Newsflash: April Burda Early Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has changed their main page, and I haven’t seen them posting any good Burda news there yet.  The German website, however, has posted the first look at the April issue.  It looks to be something of a mixed bag… There are definitely a few photos that excite me, though Burda’s continued love affair with crazy sauce prints does make it a bit difficult to see a lot of the style lines.  I withhold judgement until I can see line drawings this month, but there is enough here that I am intrigued.

This dress!  I want one!  I am loving the draped collar.
Definitely makes me more excited for this month.
I actually rather like this dress too.
The neckline looks a bit low, but that would be easily adjustable.
Burda is doing a good job selling me on this maxi dress.
Actually, I think the neckline detail is pretty interesting –
I might even consider making this in a shorter version.
I like the look of the coat, but I would like to see the line drawing.
The pants… look a bit baggy in the crotch.
I also really appreciate the use of the fabrics on these pieces.
Not something I would think to wear together, but I like it.
Is the top a top or a vest?  Is the belt keeping it closed?
Definitely need more info before I make a call on this one.
I do rather like the fabric though.
Makes me wonder if the 1930s are going to make a revival?
I would be more excited by that than all the 90s revival stuff.
Not sure what the sewing pattern is here…
so I will have to wait for the magazine.
Jumpsuit?  It actually looks kinda classy.
Though jumpsuits aren’t really my thing…
The top looks similar to styles we’ve gotten before.
The pants?  Meh.
Not really excited by anything here, either.
The Plus section isn’t nearly as impressive as it was last month.
Maybe it is the scale of the print, but I just can’t see this being flattering on anyone.
The shirt collar makes me feel claustrophobic. 
This trench coat is pretty sweet though.
Can’t wait to see the line drawing for this one!
And this blouse isn’t too bad either.

So – what do you all think?  Anyone else excited by that white dress?  What about the maxi?  Typically I am not impressed by the April issue, but this year it might be more interesting than March.  What do you all think?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Newsflash: April Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. I quite like the white top actually (last of the photos of the regular sizes), although it would probably only work on women with a smaller bust. It's my favourite thing so far, I think.


  2. That is the same reason I dismissed it offhand – I knew it wasn't going to look cute hanging off the girls. I can see how it might be really interesting on someone with a smaller bust. I thought maybe it could work in a fabric with a softer hand, but then it would lose the sleek modern look it has going for it.


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