November Sewing Plans

Ok, so I know I wrote my sewing plans a while ago, but I think my new goal is to do a monthly update – that should let me account for the projects I actually finished, see how my whims and fancies have changed and put things on hold in the event of being busy and such.  After working on two jackets almost simultaneously, I think I want to focus on (mostly) easy projects this month.  Right now it is all about adding functional pieces to my winter-ish wardrobe.  As the temperatures are changing I am finding my closet sadly lacking and I need things to wear!  So here are my sewing plans for this month:

(1) Vogue 1365 – Tan Trench Coat for My Sister

Yes, I know I said I wanted easy projects, but this is going to be her birthday gift.  Also, since she is only home intermittently, I will have lots of rest periods in between fittings while sewing this, so I can take my time.  Ideally, I would like to have it done for her birthday this month, but realistically I am thinking it won’t get done until December.

(2) McCall’s 6844 – Peplum Cardigan

This was my top pick from the latest releases, and the versions I have seen popping up on Pattern Review look fantastic so far.  I will be making at least one, possibly more if it looks as good as I hope it will.

(3) McCall’s 5978 – Regular Cardigan

I have had this pattern on my to-make list for a while.  I thought it would be nice to have a more classic cardigan option as well.  Right now I have some long ones I made last year, which I wear a lot.  It seems like this would be a useful wardrobe addition.  Depending on how it turns out, I may make multiple versions of this as well.

(4) BS-11-2013-112 – Knit Dress

Yeah, I pretty much decided I need one of these.  It shouldn’t be much effort to sew together, so even if it doesn’t look fantastic on me at least it won’t be a big time suck.

(5) BWOF-07-2006-118B – Plaid Skirt

This guy is still waiting to get made.  But I really want to get to it!  I just want to go crazy with my serger for a bit first.

(6) BC-2013-0004 – Blue Corduroy Pencil Skirt


I have about a yard of fabric left over from my corduroy jacket.  It is pretty heavyweight, but has a slight amount of stretch.  I am thinking it would be perfect for a first-go at a pencil skirt pattern.  Maybe not this exact pattern, but something very basic in any case.

(7) BS-06-2013-101 – LBD

This guy is also still on my list.  I am hoping that a bunch of knits and easy skirt patterns means I will have time to get to it.

(8) Burda 6990 – Shirts to wear at Skating Practice

I am in need to tops to wear to skating practice as it is starting to get cold, and I have been using the same few long sleeved shirts for around 7 years.  I thought views C and D would be perfect – raglan sleeves and turtlenecks.  My plan is to go down a size (I want them very fitted under the arms for skating practice) and do an FBA to help the fit on the front.  I will also probably make them a bit shorter to end at waist length, so they won’t cover the skirts on my practice dresses.

(9) More skating practice dresses

I am also needing more skating dresses.  Seems like most of my practice wardrobe has been biting the dust the past few months – the fabric is starting to go bad (after several years of heavy sweat and washing machines this isn’t unexpected) or the elastic is overstretched, or the seams are just falling apart.  I have plenty of fabric, just need to make myself do this!  But now that the need it greater I am feeling a bit more inclined.

Currently on Hold:

I started working on this dress (#114) from the March 2013 Burda:

The fabric has been cut, and the bodice is partially constructed.  I was having issues with the ruching, and, when I finally got that settled, I found that the bodice was now a bit too small (I did a muslin, which fit really well).  I have a lot of work to do to rescue this (and not a lot of extra fabric – that skirt ate up so much!), but I wouldn’t even be able to wear it for quite a while yet.  This has the potential of heading into UFO territory, but I am hoping the amount of fabric and time I have sunk in already will motivate me to get back to it after I get a few more functional pieces in the wardrobe.

So, those are my plans for right now.  I am hoping that by sewing a bunch of knits I can have a lot of pieces that will go into instant rotation for the winter wardrobe.  Anybody else have any fun sewing plans for November?

2 thoughts on “November Sewing Plans

  1. The guy in pattern (7) BS-06-2013-101 – LBD, can you do a mod to get rid of the beard? And maybe make him with a bit more shoulder and upper body mass? Cause if 'this guy is still on your list', you need something a bit more macho to keep up with your athleticism.


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