Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

The latest collection from Vogue can be seen here.  Are you in the mood for designer dresses?  Because the collection consists mostly of designer dresses.  Well, and a few winter coats and capes.  My overall impression: this is a pretty good release!  Definitely much better than a lot of other recent releases this fall.  Though even Vogue couldn’t resist the temptation of sleepwear.  Let’s take a look:

V1374 – A Badgley Mischka design.
The front is rather plain, but I love this!
Very Hollywood movie star glamourous.
V1369 – A Kay Unger New York pattern.
Love the neckline of this dress!
Not sure how I feel about the back of the dress –
usually I try to remove wrinkles from the small of my back!
V1370 – Another Kay Unger design.
Love the very subtle color blocking.
V8943 – A Claire Schaeffer Collection design.
Cute dress, very pretty in the delicate lace fabric.
V1371 – A Tracy Reese design.
The fabric really hides the design of the dress…
You can see all the lovely tuck details much easier in the line drawing.
V8947 – A Vogue Custom Fit dress with cup sizing.
You can see all the lovely seam details in the line drawing.
V8949 – A Vogue Easy Options Pattern.
The simple bodice makes it a nice option for lace.
There are lots of combinations of skirts and sleeves.
V8948 – Another Easy Options dress.
The style looks vaguely 80s-ish, but some of the other options are nice.
Not a fan of the fluffy skirt, but the sheath dresses look nice.
V8946 – A sheath dress with waist ruching.
Nice design, but similar to other things I have seen before.
V8944 – A Very Easy Vogue color blocked dress.
Basic design, but cute.  I like it.
V8956 – An Easy Options skirt pattern.
Reminds me very much of the pattern from the October Burda.
I think view A is the best option…
V8956 – A jacket/vest pattern.  Love the sharp hem and shawl collar.
V1378 – A Donna Karen pattern.
The top has a nice draped detail.
But it is a bit difficult to see the details on the leggings in the photo.
V8961 – Very Easy Vogue.
This dress/tunic pattern looks very basic, but could be
quite festive made up in sequin material.

I thought most of the patterns were quite good.  Even the oversized knit tops (which I didn’t bother to show) weren’t too bad.  Even my bottom picks aren’t completely disasterous:

V1368 – A DKNY pattern.
The top and skirt are fine, but why would you make them
in this super tacky foil dot fabric?
V1373 – This Tom and Linda Platt pattern is actually not too bad.
But I think the proportions are just a bit off…
maybe if the top part was just a bit shorter?
It needs something to make it look not quite so boxy.
V1372 – This is a top/skirt combo by Guy Laroche.
Maybe it is the fabric, but all I can think of is “Project Runway Trash Bag Challenge.”
V8959 – A Very Easy Vogue cape.
It is ok, but for some reason the drape feels a little off.
Maybe if it didn’t stand out quite so far from the body I would like it a bit better?
V1377 – A Koos Couture pattern.
The front is boxy, but alright…
…it is the giant swirly on the back that I can’t get over.
No, that isn’t part of the fabric.  Yes, it is a design feature of the pattern.
V8954 – A Marcy Tilton pattern.  The overlapping fabric is an interesting idea.
Though the boxy shape isn’t really my favorite.
V8966 – Marcy Tilton hats.
My first thought: Looks like a tortilla warmer.
I want to, but I just can’t get that out of my head.
V8964 – I told you Vogue couldn’t resist the sleepwear!
Is this Vogue’s version of fan service?

So, what do you all think?  See anything the piques your interest?  Or does your stash already have its fill of holiday frocks?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

  1. With the exception of that Guy Laroche monstrosity everything looks nice, but I just feel like there is nothing new here, I hould be able to recreate most of these looks from patterns I already have. Well, in theory anyway…..


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