Awesome Blogger Meet Up

I feel like I haven’t been on the internet in forever…  Between having the best New Year’s Eve ever (it was just a chill party with some friends, but definitely one of the best all-nighters I have had in quite some time), fitting in skating practice around the holidays, and trying to get my living space organized, the days have been busy.  Well, that and I was sleeping off the flu that everyone was trying to give to me.  So far, success.  But I am still going to knock on my wooden desk in any case.
Somehow, in the middle of all that I managed to meet up with two awesome sewing bloggers – Clio of Clio & Phineas and Elizabeth of SEWN.  We were able to spend part of a lovely, sunny day in San Diego checking out the National City Swap Meet and fabric shopping at Yardage Town.
Elizabeth & Clio
Elizabeth wore her lovely purple Burda button down shirt, and Clio had her kick-ass leather jacket on display.  I brought my berry Butterick coat, but it was too warm to wear it, so I ended up in my blue Burda top.
After a bite to eat with Clio, we met up with Elizabeth at the National City Swap Meet, which had a lot of random stuff, but also a few stalls of VERY cheap fabric.  It required a bit of digging, but there were some great finds.
Dive in!
Most of the fabrics were knits and stretch materials, and most were priced at $1-2/yard.  We all ended up with some great stuff.  After that we went to the National City Yardage Town (which was just up the street) and had fun looking at fabric and old sewing machines.  We didn’t get anything there, but they did have some nice fabrics in the store.  And we talked to the owner of the sewing center (which repairs and sells refurbished machines), who now has me thinking of a Janome as my next machine upgrade.  Hmmmmm…..
We all got some fabric, but (dare I say as usual) I think I ended up with the most in the fabric haul:
For skating – dark teal stretch lace and sparkly black ruffle fabric.
A close-up of the ruffles.
The picture does not do justice to these lovely metallic fabrics.
Textured but still drapey – I am thinking a fancy dress?
I might need to alter my year-long sewing plans already…
I got a ton of this soft striped knit.  I am debating a long sleeved top or another cowl neck.
Maybe a long sleeved top with a cowl neck?
I love the color, so I hope I can get to it soon.
Cuddly sweater knits.  I am probably going to need to mix them to get something wearable with sleeves, but color blocking is in right now, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
Oh, and did I mention they are Missoni?  And I got them for about $4 total?
Try not to hate.
You can read more about our adventures over at SEWN and Clio & Phineus.  It was supper fun and I think we all had a great time.  Totally need to do more blogger meet ups – so if anyone is heading to SoCal let me know!
Me & Clio
Yes, it’s an actual picture of me!  I decided my only actual “New Year’s Resolution” was going to be no longer posting headless shots on the blog.  In many ways this new year really is a new start for me and I want to face it (if you will forgive the horrible horrible pun) head-on.  We are barely a week in, but already 2013 has been terribly exciting for me and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

11 thoughts on “Awesome Blogger Meet Up

  1. What a great start to the year! Meeting up with others can be such fun, particularly when there is just soooo much fabric involved. Love all your finds…


  2. I totally understand headless photos because most of mine are. I rarely feel as though I'm having a good hair (or face) day so I tend to choose headless or dressform photos.

    I think you have the best excuse in the world to buy shiny fabrics – they're obviously for skating costumes 😉


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