Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

The Vogue website put up their latest designs a few days ago, but a busy weekend and not-so-cooperative website meant I didn’t have much time to look through them until tonight.  I have to say: I am not impressed.  I can’t remember the last time I was so completely bored with a Vogue release, but I can honestly say that none of the new patterns are going on my wish list.  Despite my total boredom with the latest releases, I suppose they are worth a look anyway…

There are lots of new summery dresses:

V1351 – DKNY.  Simple and pretty, but not anything I haven’t seen before.
V1349 – DKNY.  Pattern blocking dress.  Again, not exactly something new.
V1348 – Tom and Linda Platt.  Another pretty dress, but yet again nothing I haven’t seen before.
V1350 – Rachel Comey.  Cute, but not my style.
V1353 – Kay Unger.  At first I was mad over this dress,
but after really looking I have decided I am more obsessed with the fabric choice
than the actual pattern.  I am pretty sure I have a few options
from Burda with a similar silhouette.
V8900 – Not exactly a fan of the cut-outs… though I do like the neckline on this dress.
V8895 – Those sleeves make me giggle.  The rest of the dress is ok though.
V8898 – Ok,  I have to admit I do sort of like this dress.
But maybe not enough to actually buy the pattern.
Mostly because I think the dress is pretty much a sack
and the only thing giving is shape is the waist tie.
V8896 – This is probably my favorite pattern in the bunch,
and the one I would be most likely to wear.
On the other hand, I have a lot of very similar patterns already,
so I don’t really think I need to add this to my collection.
V8904 – Marcy Tilton.  Interesting, but I don’t know how the style will work for me.
V8904 – Though the solid version is actually quite pretty.
This is the one pattern that is really tempting me,
though my inner voice of reason and logic is telling me to stay away.

Apparently the maxi dress is going to be quite popular again this summer:

V1354 – Anne Klein.  Does this not look almost exactly like the
maxi dress from the February Burda magazine?
V1352 – Rebecca Taylor.  Maybe I am a bit off on this one,
but the only thing I can think is “mumsy.”
V8901 – Not really a fan of the double slits on the skirt…
And maybe it is just the stripes, but I can’t say I find the overall cut of this very flattering at all.
V8899 – I sort of feel like this is a pattern that has been resurrected from the 1970s.

 Oversized bagginess also seems to be a big trend in this release:

V8894 – Not a fan of this crazy hemline.
V8897 – The world didn’t really need a pattern for another sack dress…
V8905 – Poofy tunic top with crazy big sleeves.
V8908 – Maybe a bit hard to see with the pattern, but am I the
only one who thinks the last thing a ruffly skirt needs is an even more ruffly peplum?
I do sort of like the more work-related patterns this time around, though they aren’t anything I don’t already have in my stash:
V8916 – A Vogue Wardrobe pattern.  I like the jacket and the skirt.
More V8916 – I think the neckline detail on this dress is super cute as well.
V8893 – A Claire Shaeffer pattern.  I am not sure if I am a fan of this style,
but I do know the instructions with her patterns tend to be fantastic.

So… yeah.  There are other patterns, but mostly basic tank tops and fairly standard pants.  Yawn.  Even the designer patterns left something to be desired this time around.  Certainly there were lots of practical wearable patterns.  But nothing was really a stand-out for me.  What about you all, dear readers?  Anything in particular catch your eye?  Will you be adding some new Vogues to your stash soon?  Am I just jaded from too many pattern reviews?  Or does this release feel sort of lackluster to you as well?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


In other sewing news, GLP International has announced the pre-orders are up for this year’s Burda Classics.  Last year it sold out quickly, though I know many people weren’t entirely satisfied with the result.  I haven’t sewn anything from my copy yet, but I did appreciate a lot of the patterns and I think the classic shapes are the sorts of things that would suit me if I had more time to sew them.  So I think I might give Burda Classics another shot this year, to see if the patterns are any more inspirational than the designs from last year.  If you are interested as well you can pre-order a copy here.

5 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns Announced

  1. I agree with you – my favourite thing is this collection is the fabric on that Kay Unger dress, it's gorgeous! I also like the asymmetric purple jersey number, but otherwise there isn't much here that I probably don't already have in my Burda mags.


  2. I also like the Marcy tilton. I think I'll also add 8902 to the get-when-it's-on-sale list. Looks like nothing in the main photo, but there are actually 6 options. Could be flattering to those of us who need to create the illusion of a waist.


  3. Totally agree. They are so yawn. Still ordered a few as they were on sale… Maybe I shouldn't have but we'll see, sometimes they do surprise when you see them on someone who has eaten something in the past month. How skinny is that model? It's all too big on her!!


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