Stash Confession of Epic Proportions

Ok, so I was being really good about limiting my fabric intake.  But, well, then I happened to come across some really great pieces that just had to come live in my stash.  And this seemed to happen a every time I went to a fabric store to pick up some thread, or at every amazing online sale I got an add for recently.  A few trips to the LA garment district didn’t help much.  Add to that the fact that I haven’t been very good about taking pictures of late, so now the backlog of fabric buys really looks like a lot.  This is several months of fabric collecting at work here….  I have so many things I want to make!  I expect an explosion of projects once skating sewing is finished.

From Fabric Mart:

Fabric Mart had so many good sales!  I kept finding good stuff I want to sew.
Left (top to bottom): Teal poly jacquard, black wool weather-proof coating, orchid wool suiting.
Right: ITY knit prints and coral cotton sateen.
Top: Silver foil dot knit, green/black ponte knit print.
Bottom: Blue/black ponte knit print, teal ponte knit.
Textured, multicolored linen.


Ribbed knit in black and white, and ponte in blue, teal, and black.
(Also,  I got a jackpot end of bolt notice – sweet!  Usually I am the next person in line after it is gone.)
Fused leather.  This stuff is lovely!  It is actually more of a grey/steel/blue-ish color in person.
Some white Bemberg for lining.

From Fashion Fabrics Club:

Left: Teal textured cotton jacquard.
Right: Snake print poly brocade.
Bottom: Brown/teal houndstooth silk suiting.

From Jo-Ann and Hancock Fabrics:

Left (top to bottom): Black ponte, blue/green striped poly, purple stripe ponte, lilac lace.
Right (top to bottom): Tan cotton twill, ombre nylon coating, black linen-like coated poly.
To be fair, my mom did buy me some of this as a gift…
Left: Bright lace from Jo-Ann.
Right: Knit lining & rayon suiting from Hancock.

From Yardage Town in San Diego:

This poly chiffon print was too pretty to leave behind.

From Michael Levine Loft:

Purple sweater knit, grey striped ponte, aqua/white striped jersey, teal poly suiting.
Jersey knits in lots of colors.  Love the teal stripes!
Going to have to pick a good pattern for that one.
Tribal ITY prints.  Going to make some wrap dresses I think.
Grey suiting, navy textured ponte, and some Green Lantern.

From LA Fashion District:

Sequin fabric! Silk jacquard (60″ wide too!), and teal and black poly/wool blend coatings.
Also, fancy buttons (just $0.50 each!) and buckles.  
Blue spandex, and some sequin stretch fabrics.  For skating/leggings/fancy stuff.
Ponte knit print and more black.  The print was only $3/yard!  Score!
It is the perfect weight and texture, and washed like a dream.

To be entirely fair, some of this had already been sewn up, and some of it at least has patterns traced, ready to go.  Others are for projects I have been thinking about for a while.  I had no ponte in the stash (none – can you believe it?), so I was filling a hole too.  And nearly all of this was bought with a specific project in mind.  Of course, I don’t exactly have a ton of time to work on any of my planed projects for these fabrics right at the moment, but I am hoping I can sneak in at least a little bit of selfish sewing sometime in the next few months…  At least an easy knit top or something.  Until then I can think and plan ahead for my inevitable end-of-summer sewing frenzy.

8 thoughts on “Stash Confession of Epic Proportions

  1. That looks like an awesome haul of fabrics. And you have plans for most of it so good for you 😀 I was wondering if you have a particular online store that you “prefer” over the others in terms of price/quality? I shop at most these spots too, and just wondered. 🙂


  2. Hmmmm, well I think it depends. Fabric Mart is probably the best at selling me fabrics I didn't know I wanted – I tend to buy stuff from them that inspires me. There are only a few times I haven't been completely happy with the fabric (and those were mostly from $1 sales or I hadn't read the description very well), so I am pretty comfortable ordering from them. Usually I want to buy *everything* or *nothing* – the inconsistent stock makes it exciting to shop, but I don't often find “sewing staples” there if you know what I mean. You might luck out and find a great sale on black ponte knit, or they might not have any at all.

    When I want something specific, I tend to have better luck finding it at – I like that the keep a lot of the basics stocked at reasonable prices. Also, since I am usually looking for something specific I am usually happy with the fabric I get. Lately I haven't found a lot of unique fabrics there that I want, but I have found a lot of basics that I needed for specific projects.

    Fashion Fabrics Club tends to be very hit or miss. Sometimes they will have the same fabrics as Fabric Mart, and at better prices, but other times I am not impressed with their selection at all. If I need a solid color natural fiber I tend to be happy with the product, but I only rarely find “special” or unique fabrics from them that I want to buy.

    I have also ordered online from Mood, which has fabulous selection and great quality, but the prices tend to be highest there, so I try to find something similar at other stores/websites if possible.


  3. That is my favorite too! I stared at it for like, 10 minutes before working up the nerve to ask the price, and then it was less than half of what I thought it would be. I have several yards, but I also have several ideas, and I really want to use it on the perfect project, so I might be pondering it for a while.


  4. I have the blue lace print from fabric mart, I tend to purchase a lot of things from them haven't decided what to make with it either… I have a lot of fabric that I got from fabric mart that's just sitting waiting for inspiration to kick in … happy sewing


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