Newsflash: Spring Marfy Patterns Announced

A busy week for new pattern announcements!  Marfy has also released their spring line, which always has some drool worthy designs – here are my top picks:

F3412 – I really like this dress!  The straps interest me quite a bit. 
F3434 – Love the neckline on this one.
I think the color blocking could be really flattering.
F3413 – Could probably frankenpattern something similar…
but I do think this dress looks pretty cute.
F3335 – I actually really really like this dress too!
(I am actually kinda tempted to frankenpattern this from a couple of Burdas.)
F3453 – Nothing particularly exciting about this dress,
though I do love the idea of the black trim at the neck and hem.
F3415 – Hmmmm.  The shoulders are interesting in the drawing,
but I wonder how they would translate to real life.
The skirt makes me think of The Sound of Music.
F3427 – Another design where the drawing looks cool,
but I wonder how those triangles would work in reality?
F3405 – The front of dress is sort of boring…
…but I do like the way the straps look on the back.
F3441 – Peplum dress.  We’ve been seeing a lot of these lately.
The contrasting ribbon detail is kind of pretty though.
F3411 – I love how elegant this dress looks,
though I do worry about the placement of the swoosh design.
F3323 – Hmmm, another design that could actually be
fairly easy to frankenpattern from patterns I already own.
I really like the neckline on this dress. Not sure how I feel about the rest of it though.
F3407 – I think the gathering at the neck is interesting,
but this is another one that might not translate as well in the real world.
F3444 – Pretty!
F3430 – I actually really like the top part of this dress,
but I am not sure how I feel about the skirt portion.
F3461 – Simple and elegant.  Lovely!
F3344 – The neckline on this coat is so cool!
F3325 – I love the design of this jacket/vest/top.
Kinda don’t feel like I would be posh enough to wear it though.
F3324 – The peplum portion of this jacket makes me think of Cinderella.
F3310 – Another jacket where I am intrigued by the collar…
F3342 – Oooh, and I like this one!
Very sleek and sharp looking.
F3356 – The shape/style of this coat isn’t anything I haven’t seen in Burda,
but I do really like the color blocking with the stripes.
That could be a fun thing to play with.
F3357 – The location of the seams and topstitching is rather interesting on this coat.
F3334 – Normally I am not too excited by short jackets,
but I really like the design of this one.
F3381 – Yeah, I think I need to make myself a vest.  It just needs to happen.
F3410 – I feel like I have seen a lot of similar styles for knits, but not so many for wovens.
F3385 – I have to say I am actually really liking all of the details on this tunic top.
F3382 – I find myself oddly interested by this design.
Might look a bit crazy in real life… but I am sort of liking the drawing.

Normally I am just drooling over a majority of their designs, but this time I feel like I could frankenpattern a lot of these from my current Burda collection.  It seems like a lot of the designs weren’t as exciting, detailed, or innovative as I am used to seeing, but then again it also seems like all of the pattern companies are using more streamlined looks right now.  So – what do you think?  See anything that makes you want to buy Marfy?  Or do these seem less exciting that releases from them in the past? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: Spring Marfy Patterns Announced

  1. I like the yellow and black suit and the yellow blouse. The rest seem a bit formal and grown up to me. I think part of it is the colours and prints the artist has chosen. I'll have to go and look at the technical drawings. Not that I need more patterns but it's fun to look.


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