Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

My joining the Russian Burda website is working rather well, as it seems that only logged in members can view the previews of the new magazines?  Anyway, you might get to see the new designs here with any luck.  Overall I have to say I am quite pleased with this issue.  I think there is a nice assortment of casual summer clothes, solid basics, and summer athletic wear, but I am especially in love with so many of their summer special occasion dresses.  So much pretty!  And it has been ridiculously hot the past few days, so I am totally ready for summer clothes.  Well, I would be if I weren’t drowning in skating costumes.  But there are definitely some patterns from this issue that I want to include in my future wardrobe.

Ok, let’s just start things off with the good stuff, the pretty dresses:

Love the subtle gathers at the neck and waist.
Details are a bit easier to see in the line drawing.
The short version might be more practical.
(Though I would leave off the fluffy flowers.)
The ruching on the bodice is so pretty! 
It makes me think of a gown for ballroom dancing.
I like the idea of this dress, but I think the gathers look maybe a bit too haphazard?
Though I love the crossed top of the neckline.
I think I prefer the all-over ruching on this dress.
I feel like this would be perfect if I were a guest
for a summer beach wedding.

There were also some nice, classy, but more practical patterns this month:

How many of these tops am I going to make?
So many.
I would change the pockets, but otherwise I LOVE these pants.
Nice basic shorts, but the lack of fly front seems to make them a bit dressier.
I still need to make a TNT shirt pattern, so this is of interest to me.
Not necessarily my favorite style of jacket,
but I could see it being nice for a summer evening.
Nicely fitted t-shirt.
Look at the seam lines!  Looks like a great t-shirt pattern for a more fitted style.  
Basic dress, but classy.
The side seams/panels make it more fitted
than many of the other sheath dresses I have seen lately.

There were also a few things that are casual, but look good for a summer wardrobe:

Basic dress, but cute for super hot summer days.
I sort of like this more fluffy skirt.
It makes me want to twirl.
But holy cow look at all those godets!
Might be interesting to sew just for construction purposes.
Basic skirt, but could be a wardrobe workhorse.
Not really a fan of this obligatory one-shoulder draped dress…
But I am rather liking it as a top.
Similarly, the neckline is the only
interesting thing about this boring grey maxi dress…
But I could see myself wearing this top all summer.

Burda is also giving us a Vintage pattern this month:

Not my favorite…  But you can feel free to disagree.

There is also a section that seems to be more based on summer athletic or workout style clothes.  I think there is a nice mix of fashion and function in these designs.  So while I don’t know that this will be useful for everyone, it is something I don’t think Burda has done too much before, so I am going to say that I like it!

Same as the fitted t-shirt above, but with a sporty feel.
Sort of like this zipper top, though don’t know how
I would feel about the zipper  against my skin if I were exercising.
Exercise shorts could be super practical.
This dress might not be good for exercising, but I sort of like it.
I am on the fence with this color blocked knit dress though.
Ok, so this is just a basic drawstring skirt,
but I could see it being good as a swimsuit cover up.

Even the bad stuff in this issue wasn’t all that bad.  Most of it was just so boring as to not be worth mentioning.  The Burda Plus section was rather snooze-worthy this time around.  In fact, there were only two patterns I found to be bad enough to point out as being particularly cringe-worthy this month:

A square wrapped around the body is not a cute look for an adult.
Your three year old?  Yeah, sure.  For you?  No, not so much.
Burda insists that this is a dress.
A see-through dress made out of mesh fabric?
WTF, Burda, WTF.

So yay!  Another month down.  Crazy to think we are halfway through our Burdas for the year.  Anyway, it is time to pick the best and worst looks for the month.  It was really, really hard to pick out the “best” look.  I am trying to decide between the awesome but impractical fancy dresses, and the much more likely to be sewn/worn basic tops, pants, and skirts.  In the end I sort of went to the halfway point, and decided to award the Best of BS to:

Cowl neck dress of win!

I love this dress, but I can see how it might not be the best pattern for everyone.  However, the cowl top that is similar to this dress could look good on a lot of people, so I figured this would be a good compromise.  Also, I want one.

As far as the worst of the month, well, I think it is pretty obvious that BWTF for June goes to:

That is NOT a dress.  A top, maybe.  A dress, no.
And I can see through it!!!

And there we have it.  I am excited.  Yes, a few misses, but way more hits.  What do you all think?  Are you swooning over the gorgeous gowns, or are you more interested in the basics?  Or are you just bored?  Also, anyone else worried for July?  Seems to me that usually June or July tend to be good, and the other tends to be an atrocity of squares and sack dresses.  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Newsflash: June Burda Preview Posted

  1. OOoh! Just when I thought that I had enough ruched dresses in my wardrobe… lol. I can not wait until this arrives! I like just about everything I've seen (except the top pretending to be a dress!)


  2. The random ruched dress could look random because of the fabric, the fabric looks a little thick?, maybe in a more fluid knit this dress would look better. I might like it in a top too.

    This just might be my favourite issue of the year. Now I can't wait to get my hands on it. Great review, thank you.


  3. Ah! I must have been MIA with work.

    So, the zipper top… Now that my issue has arrived, I am totally on board with it. It's meant to be a rash guard. I wear things like this over my bathing suit (sans zipper) when I dive. It keeps the scuba gear from chafing. In neoprene it would add a little warmth. This is just a much more stylish version.


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