Not a Pattern Review: Another McCall’s 6078

I have made this pattern several times before, and consider it a TNT, but this time I made one for my sister.  I had to trace a different size, but even with tracing, cutting, and sewing the top only took a little over two hours to complete.  It was a bit of an excuse to get away from sewing skating costumes for an evening.  And to quiet the nagging from the peanut gallery.  Oh, and it also gave me an excuse to figure out how to thread a twin needle on my new Janome, which is a bit different from my old Brother machines (and wasn’t described in the technical manual).  All in all a nice, quick, easy project and everyone is happy.

My sister really wanted a top to go with this skirt she bought.
She ordered a few ITY knits from Fashion Fabrics Club so we could have color options.
Of course, that means I owe her a few more tops in the future.
I used my lazy man’s narrow hem – serge, flip, twin stitch.  Easy peasy.
Easy top with great fit an minimal effort!

So I actually did a little non-skating sewing!  But still not for me…  Oh well.  At least now when I do a lot of selfish sewing in August I will feel totally justified.

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