Newsflash: Burda February Early Preview Posted

The early preview for the February 2013 Burda Style magazine has been posted – you can see it on the German website or the Russian website.

So far it looks slightly more interesting than January.  I haven’t seen any wow looks in the preview so far, but there is a bit of potential, so I think I am going to reserve judgement until the line drawings come out.  I will say that the photos make it feels a bit more like a “fashion” magazine that the previous issue.  There are a lot of looks I probably won’t want to sew, but I actually find visually appealing in the images.  So I will wait to pass judgement.  But we can take a look at what has shown up so far anyway:

While I find this section interesting and well styled, and I look forward to seeing more,
I don’t think the styles will be flattering to me, so I probably won’t be sewing them.
Print mixing…  I do sort of like that jacket.
The dress is fairly basic, but I sort of like it.
Hmmm…  I think we all need boucle dresses now.
Maybe without pockets though.
The knit top is pretty basic, but I like it and I hope it is an included pattern.
Also, those shoes, what?  I mean, I like the shoes, but not with the rest of that outfit.
Another knit top I rather like.

The plus section looks like it is going to be full of drool-worthy wedding looks.  So much pretty!

I LOVE this top.  I hope it also shows up as a dress…
I love this coat!  Beautiful…
This would be a great dress, even if it wasn’t for a wedding.

And, of course, it also has a lot of children’s communion looks (every February, without fail).  So, all in all, so far I have to say it is a much better collection than January.  But I don’t think there is quite enough yet to tell if it is going to be a great issue of merely ok.  I am looking forward to the full preview with the line drawings.  What do you all think?  Are you going to join me in cautious optimism?  Or does it look like a mish-mash of rehashed patterns from the past year?  Anything you are excited about yet?

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: Burda February Early Preview Posted

  1. I skipped January issue thought I liked preview, so hope this time will be ok! I mean I like preview again%) So hope this magazine will have nice patterns when it will be in shops. I like dresses and the red knit top. And shoes are ok for me, I sometimes wear the same look%))


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