Newsflash: March Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the March edition is up on the Russian website.  I have to admit I am totally covetous of most of the Burda Plus patterns in this issue.  The rest of the designs… not so much.  It not that there is anything particularly bad, it’s just that I don’t find any of the designs particularly good.  Everything feels a bit boring, or like a less exciting version of patterns they have released before.  And Burda has totally drunk the dust ruffle sleeve Kool-Aid.  I mean, really.  It is on, like, every other design this issue.  Which is something that could easily be changed, but still.  In any case, we should take a look:

There were a few patterns I did like from this issue:

LOVE this coat.  Very classic with the wide lapels.
I like the in-seam pockets, and the seams on the back,
but it might be a bit difficult to walk and sit without a back vent?
I also think Burda’s use of a belt in styling the model helps this design quite a bit.
This cropped version would also be very cute for spring.
I don’t think I love the version with the frayed seams as much,
but I think it is mostly because of the awkward middle-length.
I do, however, like this coordinating skirt quite a bit though.
Pipping could make the seaming very interesting.
The print is a bit crazy, but I think the silhouette of this dress is quite pretty.
The pockets are a nice bonus!
When I saw this in the preview I thought it
was a top/skirt combo, but it is actually a dress.
It is a bit easier to see the details in the wedding version.
I actually think it is quite nice, I really like the sleeves and neckline.
I love the train on this skirt, but I am not such a fan of the scalloped neck…
… it looks a bit like it is choking her.
Perhaps if her hair was upI would feel different?
I could see myself using the skirt portion of this pattern sometime though.
This cardigan isn’t particularly fancy, but it does look awful cozy.
These sweatpants are another pattern good for a lazy day at home.
Lazy pants should always have pockets.
I really like this pattern for skinny jeans.
It has all the classic details one could want.
I really like the silhouette of this dress…
You can see a bit more of the details in this version.
Though I don’t know if I like the seams running over the bust.
Might have to do some frankenpatterning on this one.
I actually really like the style of this dress as well.
The only thing I would change are the sleeves.
I like all the darts in the back, and it is interesting on the sleeves,
though I don’t know if I like the shape it creates.
This rain cape is actually pretty cool looking.
Though I don’t know how well the wide sleeves will keep out the rain.

There was also a whole lot of mediocre in this issue:

What’s with the super short shirts?  They seem annoying to wear.
Though I suppose lengthening them wouldn’t be too hard if you wanted to use the neckline.
This sweater top is ok, but not too exciting.
And this feels like the less exciting prototype version of last month’s pattern.
Pleated skirt… meh.
I feel like the garment photo of this dress looks a bit like a mess…
…and the line drawing isn’t that exciting…
…but the model photo has quite a bit of impact.
So, on this design I am a bit torn.
I think the part of me that wants to look like a Disney princess is winning out though…
I actually like the yellow version better than the wedding dress version though.
The extra ruffle isn’t doing much for me…
And the sleeves look quite pretty in the chiffon, but the skirt looks a bit bare.
There are actually a lot of really nice details in this jacket pattern.
I think I am just not drawn to this style.
This tunic is a bit blah.
Definitely would need to layer with that super wise neckline.
First off, let me say I am NOT a fan of this dress.
(The fabric combo – Burda, what were you thinking?)
However, I do think the top would be an excellent tank top pattern.
So, even though I am not a fan of this overall design I might actually use this pattern to make a top.

And, of course, Burda gave us a little bit of ugly:

The cropped, ruffle-sleeved tops seem to be showing up a lot in Burda lately.
Not really a fan of it in either fabric.
I think one big problem is that it is just so WIDE.
Sack dress.
Though, as sack dresses go, this one isn’t too bad.
I think the neckline and interesting sleeves help balance it a bit.
Of course, then they add these bows to the sleeve.
Sigh.  And I was almost coming around…
Yeah… no.  Just, no.
Ack!  Why, Burda, WHY!?!?!?!
The fact that the butt bow of doom is detachable doesn’t change my opinion of the dress.
Once you see the bow you can’t un-see the bow.

Let’s end on a positive note – the awesome Burda Plus designs for the month:

I LOVE this dress!  The neckline, the seaming, the details…
Very pretty.  And a few places to add some nice contrast details.
Another lovely dress!
I really wish this were in the regular sizes…
The subtle gathers make it very feminine without creating excessive volume.
I thought this was a top/skirt combo in the preview,
 but it is actually a dress.  I still really like this design though.
It would be very easy to make this as a top as well as a dress,
to make it more versatile in a wardrobe.
The colors on this jacket are a bit… much, but the style is quite nice.
Love the raglan sleeves and pocket details.
This tunic is simple, but nice.
Still not a fan of the ruffle sleeves, but I do like the incorporated sash.
This skirt is another simple pattern, but it could be a great wardrobe addition.

So, there we have it.  I don’t know, maybe this will be a bit of a sleeper issue for me – where I find more things I want to make several months after it has joined my collection.  Or maybe it is just going to be one of those issues I don’t make much out of in the long run.  Oh well.  Either way it is time for me to pick the best and worst patterns for this issue.

I had a bit of a problem picking out my top pattern this month – there wasn’t really a stand-out pattern for me.  I do really like the long coat, but it does seem a bit like other Burda patterns I have in the stash.  And there were lots of other patterns I like, but not really anything I was obsessively in love with.  But, in the end, I decided that the Best of BS for March 2014 goes to:

Pretty peach Burda Plus dress!

Yup, I had to pick something from the Burda Plus section.  I actually was tempted to give it to one of the other dresses, but the model photos totally sold me on this one.  I just love the neckline and shape of this dress – and if this girl showed up at any of the Burda girl’s weddings she would put the bride to shame.

Speaking of the Burda bride… my BWTF pick for worst pattern of March 2014 goes to:

The butt bow of dooooooooooom!

Ok, so Burda cleverly took a picture of this dress in a way that minimizes the overwhelming hugeness of the problem with this gown – but I have seen the bow, and now I can’t unsee the bow.  And the proportions of the rest of the dress don’t do much for me either.  I am sorry, butt bows are a thing of the 80s and 90s that should stay in the 80s and 90s.  Don’t bring them back, Burda, please!

So – what do you all think?  Are you finding a lot here to love?  Or do the styles seem rather generic?  Is anyone else wishing the Plus section came in regular sizes as well?  And what do you think about the wedding looks this year?  Is it me or do they feel a bit… underwhelming?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: March Burda Preview Posted

  1. I think there is enough to like, but it seems like they are trying to outdo themselves with the unusual fabric choices. Tops for me are your winner and the faux 2-piece dress.


  2. I'm in agreement with you about the decent and not so decent patterns in this issue, overall I think there are some good pieces in this one although no obvious wow patterns.


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