Newsflash: Spring Simplicity Patterns Announced

Although these patterns have been out in stores for a few weeks (I even already bought some at a Joann’s sale), the Simplicity website has finally put up their new spring patterns.  Although I thought most of these patterns were rather basic, a surprising number already found their way home with me, so I guess there are at least a few fun things in this release.  Let’s take a look:

S1459 – A Simplicity Vintage dress pattern.
Cute, but the collar feels a bit big to me.
S1460 – Another Simplicity Vintage pattern.
The shortest style is cute, but I think the proportions
seem a bit odd in the longer versions.
S1458 – An Amazing Fit dress.
Not sure how I feel about this one… the way
the front panel widens makes the dress feel somewhat bottom heavy.
S1461 – A basic tunic pattern.  It’s fine but… meh.
S1462 – I actually rather like this raglan blouse pattern.
The style with the lace sleeves is pretty cute.
S1463 – An oversized t-shirt tunic pattern.
The style with the lace yoke is interesting,
but I think all of these styles are a bit voluminous
for my personal style.
S1464 – Skirts and pants.
Sort of generic.
S1465 – Pencil skirt pattern.
I actually really like this one!  The basic pencil skirt is nice,
but the variations with the peplum and ruffle are really fun.
S1466 – A Threads wardrobe pattern.
Another sort of blah pattern.
S1467 – The tank top and jacket would be good pieces in a spring wardrobe.
I think I like the peplum jacket from the February Burda a bit better though.
S1468 – Simplicity adds maternity looks to its line-up!
S1469 – Another maternity pattern.
S1487 – A costume pattern based on the Westerosi gowns in Game of Thrones.
This one has already found its way into my stash…

And there we have it!  There were also a fair number of children’s patterns, as well as some generic looking doll’s clothes, but this was about it as far as the clothing patterns went.  So, what do you all think?  See anything you particularly like?  Or does everything feel a bit mundane?  Anyone else really liking the options on the pencil skirt pattern?  Or is it just another pencil skirt?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

And I will be doing a post on the Burda Spring/Summer 2014 Envelope Patterns tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: Spring Simplicity Patterns Announced

  1. A few look nice, but not good enough for me to purchase. My fav is the game of throne gowns. I may have to pick that one up at least. I am also glad Megan Nielsen has released patterns with Simplicity 😀 (though maternity is something I won't ever have to worry about . lol)
    Otherwise they are all sort of meh.


  2. That Amazing Fit dress – NOT for a pear shaped figure, I think! The lines would be all wrong on someone like me

    How interesting that Simplicity is working with Megan Neilsen. Those patterns are ones that she already offers on her own website, but with some additional sleeve and length variations.


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