What I Have Been Up To And New Fabric!

So I haven’t been posting too much lately, but I have been sewing.  About 4-12 hours a day, actually.  It seems like the more sewing I do, the more I have to do.  So much sewing, but not for me.  Sigh.  I mean, I am grateful for the business, and I am more than willing to do the work, but I also have so many awesome stash fabrics that want to be worn dang it!  Though at this rate I won’t be doing much garment sewing until July.  Definitely will be doing skating costumes almost non-stop for the next three months.  With a few garments for my sister thrown in for good measure…

I have also been keeping up with my blog reading, but I haven’t been writing a lot of comments.  Or writing much of anything on my own blog either.  Though there are a few things I will hopefully have time to post in the near future: (1) The Russian Burda has been taunting me with the page for the May Burda magazine, but none of the model photos have been posted yet.  I will continue to check back several times a day until the preview is up though…  (2) I also have a mostly finished birthday dress (that missed being done for my birthday), but I need to fix the wonkiest zipper insertion ever.  With any luck I can do a pattern review post on the Butterick pattern I used soon.  (3) Since I have been doing so much sewing of skating costumes I have been working to finish my tutorial posts.  I still need to take some pictures, but with any luck I should have those going up by the end of the month.  (4) I have also been wanting to do a skating update and posting more videos and more discussions about equipment, but I haven’t had a lot of time to get things written.  (5) I have at least one more book review to post soon too.

Ah, yeah.  One of the conundrums of having a sewing blog – usually the amount of blogging is inversely proportional to the amount of sewing.  So I am feeling very behind in my posting.  But at least I have been getting sewing done!  Even if it is for other people.  On the upside of that, doing all of this sewing for other people meant I had to take a trip to the LA garment district, where, of course, I had to stop at the Michael Levine Loft, home of the $2.50 per pound price tag.  I didn’t find as much awesomeness as last year, but I did find a few fun fabrics to add to my stash:

Top Left: Teal ribbed double knit.  Possibly enough for a long sleeved dress for winter?
Bottom Left: Striped (rayon?) jersey.  Only enough for a tank top for summer.
Right: Soft sweater knit.  I might have enough for a drapey cardigan and a cozy winter top.
Left: White spandex (for skating stuff).
Right: Beautiful jacket-weight woven of mystery fiber content.
It has a lovely drape and is so soft.  The color and texture are gorgeous too.
And it was so cheap!  Fabric love.

And my splurge – an embroidered pannel fabric that I just couldn’t leave in LA:

So pretty!  Photos don’t even begin to describe…

Sadly, these fabrics are going to have to be stashified for a while.  Though since a lot of them are winter-weight knits that might be ok.  Either way… it is time for me to get back to stitching the glitter stretch velvet!

6 thoughts on “What I Have Been Up To And New Fabric!

  1. When I go to the page none of the model photos shows up, on any of my browsers. But when I click on the garment types at the bottom I can see the new ones. It hadn't been working for several days for me though. I should do a review post soon.


  2. I check that the new magazine is visible only for registered users like whole issue, not through the garment types. I think that they make it for increasing the number of registered users%)


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