Newsflash: September Burda Early Preview Posted

The Russian website has posted the first look at the September issue of Burda magazine. So far I am not too excited.  I mean, it looks like there are a few things of interest, but nothing I am really looking forward to making.  Hopefully the full preview will change my mind…

Jacket: Is ok.  Pants: meh.
This coat is sort of cute, but the sleeves look too big.
More meh.
Maybe it’s just me, but I find this coat really boring.
I like the skirt.  Seems like the super high slit is the in thing right now?
Pants… meh.  Not a fan of the pleating on the front.
Which is worse… the old frumpy dress?
Or the dress that looks like a slip?
For spring I might understand, but for fall?
Plus sizes aren’t looking much better…
Though I do sort of like this top, in an odd way.
Maybe in a different fabric?

Mmmmm…. yeah.  Not super excited.  Actually a little bit sad because fall patterns are usually my favorites.  Oh well.  Just have to dig through the stash…

4 thoughts on “Newsflash: September Burda Early Preview Posted

  1. Yawn! But at least there are no dirndls and lederhosen as there so often is in the Sept issue…. Hopefully I'll like some of this a bit more when I see the line art.


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