Newsflash: McCall’s Spring Patterns Announced

McCall’s has just announced their new spring patterns.  About half the collection is for kids, and the rest is… less than inspired.  I don’t know, maybe I am starting to hit a pattern saturation point where I feel like I’ve seen it all before, but all of the designs in this release just feel particularly generic and boring.  I suppose we should take a look in any case.

First up, the dresses:

M6924 – A Phoebe Couture design.
The dress is fine, but feels sort of basic.
I do like that the opening on the back is high enough to cover a regular bra.
M6920 – Basic sheath dress.
This pattern does come in McCall’s plus sizes as well.
M6922 – A nice halter dress.  Pretty, but basic.
M6923 – Does anyone else feel like it is the attack of the 90s?
The grunge vibe is trying to come back.
I wish it wouldn’t.

There are also a lot of tops in this release:

M6926 – I feel like something is off about the proportions of this boxy top…
Perhaps the neck is too high?
…though the version with the ribbon at the hem is a bit more pleasing to my eye.
M6925 – I feel like this top wants to be a dress, but doesn’t quite make it.
I don’t know… the bottom just feels a bit too full to me.
M6928 – This tank top has a rather interesting fabric detail.
Not in love with the other versions that come in the envelope though.
M6927 – Very basic t-shirt pattern.
M6928 – This top pattern seems a bit overwhelming.
Sort of like she is being eaten by the fabric.
And the other styles with this pattern are even more voluminous!
M6932 – A Palmer/Pletsch pattern.
Not a fan of unisex tops – they end up looking good on no one.

They also had a few bottoms:

M6931 – An Easy McCall’s pattern.
Maxi skirt with elastic waist and slit.  Could probably draft this myself…
M6930 – Shorts in several lengths.
Actually I think they are pretty cute!
Not sure how I feel about the zipper being in the back though…
M6933 – A “Learn to Sew for Fun” pattern.
Ummm… I get that these are supposed to be easy to sew,
but nobody wants to wear cargo shorts that look like baggy diapers.

 I am way more excited about the costume patterns than anything else:

M6940 – McCall’s jumps into the Game of Thrones knock-off costume patterns.
Just in case you didn’t get it, they really wanted to make sure you realized that it was Cersei.
M6941 – They also have a Daenerys pattern if you are more into dragons than lions.
(And, I mean, who isn’t more into dragons than lions?)
M6938 – A Linda Carr doll’s pattern.  The ice skating dress is cute!
It also includes tennis, swimming, and skiing costumes as well.
Perfect for kids who got obsessed with watching the Olympics.

 And, finally, because it was too good to not show it:

M6937 – Chicken pin cushions and seam ripper holders!

Ok, now, seriously, who isn’t amused by those crazy chickens?  I can’t see myself taking the time to actually make one, but the thought of having one makes me giggle.

And that’s that.  So tell me – am I missing something?  Should I be more excited?  Or do all of these patterns seem rather generic?  I mean, I am going to be adding the Game of Thrones patterns to the stash, but other than that?  Not too much I am excited about.  Feel free to disagree with me in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Newsflash: McCall’s Spring Patterns Announced

  1. This is one of those rare times we agree on everything. I don't mind the tank top, but the rest, were they trying to put out a boring pattern collection? The top with the lace yolk had potential, but like you said the proportions are totally off, I think if the yolk was longer and if the neckline wasn't so Amish-like it could work. Maybe. Who cares.

    One thing I did like was the fabric they used for 6924. Does that count?


  2. All blah. I was SO excited by shorts and then…they zip in the back.

    They zip in the back?!?!?!!!!!

    A casual short with belt carriers…that zips in the back. I was not pleased. 🙂


  3. A few basics and a lot of “other” (I just lump kids, unisex and craft together in the not for me box). I do like the v neck, princess seam sheath with 2 skirt variations.


  4. I kept getting flashbacks of the '90s when I saw this collection yesterday, too!

    One thing I've noticed, though, is that some '90s elements, like Docs, ditsy florals, and the crochet lace/chiffon combo is coming back with a vengeance. Really, McCall's is trying to reach the 14-18-years-old demographic! Not a bad move, even if it's not really my style!


  5. Yeah – I think McCall's tends to skew towards more youthful designs and trends, whereas Butterick always looks a bit more mature to me. Vogue is, well, it Vogue, so it ranges from classy to crazy in the designer category.


  6. I think you are being quite generous in just calling thee patterns generic – honestly the ones that aren't boring are just plain awful. Except the chickens, obviously!!


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