Newsflash: Burda February Preview Announced!

Hello readers!  This has been a crazy week… at least as far as my hobbies are concerned!  First the release of A Memory of Light (which I have just finished and it is AWESOME – spoiler-free review to come in a few days after I have decompressed a bit), then Burda announces the February Preview (sorry I am a few days slow this time around), AND they also have their spring catalog patterns out too!  I can’t seem to find a page that has all of the new collection, but the Simplicity website has them up, so I will do a review post tomorrow.  Oh, and to top it all off – her Most Awesome Selfishness (The Selfish Seamstress) has gone and gotten married!  And sewn herself a dress!  Seriously you guys – this week was better than Christmas.

Now to the matter at hand – February 2013 Burda.  Which, I must say, is fantastic.  Truly fantastic.  There is a fabulous mix of gorgeous and sleek classic styles along with some lovely patterns for interesting knit tops and dresses.  Oh, and it is wedding time in the plus section, so you have some lovely fun party clothes there as well.  Regardless of if you are classic and elegant, boho-chic, or trendy and modern, I think this issue has something for everyone.  Well, maybe more than something.  Maybe a lot of somethings.  I really appreciated almost every pattern from this issue – so let’s take a look!
Since we all know I have a bit of a thing for jackets and coats…
I really love this!  Elegant, simple, classic.
I think I like it better with longer sleeves,
but the beaded trim is giving me a bit of an idea…
Maybe it is just the opulent fabric, but I am really liking this fantastic coat as well.
I am also really loving the dresses in this issue.
I LOVE this draped dress.
I’m hoping it is the illustrated patter though… it looks… complicated.
Another fabulous but easy draped dress.
I love that it is more fitted along the sides… this is a must sew.
It also comes as a top.
The gathers on this dress could be quite flattering.
I am torn on this one… perhaps the fabric is throwing me off?
Though I think I like it better as a top.
Ok, I think I need a boucle dress.  Just without patch pockets.
The longer I look, the more this grows on me.
This goes in the maybe pile.
In a different fabric it might be cute.
This isn’t my style, but I do appreciate the details in the trim.
STUNNING!  I mean seriously – stunning.
We get an Exclusive designer pattern this issue – YAY!
Yeah, I am not usually a bow person.  But this might be the exception to the rule.
There were a few other good patterns too…
I really need to make a ruched skirt one of these days…
I don’t know why, but the simple detail at the waist makes this skirt
feel so much more elegant and interesting than it really should be.
Lovely wide-legged trouser pants.
I love this delicate shirt.  I might leave off the extra sleeve caps though.
This top is on the must make list.
In short and long sleeves.
Yup, I am making this for sure.
The Burda Plus section is also full of yummy Burda goodness…
I really must make a brocade coat sometime.
I fall in love every time I see one.
Sexy cocktail dress.
Swoon!  I LOVE this top.  I must grade it down.
And turn it into a dress.  And figure out where to find such pretty lace for the sleeves.
Lovely!  I like that the top is draped, but still gathered
at the waist so it doesn’t look too baggy.
Here comes the bride….
This is actually a very elegant dress and I really like it.
Though the band around the top could stand to be a tad narrower.
Of course, with the good comes the bad.  Though, really, not too bad.  But, still, there are a few patterns I could live without…
Ok, I know this is supposed to be a casual jacket, but it is just so baggy and shapeless.
A rainbow sack dress is still a sack dress.
What is up with the waist on these pants?
Patchwork quilt jumpsuit?
Maybe it is the fabric… But I can’t imagine this not looking like a costume.
Oh, and lest you thought the wedding guests were safe – nope.
Burda is dressing the bridesmaids as wads of bubblegum.
And so it looks like it is time, once again, to pick the best/worst for the month.  And I have to admit – this time around it is really, really difficult.  I am torn.  Do I go with the knit dresses which are destined to be sewn and worn regularly around the blog-o-sphere?  Or do I indulge in the fantasy world of fancy parties and fun dress up clothes?  In the end I had to give the Best of BS for February to:
Designer Exclusive dress!
Really, this dress is so elegantly chic!  The way the fabric drapes fascinates me… I can’t wait to look at the pattern pieces when the magazine gets here.  I even like the bow.  Honestly, this dress is fantastic, and I am already pondering which stash fabric I should use.
As for the worst pattern of the month… that was similarly difficult.  In the end though I think BWTF Award for February belongs to:
The bubblegum bridesmaid!
(Seriously, look at that smile – she is so plotting revenge.)
From color choice to fabric choice, this dress isn’t doing anyone any favors.  The poofy sleeves and lack of waist definition don’t help either.
So, there we have it – February Burda.  What do you all think?  Are you as excited as I am?  Have you picked out a stack of knits for those tops and dresses?  Are you swooning over the exclusive designer pattern?  Are you looking forward to sewing wardrobe basics with the jackets and pants?  Are you searching for a wedding to crash?  Or are you board with Burda?  Is this issue exciting simply because January was so dull?  Which patterns are your favorites?  Feel free to debate and discuss in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda February Preview Announced!

  1. Feb. Burda – I love it! That lot would keep me well and truly busy at the sewing machine for a few months…would love to put that theory to the test!!!


  2. I always get a kick out of your opinions on patterns, compared to mine. You and I like some of the same patterns, but others, well, let's just say we feel differently. It makes me laugh. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Thank you for the preview.


  3. This was a good one! I didn't renew my Burda subscription last year when it ran out. I was thinking I would renew it after I have the baby. But this makes me sorry I don't have this issue!


  4. I love so many of the draped dresses… but there's something that really grabs me about the boucle one – maybe it's that I haven't seen anything similar in stores?

    Love your takedown of these patterns each month, it either inspires me or makes me laugh (ideally, both).


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