Burda July Early Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has posted the early preview of the July issue of the magazine.  Based on the early photos… I am worried.  Based on the photos over at P-an-da’s website, I am slightly less worried.  The official announcement shows a bunch of frumpy 80s-inspired looks, sack dresses, and mom-daughter matching outfits.  P-an-da’s photos show some cute wrap dresses that might save this issue for me.  But there are enough questionable choices that I am worried about the upcoming fall issues.  Though I can’t really judge until the line drawings are out.  So, until then, I will wait (impatiently) and get back to sewing my current commissioned projects.

This dress has the potential to be so pretty!
A bit difficult to see the detail with the camouflage background effect.
Excited to see the line drawing though.
Not such a fan of this design – the overly ruffly dropped waist
reminds me too much of bad things from the 80s.
Potentially nice basic blouse, and possibly interesting skirt.
The top is ok, and the skirt might be cute,
but the pair of them just feels like too much volume.
A bit difficult to see any details on this dress.
The photography and dress remind me of Patrones pictures from the early- to mid-2000s.
Ok, I think this dress could be cute, but they made
some unfortunate choices in deciding on
the combinations of their color blocking.
Nothing wrong with this dress, just not overly excited by it.
Ah, it had been too long since out last sack dress.
I can’t even come up with the words… Ugh.
This maxi dress makes me think of hippies.
Matching sack shirts for everyone!
Actually this dress isn’t too bad.  I think the pairing with the child’s
dress makes it look a bit juvenile though.
The Burda Plus section – maybe a few useful pieces?
Not terribly a fan of that skirt though.
This dress is pretty cute though.  Basic, but nice for summer.
Not loving this maxi.  Hiding the dust ruffle at the hem
improves it markedly though.

So, as you can see, I was leaning towards the boring/ugly side of the fence with most of these photos.  Luckily, P-an-da had additional images which did something to mollify my trepidation:

Is there a ruffle down the far side of the dress?
I can’t wait to see the line drawing on this design!

So, umm, yeah.  July may not be as bad as I originally feared, but I am still going to wait for line drawings before I declare this issue a winner.  I am hoping I stay impressed with these dresses though – Burda has been on such a hot streak lately it would be great if they could continue to produce so much awesomeness in the next few issues as well.

4 thoughts on “Burda July Early Preview Posted

  1. I saw Panda's photos before Burda's odd selection so I didn't think it looked bad at all. Looks like some nice dresses in there, but as you say we don't know much till the drawings come out. It wouldn't be Burda (or half as entertaining) without a bit of crazy in each issue!


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