April Burda Style Early Preview Posted

The early preview of the April Burda magazine was just posted to the German website.  It seems like I haven’t been very impressed by any of the early previews recently (only to then be blown away by the full issue of the magazine), but this month I think I might be in for a full issue of boredom.  Seriously – blah colors, blah shapes, blah photo shoots.  As always, I will reserve judgement until the full issue comes out, but with the early preview looking like this… well, I might be holding out for May.

I feel like I should like the pants and the jacket, but
something about the color and the oversized fit is putting me off.
Boucle dresses seem to be hot in the Burda magazines right now…
But this one is rather shapeless and a boring color to boot.
Just what we don’t need – more summer sack dresses…
A sack dress that looks like a bathrobe… ugh.
This top is sort of cute, I guess?  In a sixteen going on seventeen kind of way.
Not a fan of the sleeves… But the rest of the dress is alright.
Still not a fan of the sleeves…  And that top is low, even by Burda standards.
It looks like we have a section for men’s clothes!  (Yay!)
Although I am not sure why we are dressing them for the potato famine…
I suppose this basic sheath dress is cute?  But sort of boring… nothing I haven’t seen before.

So… thoughts?  Is everyone else as bored as I am?  I suppose I am hoping for more from the full preview, but based on the designs so far I am not really expecting it.  In the mean time I am still obsessing over a lot of the designs from the March issue (seriously obsessing you guys – fabric has been ordered and tracing is imminent), so I won’t be too upset if nothing in the April issue tempts me.  Though I can definitely see that it is time to start sewing for spring!

8 thoughts on “April Burda Style Early Preview Posted

  1. I very nearly re-subscribed to Burda today because there were a few things I liked in the February issue and it's going to cost me about £9 to buy a copy on ebay. Then I looked at bloggers' reviews of March, and now this preview of April, and I remembered why I stopped subscribing. I still think there are some lovely patterns in it, but they don't suit my lifestyle (and I have nearly six years' worth to sew from anyway!).


  2. I on the othet hand love this issue. For a girl with no waist the sack with style is right up my alley. This summer I have been waiting for the sacks to take on some panache, it seems they finally have. As our summer here in the north of Australia is still providing lots of humid weather I am pleased we have an issue with dresses I can wear with a cardigan or light jacket for the cooler days. My winter days require a light coat with a warmish scarf and only occasionally tights so these are just the thing to take me through the year. Shame I will have to wait a month for my copy.


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