Newsflash: November Burda Preview Posted

The full preview of the November Burda has been posted to the Russian website.  After the early preview came out my thoughts were “editorial, but not necessarily great wardrobe builders.”  After looking through the full preview I think I may have to reverse my sentiment a bit.  Some of the model photography made things look a bit extreme, but the garment photos actually make them seem much more wearable.  This actually looks like a pretty good issue – the best issue since the fall issues started, for sure.  I actually think there is a nice balance between runway trends and wearability.  I am not exactly thrilled by a lot of the current runway trends, but I think Burda did a nice job balancing trendy with classic in this issue.

There is a lot to look at, so I am going to go by category.  First, the jackets:

Ok, when I saw this in the early preview I thought the collar was insanely huge.
Seeing the garment photo I have completely reversed my opinion.
It is dramatic and awesome.  I love it.
And look at the line drawing!  So many seams means much easier to fit.
Yes, this goes on my to-make list for sure.
I also really like this little jacket with the waist tie.
In the line drawing you can see that the tie bands are actually
caught in the side seams and not a separate belt.  Interesting.  I like it.
My only concern is that it looks a bit sloppy on the model.
Perhaps it would be better if I went for this longer version as a coat?
Normally I would avoid the bathrobe-ish silhouettes, but this one has nice back shaping.
I love the seam lines at the shoulders.  And it wouldn’t be too hard to add buttons if I needed to.
Ok, so this 80s-ish poofy jacket isn’t really my favorite style…
But the sleeves and pockets on the line drawing make me appreciate the drafting.
Even if I wouldn’t wear it myself.
Boxy “boyfriend” blazer.
Might be more exciting in a metallic gold?
The classic lines are nice, but, again, something I don’t think would look good on me.

Next up – the dresses.  Burda has an entire section dedicated to LBD-ish dresses, so there are quite a few in this issue:

Ok, I know, I know, we really don’t need another cowl neck dress pattern.
This one is for knits and the pattern is super basic.
But doesn’t the model look freaking hot?
And I mean hot in a classy I could wear it to work sort of way.
And the dress looks super easy.  I want one!
I predict this will be one of the most popular patterns from this issue.
The silhouette on this dress is quite nice.
But with all the seaming it wouldn’t be very practical for anything other than a solid.
Actually, I would probably remove a t lot of the seaming from the skirt area.
And since there aren’t any seam allowances on the pattern anyway
this would be quite easy to do while tracing off the pattern.
This dress would also be quite cute for fall.
It uses the same top as the pattern above with a different skirt.
I like the way Burda used that for a nice effect with the print.
This shirt dress feels vaguely retro inspired.
Actually, in some ways it reminds me a lot of the recent Butterick Gertie pattern.
I would like to see this made up in a solid – I am on the fence about the gathers.
This fitted black dress feels a bit blah.
And the neck opening is huge!
But the cut of the sleeves is interesting.
Ah, the raglan LBD.
I still like the dress, but hate the fabrication.
The sleeves and applique just make me think “cheap and tacky.”
Maybe because it makes me think “bad skating costume.”
I think I have seen too many bad skating costumes.
I actually like the cut of the dress though.  Basic, but nice.
This full length dress also feels very retro.  60s mod-ish in a way.
Yeah, not my personal taste, but I think people who love 60s patterns will like it.
Maybe I have been studying Burda a bit too much, but I almost
feel like it should be made in white and used in one of Burda’s wedding dress sections.

Next a wild assortment of tops and bottoms:

I sort of like this poofy raglan sleeve blouse,
but I feel like the neck looks a bit constricting.
Maybe I have another pattern that is more appropriate in my collection.
A lot of people really likes this skirt in the early preview.
I still don’t think it would do my hips any favors,
but I wouldn’t be opposed to a shiny gold pencil skirt.
Actually, this grey skirt (on the right) looks pretty nice.
And I really like the line drawing on this one.
Earlier were were wondering – one top or two?
It’s two!  Question answered.  Actually, I kinda like these – the shrug would be
nice for exercising in the cooler fall months.
Burda showed this as a fur coat, but I actually think it would be great for a giant slouchy cardigan.
Ok, I want to like this top.  But I just can’t get behind the use of satin.
Yeah, satin plus denim just doesn’t work in my brain.
Ok, I think I would actually want to make this top up in a knit (sans zipper)
and possibly use the fancy shrug wrap thing with a ball gown pattern.
Or something.  It just seems like a bit much for a trip to the grocery store.
Ah, the origami wrap pants.  My brain wants to say no. 
And I know they would look even weirder on me in a shiny metallic.
And the line drawing shows the sorts of things I usually avoid.
But they look so freaking cool on the model!
I want to dislike them.  But I just can’t.
Another trend – pants in prints.
I really love this blue fabric Burda used.
And this red is fairly eye-catching as well.
Another thing where my brain says – no, don’t do it!
But again I really love the way it looks in the photograph.
This is the designer pattern for the month.
The sleeves on the blouse look interesting!
They might not be practical,
but they look so soft and romantic on the model.
As for the skirt… I wish the drape were not dead center.
I think if it didn’t look so much like a loincloth I would like it better.

The plus section has some good stuff too:

I really like the collar on this dress.
Though the collarless version looks quite nice too.
I ponder over those diagonal seam lines.
But I think it looks pretty good on the model?
This dress with the wrap top could be a great wardrobe addition.
This oversized top might be a bit blah, but I could see it being a good layering piece.

Normally I don’t care what it in the children’s section, but I thought they even had good stuff for the tiny humans.  Especially this coat:

Very classic looking coat.
Enough details for interest, but actually not that many seams.
Perfect for kids – you don’t waste a lot of time, but you get something cute at the end.
Tiny human – looking stylish!

There wasn’t a whole lot of crazy in this issue either.  My bottom picks would have slid by in the safe category in any of the other issues this fall:

Bathrobe-ish jacket.  Meh.
This coat just looks large and drab and boring.
Though making it in a crazy sauce print doesn’t seem to help much.
I love how they added more volume in the back.
Actually I might make this shirt…
It would be the perfect addition to the Jedi costume Burda showed us last month!
Sack dress.  Meh.  But the fabric is interesting.
Sack dress version 2.  I actually like the detail around the neck.
Another sack-ish dress.  Being eaten by a giant flower.
But the flower is removable.  So maybe it just gets docked for being a boring sack dress.

And that brings us to the top and bottom picks for the month.  The Best of BS for November was actually a fairly obvious choice for me:

The jacket with the giant collar!

I did a total 180 on my opinion of the jacket – at first I thought it was just too big, but after seeing the garment photo I think it has drama without looking overwhelming.  The seam lines are awesome for fitting purposes, and I think it would look good on a lot of different body types.  A total winner.

As for the worst pattern of the month… I didn’t have anything really crazy.  Mostly a lot of blah.  But in the end I gave the BWTF award to:

The crazy oversized jacket.

Ok, so I didn’t actually think any of the patterns this month were that bad.  I sort of had to go to styling and fabrication to pick a worst of this time around.  And, actually, I sort of expect someone to make this up in some awesome fabric and prove me wrong in about 10 days.  I bet this might actually look cute and almost capelet like in the right fabrication.  Like deep read velvet.  And imagine it worn over an evening gown.  (Like something white and sparkly.  Having a total Audrey Hepburn moment here.)  With the right combination of fabric and silhouette it could be magical.  But as it is… well, this fabric is NOT cute.  And the larger version is boring almost the point of brining one to tears.  So it gets a boo from me.

So, yeah. That was… a lot.  But that is good.  Because it means there was a lot of interesting things to look at.  And I think there was a nice variety – a lot of stuff I wouldn’t wear, but I could still appreciate the design, and I could see other people making and looking good.  And there were a decent number of things I actually might want to make.  Even the Burda Plus and the Kids sections looked pretty good.  So, to Burda I say: BIG SPARKLY YAY!!!  This is the best issue we have seen in months, and I think it has a little something for everyone.  I even think there is hope for my BWTF pick for the month.  That is the first time, like, ever that I have said that.

So, what do you all think?  Are you finally excited for the next Burda to show up in the mailbox?  Or am I just over excited because the past few issues have been duds?  Is anyone else needing to talk themselves away from the crazy pleated pants or doing pants in a print?  Am I on the Burda Kool Aid or should I embrace the trends?  Do you think my BWTF pick can be saved?  Or am I just going crazy?  And what is your favorite pattern for the month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: November Burda Preview Posted

  1. Love the look of that moto-jacket in the garment photo… you're right, I would never have picked it to look that good either! I'm sure that pretty satin top could translate well into a knit 🙂


  2. Oh! I am digging this issue! So many patterns with shape! I kinda even like the crazy pants. lol

    I agree on the best and worst jacket. You are so right that someone is going to make BWTF jacket in a gorgeous fabric and look stunning in it.


  3. I will have my copy in the mailbox. I live in Finland and the Finnish language Burda is also edited version of the original, meaning the pattern collection in each magazine differs slightly from the international. So lets wait and see. By the way, what do you mean by LDB? Thanks!


  4. LBD = Little Black Dress. It basically means a cocktail style dress that isn't too fancy that can be worn on several different occasions depending on how it is accessorized. It is one of those wardrobe staples that gets recommended in pretty much every style show, magazine, or book. Historical context is interesting, and you can read about it here:

    Also – very interesting to hear that Burda is different in Finland than in other parts of the world. I have a few copies of Burda from Russia and I have noticed that they have far more advertisements than the English versions, which don't have any except for other Burda products. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks for review. I actually love this issue unlike the previous one. For me the jacket with big collar and jacket with waist tie are too difficult, but one day I'm gonna sew both. Now I'm considering super easy knit dress – if I find perfect knit, poofy raglan sleeve blouse and one-or-two top.


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