Newsflash: January Burda Preview Posted

The Russian Burda website has posted the full preview of the January 2014 Burda Magazine.  January is always and interesting issue; a weird cross between New Year’s Eve party dresses and crazy sauce costumes.  Honestly, after the early preview I wasn’t expecting to be excited by much in this issue.  I am happy to say that, despite a third of the patterns being dedicated to the ever amusing Burda carnival costume section, I think there is actually quite a lot to like it this next issue.  Let’s take a look…

First, the good stuff:

I really like this white leather jacket!
I think the topstitching on the shoulders is my favorite detail.
Here is a look at the line drawing…  The seams on the back are quite interesting.
I don’t know if the style works quite as well in other fabric…
I don’t think the shape looks as flattering in the more fluid fabric.
Some of the details are different, but mostly the same.
I do like this blazer quite a bit as well (though the stripes might be a bit much for me).
Love the line drawing – very classic.
This top is another favorite from this preview – the might be on my to-sew list.
Love the gather by the sleeve seam.
This is the designer exclusive pattern for the month.
I think it definitely feels like something one would see on a runway.
The line drawing looks like it will be a very detailed project.
Not sure if I could pull off this look,
but I am going to applaud Burda for giving us
such a striking designer look for the month.
This top sort of looks big and boxy…
And the line drawing doesn’t do much to inspire me…
But I love it in the model photo!
I might be tempted to give this one a go…
I really like these brocade pants.
I don’t know that I would wear brocade pants,
but for some reason I like them anyway.
They also had a version in a black leather look.
And the line drawing shows that the seams are
a bit more interesting than the garment photos let on.
Ok, let me just say I am NOT a fan of what Burda did with this dress.
The big puffy rosettes on the skirt a just too much volume.
But the line drawing is much more intriguing.
I would be interested to see if anyone makes this up in a different fabric.  
Normally I don’t care much for the faux fur jackets Burda seems to do every year,
but for some reason I really like the collar on this ome.
I could see this pattern working well for a nice this wool if one didn’t want to use fur.
I am also really liking the collar on this cropped jacket;
perhaps it is another candidate to be made in a different fabrication?
This draped skirt isn’t really all that new or exciting, but it is sort of pretty.
I don’t think the drape works as well in this stiffer satin fabric though.
I’m definitely a bit more partial to the longer version.
The print blocking is quite interesting,
though I think there may be just a bit too much going on.
I do like the neckline very much though.
Ok, I am NOT a fan of the fabric used on this top,
but I may be interested in making a nice oversized sweater
in the future, so this pattern gets a yay from me.

I also thought Burda had some great looks in the Plus section this month.  Even if the fabric selection was recycled from the 2013 September issue, the designs themselves are quite interesting:

This draped dress is lovely!
I really like the look of this dress, and I think
it could be very flattering to a lot of different body shapes.
I am also a fan of this print-blocked design.
I find the neckline and sleeves to be quite interesting.
Definitely a good opportunity for color or print blocking,
but it would look great in a nice solid as well.
I even think it looks interesting as a jacket.
This coat is a bit more traditional, but I really like the classic look.

Burda even included some designs for men in this issue (which I am quite excited about):

I think this man’s jacket is quite a nice design.
Loving the welt pockets, sleeve vents, and shawl collar.
I even like it in this longer version (which is actually part of the carnival section).
Also included is a nice basic shirt pattern.
Though you can spice it up with ruffles if you like…

As usual, not all of the designs were fantastic though:

The color blocked yeti fur coat.  I just cannot even fathom the design…
The line drawing gives me a headache.
I don’t even want to know what the Burda instructions say…
This top is so…. frumpy.  No other word for it.
It’s like that part in the animated movie Anastasia: “You bought me a tent.”
The sleeve drape is pretty, but I feel like Burda
has done the one-shoulder dress much better in the past.
Yeah, not much to this design.
Obligatory sack dress.
This jacket from the Plus section isn’t doing much for me either.

And, of course, the section everyone has been waiting for – here is a look at the Carnival costumes for the year:

I actually thought this mermaid look was
quite a nice costume.
At least until I got a close up look at the bodice.
The placement of those strings – ack, why???
The skirt is actually still a pretty cute mermaid tail though.
The corset is used in a lot of the costumes –
luckily without oddly placed dangling bits in these variations.
Actually these kids costumes aren’t terrible.
And with a few changes you could have a cute Flounder to go with your Ariel.
These plant costumes are a little closer to the
BWTF designs that we all know and love.
Though these western costumes aren’t too bad…
The chicken is a bit odd…
And I find the lack of drafting here disturbing.
This is literally a rectangle with arm holes.
I am not impressed.
This set of costumes is…. mildly terrifying.  
Clowns aren’t creepy enough for you?  How about spiders?
I know several people who will be sad this didn’t come in adult sizes.
Hey look – it’s a man who is dressed like a bat.

These costume patterns are, on the whole, actually fairly legitimate.  Nothing as crazy as the Very Hungry Caterpillar from last year, or the infamous Burda trash bag lady from 2009.  So… I suppose that is a good thing?  Since the patterns could be more useful?  Though maybe not as wildly entertaining as when they aren’t…

In any case, that brings us to the time to pick the best and worst patterns for the month.  Though there ended up being more patterns I liked than I had originally expected, in the end Best of BS for January 2014 had to go to:

The white leather jacket!

This jacket is amazing, though the model photo doesn’t do it justice.  I am maybe not entirely a fan of the large asymmetrical pocket, but the rest of the details are fabulous.  The topstitching details are lovely, and the seaming on the back is quite nice.  Overall it is a nice, intricate, and wearable design.

The worst pattern in this issue should also be quite obvious.  BWTF January 2014 goes to:

Burda’s Amazing Techni-fur-ed Dream Coat

Yes, I realize the pattern itself could be sort of interesting if done up in multi colored wools or prints or a whole host of other fabric.  But Burda made it in a mish-mash of fur fabrics.  It really looks like it was constructed from spare bits of roadkill (we were all thinking it, so I am just going to come out and say it).  When I look at this the only word I get in my head is “gross.”  Not a fan.

So there we have it.  Another year of Burda is underway.  So – what do you all think?  Are you finding a lot to get excited about in this issue?  Or do the crazy costumes and questionable fabric choices put you off?  Are you looking forward to the rest of the 2014 issues?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: January Burda Preview Posted

  1. I think this is a very promising start to the year, especially as you say that a good chunk of the magazine is devoted to chickens, mermaids and goodness knows what else. I like everything that you have picked out in the good section, seeing the leather jacket made up in a different fabric makes me think it needs a bit more waist shaping if/when I make it though. Overall I can't wait to get my hands on this issue!


  2. With the exception of the bat shit crazy costumes and road kill coats, this looks like it could be the best issue (for me) in a long long time.

    I still see the roadkill coat done up in recycled men's suits. I think it could be stunning.


  3. This gets me all excited! Lots to like, including the pattern blocked dress – nice neckline and shape. I have to give Burda some credit for trying to figure out what to do with all that rosette fabric out there. It's everywhere – in a bazillion colors – yet no one really seems to know what to do with it.

    But definitely the jacket is the best and the roadkill coat edges out the coconut tree for worst. The little chicken kills me – are those rubber gloves duct taped to her feet? LOL Poor chicken.


  4. I agree that in the right fabric it could be a knockout. The problem is Burda made me see the roadkill, and now I can't un-see the roadkill, and I can't forgive them that. Normally I try to rate my best/worst picks on the line drawing and not the photo garment (like that pink dress – ugly fabric choices, nice design) but here I just couldn't. I am almost tempted to give it a try though (in not fur) just to see what it would look like. Maybe with some leftover wool scraps…


  5. The funniest bits of this post are in the text. Seriously I am happy right now and you've +10'd that. Jeez I wanna meet you in real life! The ruched top is cute but it looks like a mod on their feb raglan sleeve pattern and everything else I think I can pretty much make from pre-existing stuff. It doesn't matter though 'cuz I really look forward to your reviews-the first thing I reach for in my sewing feed whenever there's a 1 next to it 😉 Cheers for the laughs.


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