Sewing Plans: The Transition to Fall Sewing

Ok, even I have to admit that the weather is changing and eventually I will want to wear something other than a lightweight knit tank top.  I decided to make a few more dresses (one for me, one for my sister) that are more suitable for spring than fall, since I have had the patterns traced out for quite a while.  But once those are done I am going to want to make some more seasonally appropriate clothes.  Which means it is time for me to start considering all of the fun things I am going to sew for fall!  Some of these are things I listed on my previous sewing plans (I got a bit distracted… ooops), and some are things I couldn’t muster the energy to deal with while it was a million degrees outside.  It looks like I might be going a bit heavy on the coats and jackets, but then again those are the things I have been really wanting to make for over a year now.  So my fall “wardrobe” might be a bit unbalanced, but at least I am going to be getting to projects I actually want to make.

(1) Plaid Skirt

I have been wanting to make this skirt since I got this old issue of Burda from Ebay, and I finally found the perfect fabric.  I actually got enough to make a jacket as well, though I have decided to not use the jacket pattern from the photo, and I probably won’t get around to making it for quite a while yet.  But the skirt should be a quick and fairly easy make – just the thing to start off my fall sewing plans.

(2) Linen Jacket


This jacket might be a bit lightweight to see much use during the fall, but I have been dying to make one, so it is finally getting done.

(3) Silk LBD


I figure this dress will be the perfect project to insert between all of the more complex and time consuming coats and jackets I plan to make.

(4) Blue Corduroy Jacket


 This will be a slightly heavier weight than the linen jacket – should be a great wardrobe item for fall.

(5) The “Elaine” Birthday Coat for My Sister

My sister has long been a fan of the movie The Graduate.  Which has apparently made her fantasize about owning a wide collared camel colored coat a-la-Elaine Robinson.

The inspiration.

She even bought the fabric for it a few years ago.  And been pestering me about it ever since.  And while part of it has been procrastination, and part has been busy schedules, a more reasonable part of the delay was me never quite settling on the perfect pattern.  There was a lot of hemming and hawing and maybe-ing as I searched my pattern stash, but I never really thought I had found it.  At least, not until the recent Vogue pattern release.  And while the crazy leopard print hides a lot of the detail, the line drawing convinced me that this would be the perfect pattern to use for my sister’s coat.  It’s not an exact copy, but it has the wide collar and a sleek silhouette (the model’s stance hides it a bit), so it should have the same feel but be a more modern interpretation.  I showed her the pattern and I have convinced her that it is perfect as well.  So, this won’t be a surprise, but I am hoping to have it done in time to serve as a birthday gift.  Fingers crossed.


And I think that’s enough for now!  We’ll see how fast I go with these projects – definitely won’t be churning out 2 to 4 a week like I was with the knit tops and summer dresses.  But I am excited to slow things down a bit and focus on precision and details as I work on these new projects.

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