Newsflash: Spring New Look Patterns Announced

Along with the latest Burda patterns, Simplicity also has the new New Looks up as well.  Overall I have to say this is a decent collection with a nice variety of styles and silhouettes, but I don’t think there are any really outstanding patterns from this group.  It seems like there is an absence of color blocking and lace, in favor of peplums, classic shapes, bright spring colors, and floral prints.  Though I tend to feel like New Look doesn’t follow the trends quite as closely as some of the other pattern companies, so, well, we shall see what Vogue comes out with in the next few weeks.  In any case, let’s take a look at the New Look spring patterns…

There were a few Suede Says patterns (which is a Project Runway contestant design, and also has patterns in the Simplicity brand as well):

The fabric is pretty, but the design
doesn’t seem very new or interesting.
This pattern is a bit more interesting, though I
think the peplum is a bit too poofy for my taste.
There were also a few Project Runway “Workroom” patterns:
Hmmmm… Reminiscent of Season 9 winner Anya’s designs?
It seems like I have seen a lot of patterns for Chanel-ish style boucle jackets lately.

There were also a few other patterns of note:

More boucle jackets – though I think the cropped version is pretty cute!
The peplum trend goes strong.
Also that shirt fabric looks… familiar.
I like the pleating detail at the neckline.
This actually looks like a somewhat fitted sack dress.
I am still not a fan of the sack dress…  But this is better looking than most.
I like the skirt and the wide-legged trouser patterns as well.

So… what do you all think?  Are we on pattern overload yet?  Is there anything here that you find really exciting?  Or does it feel like most of these patterns have been done before?  Is anyone else thinking that the latest trend seems to be a boucle jacket for spring?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: Spring New Look Patterns Announced

  1. There are too many peplum patterns out there in general, but I actually like this one. It seems a bit more polished and well thought out than some of the others. The rest is a bit of a yawn though.


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