Newsflash: October Burda Full Preview Announced

The Russian website has put up the full preview of the October issue.  Looks like Mara Jade made the cover, at least for the Russian edition.  Like I said, Star Wars chic is always in fashion.  Anyway, this is the last of this year’s fall issues (November is usually a transitional issue, but tends to be more geared towards winter sewing), which so far haven’t been too inspiring.  I was hoping October could save it, but sadly, no.  I do think that this is a better issue than September, though that wouldn’t take much.  There are more decent patterns in this issue, but there are also an awful lot of head scratchers.  Let’s take a look…

First, I will admit there is some good stuff in this issue:

Love this dress!  I really like the color blocking on the sleeves.
Looks like there are some nice details in the line drawing.
I also find myself liking this dress.
Though I might just be in awe of the lovely fabric.
The line drawing is not as impressive as the dress…
…and as a top I feel like it looks sloppy.
Hmmm… this might be a pattern that requires a print to look good.
I really love this coat!
Though I am not such a fan of the fabric combo that Burda used.
The line drawing is fantastic though.
Wouldn’t this be a perfect raincoat?
I liked this jacket from the preview…
But I like it even more now that I have seen the line drawing!
Sadly, it is for petites, which means extra work for me.
Another coat pattern.
I think I would like it better shorter.
The top is the same as the short jacket.
This is also for petites.  
I LOVE this skirt!  The drape looks so elegant.
The proportions look great on the model.
These are the crazy patch jeans Burda made…
… but maybe these look a bit less crazy in a nice solid?
I am a fan of the line drawing – these are going on my list.
Another good pants pattern.
I like that both of these pants patterns have nice basic pockets
and variations on the leg style.

There are a few more patterns that I am somewhat ambivalent about:

I could see this cape being a good rain poncho.
Though, honestly, I really just want to use it to make Star Wars costumes.
This jacket might not be my personal taste,
but I can see it being a good style for outdoor activities.
This skirt is sort of boring, but fine.
I sort of like this swirly hippie-ish print blocked skirt.
Maybe with a different fabric combo?
And shorter?

And if you pull your patterns from the plus section you are in luck!  The Burda Plus patterns are fantastic this month:

This soft jacket is so pretty!
Simple, elegant, classy.
This peplum style top is another good style.
Burda did it in two color variations –
it looks so chic in black and white.
Another basic with interesting details.
The garment photo of this top isn’t so inspiring…
But it looks so comfy on the model!
And her pants (also a pattern) look great too.

Of course, we couldn’t have only good patterns in this issue.  And this month Burda through in some real contenders for the worst pattern of the year:

Downton Abbey reject dress.
Sad, because the lace is actually kind of pretty.
Sack dress in Pepto Bismal pink.
Burda informs me this is a dress.
It looks more like a nightshirt one would use
to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack.
Speaking of Star Wars chic…
I might like Chewbacca, but I don’t want to dress like him!
Because we all want to look like we are wearing a fungus.
Ok, the shirt isn’t bad…
But the fabric choice is a bit frightening.
Sequins or no, cheerleader skirts should stay in high school.
Check out the fringe on this poncho!

And that’s what I got.  There are other patterns in this issue, but most of them are not exciting enough to mention.  Which means it is time to pick the top and bottom patterns for the month.  It was a difficult choice, but in the end I decided that Best of BS for October goes to:

Pleated skirt dress!

I was debating between this and some of the coat patterns (and that draped skirt), but in the end I felt that this dress was the biggest “wow” of the issue.  It looks pretty simple in the photo, and I will admit that it is well styled which may have swayed me a bit, but really it was the line drawing that pushed it over the top for me.  It looks like there are plenty of seams to adjust the fit, and I love the way the color blocking was used on the shoulders.

As far as the worst pattern of the month goes, that was a similarly difficult choice because there was so much bad.  But, in the end I had to give it to:

Fringed Poncho of DOOM.

Ok, while you might argue with me that this is not, strictly speaking, the most hideous pattern in the magazine (though the color blocking and fringe combo is rather frightening), you cannot argue that this is the least functional pattern of the month.  I mean, look at it – there isn’t any way to move your arms!  It is like a straight jacket version of a poncho.  Only in garish colors with thick leather fringe.  But just imagine if you tripped and fell down – how impossible would it be to get up?  How could you drive a car in this?  How could you eat?  The utter lack of functionality combined with the hideousness of the design make it the worst pattern this month – by far.

So, what do you all think?  What are your favorite and least favorite patterns for the month?  Is there anything here that gets you really excited for this issue?  Or are we all going to keep our fingers crossed for a good November?  And doesn’t it feel weird to already be looking at the Burda for October – like the year is moving too fast?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: October Burda Full Preview Announced

  1. heheheh the dress with the diagonal folds is the best. Beware of pants with those sort of diagonal pockets-they bulge/gape open at the worst place (hips) unless perfectly fitted. Guess how I found out? XD


  2. Laughed so hard at your post. šŸ˜€ Loved the star wars references. I like quite a bit of the same you chose.

    I sometimes wonder why they even come up with some of those hideous things. . . bad publicity is still publicity?


  3. Agree with all your faves – I love the pleated skirt dress. I hate the wookie skin coat. And it ticks me off when the “Tall” pattern (the pepto dress) is something that I could VERY easily lengthen myself due to it's shapelessness instead of something that would be a challenge to lengthen.

    My one disagreement is the peplum top. I plan to sew the other version (with hook/eye closure) to go with my wax print skirt. I was thrilled to see it, since it's the perfect bustier for my needs/wants – princess seams, interesting closure, fun styling.


  4. After getting the magazine I actually sort of changed my mind on the bustier top. I don't think they styled the brown version very well, and then they hid the floral one under a giant scarf, so you couldn't really see it very well on the model. I do think the floral version is much better though. I would be really excited if you made it – I bet it would look fantastic with your skirt.


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