Newsflash: Simplicity Autumn 2013 Collection Announced

Simplicity has just posted their latest collection on their website.  If you are looking for costumes or pajamas you are in luck!  So many pajamas you guys – so so many…  If you are looking for patterns for fabulous fall clothes, well, might be you have to keep looking.

As far as regular clothes go… there isn’t much to begin with, and everything seems like a rehash of patterns Simplicity has already made:

S1537 – Amazing Fit pattern.  A bit too basic for my taste.
S1538 – Button down top.  A bit too boxy for me.
S1539 – Knit tops.  The styles are either too similar
to patterns I already have or I just don’t really care for them.
S1540 – This jacket pattern is sort of cute I guess.
S1542 – Another decent jacket pattern.
S1541 – Amazing Fit skirt pattern.  Nice, but basic.
S1559 – More basic skirts and pants.
S1560 – I like these skirts, but I think I already
have a few that are similar in my pattern stash.

And then, of course, there were the costumes:

S1550 – Fairy costumes.  The wings are interesting.
S1551 – Hobbit inspired costumes.
S1552 – More Hobbit inspired patterns.
Though I suppose you could also use this for
Game of Thrones costuming as well?
S1582 – Hobbity capes and cloaks. 
S1558 – Steampunk looks.  I predict this will be a popular pattern.
S1553 – Sexy Disney Princesses.
This pattern is destroying my childhood, just a little bit.
S1557 – At least this pattern looks similar to the dress from the movie,

The dolls had cuter clothes than the normal sized people!  Maybe we just have to grade up a lot…

S1580 – I wish the people clothes were this cute!
S1581 – They even have the better costume patterns!

I figure if you want to see a million pajama patterns you can go look at it yourself.  So, what do you all think?  See anything exciting?  Or are you also wondering why it seems like all the fall collections are so dull this year?

6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Simplicity Autumn 2013 Collection Announced

  1. Very uninspiring. I would like to know what the difference is between the “new” 1560 skirts and the old 5914 skirt pattern – looks exactly the same to me! The only pattern I like is the 1542 jackets but would have to grade up too much as they only go up to size 20.


  2. I agree with Beajay – the 1560 looks to be exactly the same as 5914, just re-numbered.
    If I was pushed to choose I don't mind the 1540 coat/jacket, but as you say they all look to be just another version of patterns I already have.


  3. I like S1541. Since I decided not to retire in 4 months, I'm having to actually keep my work wardrobe going instead of dumping my entire closet Jan 1, 2014 to Goodwill. Anyway, I need new pencil skirts and they're hard to find in petite.

    The adult disney princess costumes will be nice for Christmas shows.

    That steampunk jacket, I'd wear it to work. The skirt and leggings, even in a costume they're too much.


  4. Wow, that's a lot of pjs! Did I miss the memo about an impending global shortage? The rest all looks like we've seen it before. Except the princesses. I kind of knew that Halloween had jumped the shark when I saw some slutty Mutant Ninja Turtles last year.


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