Newsflash: New Butterick Patterns Announced

The Butterick holiday patterns have been announced.  During the previous round of pattern releases I think we were all pleasantly surprised when Butterick had the least boring collection of fall patterns.  Sadly, their hot streak doesn’t seem to have extended to the winter collection.  There are a few patterns I think are really nice, a few where I like the line drawing much more than the photographed garment, and some that are just frumpalicious.  All in all quite a mixed lot.  Let’s take a look…

This collection mostly consists of dress patterns:

B5995 – A Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern.
I am quite enamored with the jacket, but the dress and skirt could be useful as well.
The pattern comes with a jacket, dress, top, skirt, and capri pants.
I am excited because the waist seam on the dress would help me with quite a few of my fit issues.
Here is a view of the top/pants combo.
Not sure how I feel about the scalloped neckline, but that could be easily changed.
B5998 – I wasn’t super excited by this sheath until
I looked at the seaming in the line drawing…
Ooooh!  I don’t know how the color blocking would actually look, but the curved
seams are interesting.  Also of note: this is a pattern for wovens, not knits.
B5981 – A gown/cape combo.  The evening gown is simple but lovely.
The dress is also available in a less formal short version.
B5987 – I am sort of torn on this one shoulder gown…
… I think I might like the alternate views better than the photographed one.
But do I need another pattern for a ball gown?
B5983 – I feel like this dress is supposed to be retro-inspired, and I sort
of want to like it, but I feel like the proportions of the top are just a bit off.
I love the drawing of it much more than the actual made up garment.
Maybe I will wait and see if anyone posts a stunner on Pattern Review before I buy this one.
B5984 – I feel like the more fitted bodice of this pattern would be more flattering
for me at least, so I might get this one instead.  And I really like the neckline detail!
B5982 – Cute, but simple.  Not bad, but not terribly exciting either.
B5971 – A See & Sew pattern.  I like the belt tie,
but the top might be slightly a bit too poofy.
This is the alternate view of 5971 – the top still looks a bit baggy.
Maybe this pattern will also be a pass.
B5986 – A kAthRine Tilton pattern.
Not something I would wear, but I can appreciate the draped detail on the skirt.

 Most of the other interesting patterns are jackets:

B5994 – Also a kAthRine Tilton design.  I actually quite like this jacket.
Casual, but stylish.  Also, it seems like big collars are quite the trend this year.
B5992 – This little capelet has an elegant drape on the back.
This could be perfect for finishing off an elegant holiday look.
B5976 – The basic cut of this coat doesn’t really interest me (I have too many
similar patterns), but I do think Butterick did an excellent job of styling this pattern.
B5975 – Another See & Sew.  The dress and jacket are basic, but cute.
B5997 – Normally I don’t go for overly blousey tops, but I am oddly drawn
to this pattern.  Perhaps it is the details and collar at the neckline?
And, the more important question – could I wear it and not look like a tent?
B6002 – A Waverly pattern for electronic devices.
There is also a pattern for a tablet purse.  Could be good for holiday gift sewing?
B5980 – Normally I don’t discuss the children’s patterns, but how cute is this dress?
I almost wish I knew someone with kids that I could sew this for.  Almost.

Oh, but then I promised you a good amount of frump, didn’t I?  Well, here is the best of the worst:

B5985 – Ruffle frump.  This dress screams dowdy.
B5974 – An oversized See & Sew top.  Apparently baggy tops are a theme for this release.
The line drawing actually reminds me of that top from the February Burda.  Only sloppy looking.
B5972 – Flower Power Frump.
Do people still dress like this?  It seems like it should be a vintage 70s pattern.

The other patterns tend to fall towards the frumpy side, or are just sort of basic and boring.  Nothing overly exciting, but I think there are at least a few good patterns here.  I think there might be some stash growth at the next pattern sale.  So – what do you all think?  Anything to pique your interest?  Or does this look like a mish-mash of old trends and sloppily fitted bodices?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Butterick Patterns Announced

  1. I love how speedy you are with your reviews of new patterns. There isn't anything here I feel I need, but goodness that pale blue, lace trimmed number you finished with is a shocker!


  2. I was disappointed with this release. Very little of interest unless you want to mock them. 😎

    And really Butterick, what is with the Little House on the Prairie ruffles? Don't you know no one wears these anymore?


  3. What is up with the Boho? Seriously. I don't know who's advising them. I think they just started watching old episodes of the Rachel Zoe show.

    I don't think I'll end up getting any of these patterns. I like the concept of 5983 and the line drawing looks great, but it is just horrendous on the model–and that's with clips and photoshop! The bodice looks irretrievably poorly drafted.


  4. B5980 if you could shorten the skirt could be a cute competition or even test dress.

    The Flower Power Frump would be popular with cloggers and square dancers. Also, there is are certain churches in the rural South where dresses like this would be daily wear for women members. It could also be a uniform for waitresses in certain diners that cater to rural populations, or people that like to 'get back to their roots'.

    B5994 jacket with the big collar. I've got a cashmere coat with a collar like that that I bought in 75. I can now start to wear it again!


  5. WOW I totally missed the curve seamed sheath when I did a once over of the patterns! I wonder why they didn't do something to draw attention to the seams (color block or top stitching or something). I really like the wardrobe you led with too. Other than that it's lots of pretty dresses. But I find I am never too excited about butterick.


  6. I think my problem with 5972 is that it is so out of place compared to the rest of the garments. Will people buy and use it? – of course. And for square dancing or waitress costume I can see it being quite cute (I am no stranger to buying really odd patterns for costuming needs), but when most of the release is geared for and styled towards holiday and winter festivities, the summery style dress feels even more out of place. It is just something where I don't actually hate the design, but I think it feels very dated.


  7. I just ordered B5985 on Etsy. There’s tons of potential, but maybe for the younger crowd. I’m a college student. I plan to make the version that doesn’t use like 8 yards of fabric. I agree about the lace version, but I think it could also be the color they chose to make it in.

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