but the color blocking seams are kinda interesting…
…Though the non-color-blocked version (from p-an-da)
looks like a definite win.
Awesome dress?  Or just and awesome photo?
I’m sort of digging the cut out on this one…
Modest enough for undergarments, but large enough to be interesting.
(Actually, I think I just got some fabric that would be perfect for this…)
This party look… Good?  Bad?  Unfortunate fabrications?
I’m waiting for line drawings.
I’m assuming this is just a sack dress?  Not overly excited.
It’s August, so we need at least one cape!
This top has oddly boxy proportions.
Also dude in the background has a way more
interesting outfit than she does – check out those shoes!
Very square sack dress…
Is the top really that boxy?  Or is it just her awkwardly stiff pose?
Possibly interesting jacket and skirt?
Need to see the line drawings on these too.
The skirt is ok.
The photo makes me feel slightly awkward though.
Coat is kinda dull.
What’s with all the birds?
Bomber jacket for the Burda Plus ladies.  Nice!
Not sure how I feel about this dress.  It looks a bit heavy for August.
Perhaps I am just not a fan of the chosen fabrics.
Sort of liking this blouse/pants combo though.

A few more pictures of note I picked out from the p-an-da blog:

Pretty sure they are showing the cape,
but I’m hoping we might also get the leggings.
This top is so pretty!  Love love love the draping.  Want.

So, what do you all think?  See anything that gets you excited for August?  Or is this going to join July in the unused Burda pile?  Anyone else holding out for the line drawings before deciding how they really feel about this issue?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: August Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. Hmm, yeah, nothing calls to me – but then I'm not a fan of gold or tan, so that doesn't help. I do really like the last top but I'm not the right shape for it. But honestly I can never tell without seeing the line drawings – Burda's styling is more about selling the feeling than the pattern. And that uncomfortable picture is definitely dodgy. The whole schoolgirl porn thing. Huh?


  2. Burdas styling and fabrics leave a lot to be desired, but there look to be some gems in here amongst the boxiness. I love that seamed sheath dress and the pleated top, now we will have to wait impatiently for the line drawings.


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