Newsflash: March Burda Preview Announced!

The Russian Burda has posted the preview of the March issue!  All in all…  I am not quite as excited as I was for February.  There are a few patterns I am excited about adding to my collection, but I don’t know that there is anything I am going to make up right away.  A lackluster collection of wedding gowns and a bunch of casual pieces that were a bit boring to mention look to fill much of this issue.  In any case, let’s take a look…

I am just going to cut to the chase and show some of my favorite pieces up front:

Jacket love!  The seam details are fantastic.
I am imagining this in a rich chocolate leather… Yum.
I love this suit jacket – classy and elegant.
I am always a fan of extra fitting darts on jacket patterns.
Similar, but a bit longer with different pockets.
I really like the collar on this longer version.
I want one!  Or more than one…  Perhaps in my Missoni knits?
Or maybe I need to find some bright stretch lace…
I love that this has great waist shaping.
The skirt is quite basic, but I love the lace overlay.
Yup, I need a lace skirt.
Not a fan of the seam coverings, but the basic shape is quite versatile.
I am on the fence about this dress…
Perhaps it is a bit too young and cute for me?
But I do like the way it looks on the model…
I am a fan of this halter dress though.
I love the gathers on the bodice….
Though, based on the model photo, I will need to raise the bust substantially.
Very simple dress, but nice and classy.
The way the sleeves are draped is quite interesting.
Basic cowl neck top, but when have I ever turned one of those down?

This crop of wedding gowns seems to be very simple and linear.  Whereas last year’s dresses were clearly inspired by the royal wedding, it seems like the styles this year were more inspired by the 1920s style wedding gowns from the most recent season of Downton Abbey:

A rectangle with capped sleeves…
This dress really seems to display the 1920s vibe I am getting from this section.
A very basic dress, but it could be quite nice for a relaxed garden wedding.
I am not really a fan of this bridesmaid dress… I think the placement of the
ruched satin is off just enough to be distracting.  And the fabric seems a bit juvenile.
Also… look at the model expressions.  The bride looks like she is doing a
drunken seductive veil dance and the bridesmaid is like, “What the…?”
The front is ok… But the back looks it is part of an apron.
I am not a fan of the multi-layer skirt either.
This dress is fine, but not anything super exciting.
Another basic dress, but I like the classic look of this gown.
The pleats give a nice fullness to the back of the skirt.

This issue doesn’t look to have a designer pattern, but it does feature a vintage re-release:

I don’t know that I would wear this style, but I appreciate the lace details.

The BurdaPlus patterns aren’t terribly exciting, but the black and white color scheme does have a nice graphic quality in the model photos:

I like the jacket, but I don’t know that I am a fan of the stripe on the pants.
I do rather like the draping on this skirt as well.

Of course, as always, there are those patterns that are a bit lacking in design and style:

Similar to the wedding dress… I like the front, but the back seems terribly
impractical, especially before the warm summer months show up.
I still think the back looks like an apron…
Before I was wondering what the front looked like…
Now I realize the model is holding up the dress
because there isn’t a back to hold it up for her.
Empty sack parka.
Seriously, could a person even raise their arms in this?
Million pocket pants…  Seriously though, who needs to make their hips look wider than they actually are?

And that’s that!  There were a lot of basics that I am sure could be quite good wardrobe builders, but not exciting enough to mention in the monthly review.  Which means it is time once again for the Best and Worst picks of the month.  This month I think the Best of BS award is quite obvious:

Stylish detailed jacket.

This pattern has the perfect mix of classic elements, interesting detail, and versatile look.  Done up in a nice quality leather this could be perfection.  Though I do have to give honorable mention to this ensemble:

I want the sweater and the skirt!  Seriously, I would wear this entire outfit.

And, similarly, the BWTF award for the worst pattern of March quite obviously goes to:

Potato sack parka!

Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.  The skirt and shoes don’t help convince me of the fashionable-ness of this jacket either.

And there we have it – March Burda!  I have to admit I am smitten with the jacket, and I will definitely want to make up the cardigan sooner rather than later.  But, well, all in all this is sort of a meh issue for me.  What do you all think?  Are you swooning over spring dresses?  Or are you going to spend March sewing up all of the fantastic patterns from February?  Did I miss anything exciting?  Feel free to discuss this issue in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Newsflash: March Burda Preview Announced!

  1. Oooh, my heart skipped a beat at that jacket! After so many basic sack patterns recently, at least the dress with the seam coverings isn't boring and the simple dress has princess seams. Yay for shaping!

    We are going to have to disagree about the backless dress. I don't like the front (or skirt), but that back is dead sexy. And again, at least it's not boring. 🙂


  2. I agree – at least it isn't boring! Normally I am a fan of an open back… But for some reason the shape on this one just isn't making me super excited about the dress. I don't know, maybe if I saw someone else make it I would be a bit more inspired. Oh well, at least there are other things in this issue I really like!


  3. The cardigans are my fave! I don't wear lace (usually feels it comes across as bad '80's renditions on me) but I would make an exception for those cardi's! Love the shaping. And I wasn't planning on getting any Burda patterns…


  4. Yeah it just came yesterday. And I saw that the satin bust cover is a separate piece. I don't know if that makes it better or worse (you can leave it off… but if you do use it you probably need to use snaps to keep it in place…)

    And the ruched top dress takes over 6 yards of fabric! I still love it… but I think it just moved down slightly in my queue. I don't have that much of any one dress weight fabric in my stash.


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